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Pit Crew

Radiator overflow tank

I own a 1970 Pontiac GTO and has been looking where to purchase a new radiator overflow tank for my car. I have been looking online but couldn’t find one. Any suggestion would really appreciate it. 

Hagerty Employee

In 1970, the Pontiac GTO did not have a a coolant recovery tank from the factory. These were not a production item until about 1973. This does not mean you can not install a universal tank yourself. Ames Performance Engineering ( is a recognized leader in Pontiac restoration parts offers several tanks I would recommend. 

PT#  P134JS is a white universal style tank that installs easily on a flat surface such as the radiator core support, you will need to purchase some hardware to mount the tank but cost is $12. They also offer a stainless steel tank for $84, that  mounts along side the radiator. It is a high quality kit that is complete and ready to install and looks really sharp under the hood. The PT# P133A. I would give Ames call for more information at 800-421-2637. Let them know your friends at Hagerty referred you!