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New Driver

Power Steering Pump Pulley R&I

Need to replace power steering pump in my '67 Firebird w/400 engine.  Part of R&R requires R&I of the pump pulley.  All U-tube videos are new gen style pulleys.  Does our old school v-drive pulley require a puller to R&I?  Mine appears to have two nuts (one being a lock nut).  Do I simply remove these two nuts to R&I the pulley?  If yes, presume it's easier to loosen the nuts while the belt is tight.  All tips welcome.  Hope I'm explaining this well.  Thx., J-

Hagerty Employee

You will not need a puller to remove the pulley, these have a key way on the pump shaft, so the pulley just slips on. (Ok, you may need to give it a little tap with a hammer, but a pulley would be overkill!) Typically these had a single bolt with a locking nylon thread, I think it's  7/8" nut. With the pump off the car just remove the pulley nut with an impact wrench. You mentioned you have two nuts on your pulley, I think one is the lock nut on the pulley itself, which if you don't have an impact you can use to hold the pulley steady with an open end wrench while you loosen the power steering pump bolt with a socket and wrench with a really long handle, because it will come off hard. Good luck!