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New Driver

Directionals not working

Changed canceling cam but left side signal still stuck on.  ( 1962 impala )

Any thoughts? 

Community Manager

Does the signal light blink when its stuck or does it just stay illuminated?  If its the latter that might mean you need a new bulb. 


Do the cheap easy things first:

-replace bulbs

-check and/or ad ground connections

-check flasher unit on fuse panel


Then read this (and note the hint to do the wiring from the column before committing to steering wheel removal).



On my Dad's old work trucks  the blinker units could get bonked by your left foot. Sometimes the fuse panels would get cracked if aggressive people in work boots got in there. I recall one truck where I would have to gently apply pressure to the blinker unit with my foot while driving if I wanted signals. Eventually that got fixed...