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Battery Warranty?

I recently had to replace the battery on my BMW 700 and was offered one and two year batteries. What ever happened to batteries that were supposed to go five years?

Regards, Ray


Community Manager

Hi Ray, those days are long gone mostly because the electrical loads of newer cars go through batteries far too quickly.  There's also a chance that battery quality has gone down, but honestly, I've had cheap batteries (Walmart) last longer than expensive ones (Optima red top) made by the same company (Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls). Heck, my mother's 2015 Lexus GS is on its third Lexus-branded battery in less than 30,000 miles. 


I wouldn't worry about it, as your car will still likely get 3-5 years out of the battery provided you keep it on a tender when its not in use for weeks/months. 




I’m not certain why, but over the past few years there has been a change in battery least with the particular chain-parts store I frequent. They used to offer a ‘Good-Better-Best’ range of batteries with the best having up to 4-5 years of warranty usually some of it pro-rated. They now offer only 2 ranges of different construction (one is an AGM). The last one I bought just had a 3 year replacement...and if it gets replaced, the warranty still  only goes 3 years from original purchase. No pro-rating.
Still feel the batteries are a decent value. And totally agree with using a battery maintainer. 

Advanced Driver

Having experience selling parts in a past life, there are two warranties with the batteries for the most part. There's a replacement warranty where they hand you a new one at no charge, then there's pro rata warranty where you go over the replacement period (usually 1-2 years) and you pay a pro rated amount on a new battery based on how much time is left on the warranty (usually 5-8 years on the pro rata portion).


The important part to pay attention to is fit and cranking power. If you take care of your battery, don't let it draw down to dead, and put it on a trickle charger during long periods of not running, you can expect 3-5 years out of it. You will probably see less out of a cheaper battery from a big box store like Walmart or Costco or a little more out of an expensive battery from say Interstate, Optima, etc.


Based on my experience, there really isn't any massive change in warranty from when I sold parts 10+ years ago to now. At least the ones you get from a parts store. And batteries aren't of inferior quality when you buy one from a parts store. They've just gotten far more expensive for a good one. It is absolutely worth paying the extra money for a good one.