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New Driver

65 mustang am radio

I am rehabbing a 65 Mustang convertible.  I want to keep it original.  The existing AM only radio is not working.  Anyone know of a place to examine and hopefully fix the radio?

Hagerty Employee

Short answer is get ahold of either one of these outfits that really do a nice job:


D & M Restoration PH 864-254-9989 website: Greenville, SC

Retro Radio Restoration PH 707-367-1428 website: Elizabethtown, PA


Both can restore your radio like new or even upgrade the internals so that you have AM/FM and AUX capabilities to run music off your phone, but retain that stock look. I have done this on my last couple vehicles. My dash looks stock but I run my phone through the upgraded radio internals and listen to Spotify and even run my audio for my navigation through it. Pretty cool!

Community Manager

Reggie really nailed it.  I would also suggest doing a "radio repair near me" search on Google as I have used two local repair facilities that do good work on factory stereos (even old stuff!) and you get the benefit of a quicker turnaround and the pleasure of supporting a local business. You might have the same good fortune as I do! 

New Driver

Hi.... the principal radio in my 65 colt kicked the bucket as aftereffect of a dead short in one of the mica pressure trimmer capacitors in the front end. It was absolutely out of reach for I just purchased another radio from a junkyard (they were more accessible at that point).


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