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New Driver

1995 BMW Brake Dust

this may not be the right forum for this question but here goes:

is there any way of decreasing or eliminating the amount of break dust from my 1995 BMW???

Community Manager

I moved your query to the correct forum so more people will see it.  Brake dust is generally a function of the type of brake pad used, and of course how aggressive you are on the brakes. 


I recommend researching the different brake pads available by looking them up on a place like Rock Auto, clicking on the technical specs, and even going to the manufacturer's website to see if they make a point to say a specific brand name of brake pad has less dust. Ceramic brake pads are usually better. 

Lastly, you might want to coat your wheels, or just wax them just like you do the body.  A slicker finish means less dust can stick around after driving at high speed.  I have ceramic coating on one of my cars, and the brake dust flys off after a few minutes of highway driving. 

Intermediate Driver

Your BMW creates dust when it breaks?  Fascinating.  Most cars create much larger pieces when they break. 😉

Hagerty Fan
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You’re not going to eliminate it, but it can be reduced and agree with an examination of what brake pads you’re using. 
The friction material used can vary a lot depending on use of the car and driving style. How much heat is tolerated and needed for good bite, lifespan, wear on rotors, noise, etc. And those materials can make a lot of difference in the amount of dust.
USUALLY, but not always, a safe choice for a strictly street driven car are OEM pads. Of course those are also usually more expensive. 
There are also some products available at most chain parts stores that you can spray on the wheels to help prevent the dust from sticking. But in order to apply you should really remove the wheels and wash them throughly. I’ve had decent luck with such products but they usually only last a driving season and then you have to reapply.  There are other products available to help clean your wheels of the accumulated dust, just be sure to chose the right stuff depending on whether the wheels are chrome, bare aluminum or painted. 


You could go with a different pad material like ceramic, although they will require a little more seasoning to get them cooked properly.