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Pit Crew

Love those Jaguars

Hi.  Not sure what we are supposed to do here.  I own three Jaguars and do all the work myself.  Here are my cars:


1979 XJ6 series 3; actually a 1979.5 which were the very first ones made. Original Cotswold Yellow paint with rare black interior.


1987 XJ6 series 3; the last (and some say the best) year of production.  Original Artic Blue Metallic paint with Buckskin interior.  Totally restored California car. 


2007 Vanden Plas.  Light green metallic with ivory leather.  Interestingly this car is all aluminum.   




We're here just talking about cars. You're in the right spot.

Jags are too cool, and that's a nice little collection you have. My favorite is the '67 E-Type. Especially in silver, it looks like a bullet.

Community Manager

This is exactly what we want to see in the Jaguar forum! Glad to see you are taking care of three great Jags! 


Vanden Plas has the longer rear doors? I keep showing pics of these (90s to early 200s) to my spouse and suggesting it would be a good family car show cruiser (we are in 2 car seat stage). Thoughts on that idea?
Community Manager

Yeah the VP had the longer rear door.  I test drove a VP supercharged back in the day, it was awesome.  Would be scared to keep it running these days, but luckily the internet makes diagnosis/repair much easier.