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Community Manager

Maggie Valley, NC - Self-guided Driving Tour

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The Great Smoky Mountains are guaranteed to be on any “top-ten” driving list featuring the best of North America. Enthusiasts worldwide are drawn to drive the famous Tail of the Dragon, or perhaps the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you only travel to the area for these roads, however, you’re missing out on some of the best driving North America has to offer. On our Maggie Valley drive, includes hidden gems, little known wonders, and some of our route-master’s favorite roads in the region.


Touring is easy:

  1. Download the Rallista mobile app on your iPhone.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the Rallista mobile app – click on this link using your iPhone to complete the signup process and access the Hagerty Touring Series drive pack.
  3. Then select the drive of your choice by clicking on one of the image thumbnails, followed by the button “Drive the Route”. Once the route is loaded on the map, tap "Start Navigation".
  4. Hit the road, and don’t forget to take some awesome photos.
  5. Head back to this page to swap stories from the road with other drivers.
  6. Post your photos here and on social media with @Hagerty and #NeverStopDriving to earn yourself a free limited-edition hat and other Touring Series swag!

FOR ANDROID USERS: Please download the directions PDF for a turn by turn guide.


For additional details - download the PDF below for important route master notes from our  Tour Director, Dave Hord of Classic Car Adventures.

Got questions? Reach out to Alison McMaster at for more information.

Pit Crew

We just returned from this simply grand ride along the highways and byways that includes a great combo scenic highways between unforgettable back country roads. The roads are well maintained when we drove the route.  Ellijay Road (aka NC 1001) was perhaps my favorite with plenty of switchbacks as you travel up and down mountains for about 10-15 miles that goes by quickly. I’ll be posting photos and possibly a 3 minute video on Hagerty’s social media. If anyone wants any further insights. Oh, and the directions were given accurately in timely manner. 

Pit Crew






Community Manager

Absolutely beautiful road trip!  Thank you for sharing your photos! 

Pit Crew

Thank You!  If you ever have the chance, take this drive!!


New Driver

Incredible drive. I live in Haywood County and have driven all of these roads. Excellent choices. However, I'm sorry to say you missed a truly special road on this route. At about 2/3 of the way up Ellijay Road (it turns into Tilley Creek by this point), you come to a stop sign. Taking a right at this stop sign will put you on 12 miles of incredibly twisty, switchback filled, unfettered and well kept asphalt. It was both a joy and a challenge. At the end of this 12 mile twister, take a left on Pine Creek Road to wind up at the Pine Creek Recreation Area at the north end of Lake Glenville. The dam for the lake is also a truly great sight to see. 


Anyway, thanks again for the great route. You nailed it. But hopefully at least one person will discover this incredible stretch of road called Cullowhee Mountain Road and all the awesomeness it has to offer.

New Driver

It always Makes it better when you have a classic convertible on a nice day. F9FC48B9-833F-4979-8222-329A3A1C9554.jpeg




New Driver

Great treat for your eyes, enjoy cooler temps, keep the top down, and drive the twisty roads. Oh yes and social distance. Back up again this weekend to Waynesville, the Great Smoky Mountain Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway and Waterrockl Knob.





Community Manager

What a beautiful drive!  I wish I was anywhere near mountains/hills like that!  Thank you for sharing!