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Columbus, OH - Self-guided Driving Tour

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Quaint country towns, meandering lazy roads, riverside twisties, and rolling farmlands all combine together for an exceptional driving experience. All those “best roads in America” lists seem to forget that you don’t need mountain cliffs, or ocean views to have a great driving day. Perhaps that’s for the best, however, as our Ohio roads are quieter, and a secret enjoyment only locals really appreciate!


Touring is easy:

  1. Download the Rallista mobile app on your iPhone.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the Rallista mobile app – click on this link using your iPhone to complete the signup process and access the Hagerty Touring Series drive pack.
  3. Then select the drive of your choice by clicking on one of the image thumbnails, followed by the button “Drive the Route”. Once the route is loaded on the map, tap "Start Navigation".
  4. Hit the road, and don’t forget to take some awesome photos.
  5. Head back to this page to swap stories from the road with other drivers.
  6. Post your photos here and on social media with @Hagerty and #NeverStopDriving to earn yourself a free limited-edition hat and other Touring Series swag!

FOR ANDROID USERS: Please download the directions PDF for a turn by turn guide.


For additional details - download the PDF below for important route master notes from our  Tour Director, Dave Hord of Classic Car Adventures.

Got questions? Reach out to Alison McMaster at for more information.

Pit Crew

While out on our route reconnaissance, our team came upon a short section of gravel. The gravel section is 0.6 miles long, located on Pine Grove Rd (between points 6 and 7 on the Rallista map.) Repaving is ongoing in the area, and this section may be repaved quite soon.

Below is a graphic of the problem area, and a reroute around. To avoid it, simply turn right on Swain Rd. and follow it to Ellis Rd. where you will turn left. Shortly after, you'll turn left onto Union Rd., followed by a right turn on to Middlefork Rd. to return to the planned route. Rallista will automatically reroute you once you turn right and travel a little ways on Swain Rd.

A google maps link for the reroute: