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Community Manager

Wrong Answers ONLY: what car would you enter in the cancelled 2020 Pebble Beach Concours???

It should come as no surprise that health concerns have cancelled the 2020 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance but that shouldn't stop us from wishing we were there.  So tell us what car you'd like to see traverse the perfectly manicured grounds of Pebble, but we want WRONG ANSWERS only!  


As an example, here's a possible right answer: 1934 Delage D8 Sports Tourer


And here's a wrong answer:  Nash Metropolitan


So remember, wrong answers only! 

Pit Crew

My 131000 mile 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. She's quite fetching!





New Driver

My companies oldest work van. 2007 Ford E250 extended cargo van with all interior racks, shelves, and dual ladder rack. This van has had may hundreds of hours of body modifications giving the "look" of tools denting the outer panels from the inside. The 4 factory hub caps that don't match at all is what people are trying to do with socks these days.  One owner!

Intermediate Driver

My Mom's 1949 Nash Landau Convertible.


Maroon (purple), Yellow wheels and no front bumper.

Dad found it in a neighbors yard. Splashed out a dollar for it, towed it to the Flying A gas station. They got it running (sort of...) and Mom drove it for about four years. Said it was better than walking.

This was actually not true if you were 16 with a brand new drivers license and wanted to be cool.....


On The Green at Pebble Beach though.....!!!

Pit Crew

The Dale! I lived near the company "headquarters" back in the day, in Studio City California. I still have a  perfectly preserved promotional poster of that fine vehicle. 

New Driver

Did my recommendation for the poor Yugo (any year) get received?  If so, here's a another vote for it...

New Driver

1st year Yugo or rear ended pinto

New Driver

New Driver

The Anycar. Perfect for confusing times...B6B40FBE-137C-495F-9C8F-02E502489B04.jpeg

Intermediate Driver

Can't forget the Yugo.

Pit Crew

I would enter my 1995 Caprice Station Wagon