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Worst car or motorcycle journey

I had a minute at work to think about the trip we took to Dillard Georgia from Conyers. It started out great, but as the day wore on the temperature just kept climbing. When we finally did get to our destination of the Dillard House restaurant we were all hot, cranky, and hungry.


Now what I am about to say may read that I don't particularly care for my brother in law. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were bandmates before I started dating and eventually married his sister. Now with that out of the way, NEVER, I repeat, never let him lead you on a motorcycle ride. No hand signals, no warning of things to come (like dogs, or in my case a diamond back that almost covered an entire lane causing an avoidance maneuver that wouldn't have been fun on a GSXR750 with no passenger, let alone two up on a Softail Custom), and in most cases no turn signals to let you know he was changing lanes. So once we ate, being that it was a pretty long ride (I should have listened to my inner voice telling me to get a room at the Dillard house motel behind the restaurant), we started to head back albeit on a different route. I am thinking to myself, "Where in God's name is he going?" 


I finally figure it out when he pulls into the Tanger Outlet Center in Commerce. So now after about six hours of being on a motorcycle, which is turning out to not be very enjoyable thanks to the lack of communication from the leader of the ride, in 97 degree heat with what feels like 90% humidity, we are at the Tanger Outlet Center, destination of motorcyclists the world over. Why. Because his wife wants to look for shoes. The group that I am with that met up with him is getting as fed up as I am. So they finally see the look on everyone's faces and decide to head back to Conyers. Keep in mind that we have already mapped out our way there and back on the original route. So as we are leaving the light turns yellow and him the the first three in his group gun it to beat the light leaving half of his original group and my entire group at the traffic light. We wait, the light turns green and we take off expecting to see him waiting at the gas station on the main drag. Nope. 


Finally my stepdad reminds me that when I was younger I sued to deliver Co2 in the area and I think about it for a second and visualize this area as it would have been 20 yrs. prior. I have a plan. I yell at everyone to follow me. We make our way back to hwy 11 and are on our way, ableit MUCH later than any of us anticipated or wanted to be.


We get home about 9:00 that night an my phone rings. When I answer it is my brother in law asking what happened to the rest of us. The conversation wasn't polite after that question. 


Moral of story: Never follow an inexperienced rider.


Community Manager

That makes a lot of sense, as folks like that shouldn't be in charge until they do get some experience.  


Exactly. It doesn't make them bad people. They just are inexperienced. After I got done kind of berating him, I explained what should be communicated, what you should do if you get seperated from the pack (find a good visible place to pull over), how to communicate hazards in the road, and to not stop at an outlet mall (shoe shopping has no place on a motorcycle ride), or more succinctly communicate BEFORE everyone gets on their bikes to head home on a 5 hour return ride what you intend on doing so that everyone else isn't a captive audience.


Back in my late teens on what was a gorgeous Sunday already broke from Friday/Saturday evening outings as my salary at the time was every two weeks and this was a off one, a new girlfriend that amazingly enough ended up my wife said we can scrounge up enough cash to fill the tank on the bike a couple time lets take a road trip great lets go living in southern Ontario then we took off with nothing but shorts and T shirts along the north side of Lake Erie heading towards Michigan a nicer day you just couldn't ask for hours later we were nearing our turn around area near the Detroit border and headed back to Niagara and 15 min latter a storm blew in off the lake we are on secondary roads no overpasses and it just poured we pressed on and it never let up we did make a stop at a restaurant/diner and spent what pocket change we had on two coffees and used up the paper towels in the washroom trying to dry out a bit, little did it help as it was still pouring and did so till we finally got back home hours latter froze to the bone next paycheck found me at the local bike dealer getting set up with rain gear we continued to ride bikes for years and never got hit with a storm that bad or long motels and roadhouses were our back up plan and  never leave for anywhere without sufficient funds to pull in and pack it in LOL who says I never learned anything.Cheers R 


Great story.


Group Riding and Safety - cypresscreekscrc508 ( Hey yall. Hope this will help so pass it along to all you think may need it. Especially in regards to HAND SIGNALS. I copied this link from another chapter, but they're  all the same. We are in the south Alabama chapter. In 2005 we left Mobile Alabama for the infamous Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, in celebration of my 50th birthday and our 25 wedding anniversary. What started out as a trip for my wife and I (she rides her own) morphed into 9 bikes and 14 folks altogether. I guess we should have kept our mouths shut but it is what it is. Also brought along one extended cab truck with trailer for the bike chaser with a designated driver. We had a few set backs but all in all it was a great trip. We did not have any head set electronic communications other than cell phones which we kept in our pocket and depended on hand signals. I was the leader on this trip and we all would meet up from time to time prior to the trip and go over the HAND SIGNALS and test each others knowledge.  I understand Guitars frustration. "Safety last...if you ain't could kill your a--". I know how Rob1 feels also. The weather during Toby Keiths performance at the Chip was of epic and maybe biblical proportions. I'm from hurricane country but this storm was the worst I've ever seen. It totally destroyed our camp. Tents, bedding etc.....But hey....Toby did not quit and we didn't either and stayed until the last note. Riding in formation, when done properly is a sight to behold. Knowing your signals and formation is crucial. Would I do that trip over again? Hell No! Since then we've learned to keep our mouths shut.


Early to Mid April

Riding back from the South of France, on a KTM Superduke Gen 1, No windscreen at all, completely Naked design.

1 Hour south of Paris hit a rain storm.

Put on my rain gear, but left my boot covers off, figuring it was light enough and I would push through as I only had a few miles to go.

About fifty miles short of Paris, I had to pull over to the side of the road and wring out my socks, that rain was frigid, couldn't feel my feet, rest of me was relatively snug.

Got the socks as dry as possible wringing them out.

Put them back on and put boot cover on to keep more rain out and wind from freezing my feet.

Pretty miserable last 2 hours of that ride.




Worst car or motorcycle journey”

Anytime my wife is with me in the small sports car. The car with high bolster seats. The car with a stiff suspension and sticky tires and holds a G in a hard corner. The one that does 80 in 2nd gear. She’s not into spirited driving. A fact she reliably reminds me of every time. And since I love her to death...something that’s reliably ignored. 😉 

  • On the other hand, when we take the old 50’s Convertible out for a slow cruise’s hard to beat. 

@JimR Yep know exactly whats going on there side by side cruise in the Vette might just as well have a 4 banger in it but when she is in the F 350 with horse trailer in tow she runs 10 over for sure flash to pass Peterbilt's and other small vehicles.LOL R