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With all the insanity going on right now, it's time for a little lightheartedness

So after the events, i.e. watching this country lose it's mind for the past two months, I decided to share some of the terms we have had on our meeting board to kind of remind ourselves that through this pandemic, and everything else that has happened, we should NOT take anything too serious for fear our losing our minds. SO here is a list of "words of the day" and our inaccurate definitions, or loose interpretations:


Concerning PPE (this cam about because a higher up couldn't figure out what these two terms mean so we put this up for them to read).


Don-To put your personal protective equipment on

Doff-To take your PPE off.

(Just remove the "d" from both words and it SHOULD be self explanatory. If not then maybe using PPE is just not your thing. I know. Let's have a spelling contest)-And yes we put that on our meeting board for said person to read. It's been very effective at keeping them out of our office. Plus it was one of the best lines in Tombstone.

Pcard-A credit card used for purchasing items for a business or municipality

Pee Card-Card required by some regimes so that one can use a public restroom

Virus-Something that one contracts by way of going down the rabbit hole of the dark side of the internet

Misleading-Pretty much anything you see, click on, read, or hear

Mask Shaming-The act of making fun of someone just because their mask was purchased from K-Mart


It may be stupid, but it's been a source of entertainment for us when the day is getting bad, or our daily contacts start "drinking the Koolaid" and being irrational. This has been ESPECIALLY true in light of the past year and will probably continue through 2021 if things keep going the way they have.


Remember, the first Mad Max was set in the year 2021.



Advanced Driver

I hear ya. We just discussed how crummy 2020 was and it looks like 2021 will be more of the same. Hopefully we can get all this crap behind us and get back to what draws us together (cars, trucks, bikes etc...) I have noticed some younger folk getting on this thread, looking for advice etc.,  and I pray they don't go down the dreaded rabbit hole.  


I know. My nephew is big into trying to find his answers to all things automotive on the internet. He has been led astray on many a problem much to my chagrin as I usually end up being the one to help him climb back out of the rabbit hole.


Never going back to normal. Wish it were otherwise.