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So I'm watching Ford vs Ferrari when Christian Bale pulls up during testing and tells them that there is too much lag with the vacuum secondaries to which one guy tells another get a Holley and "rework" the throttle system. Of course this while this whole conversation is going on you can clearly see the velocity stacks right behind Christian Bale which are attached to WEBER carbs. I know it's a little OCD, but if you're gonna' make a movie aimed at car guys, then get it right. 


It's not quite as annoying as the Megan Fox scene in the Transformers movie where she tells Shia Lebeouf that his Camaro has a "double pump high rise intake", but still, it's annoying. I actually embarrased my wife, much to the delight of many a "guy" at the theater when I yelled,"It's a double pumper carb, and a high rise intake you idiot." After she was done ducking down in her seat she looked at me with a serious face and goes, "Oh my God. You're right. What have you turned me into?"


It’s called Hollywood. 

I find it ironic one of the most accurate movies in relation to a car was My Cousin Vinny. 

When Marisa presented the evidence in court on the GM cars and the rear suspensions I was thrilled they got it right. 


I lived approximately five miles from the "Sack O Suds" store. Actually the road to my subdivision (Turtle Cove-Turtle Cove Road) ended right at the Sack O Suds which still stands on Hwy 16 in between Monticello and Jackson Georgia. The courthouse for the town was the courthouse in the movie.

Intermediate Driver

I thought I was the only person who noticed these things.......My wife absolutely hates it when I call BS on every movie we are watching with a car scene where there is racing, driving or chase scenes on dirt roads with tires chirping or squealing. So stupid..  


No. I like car movies. Much like you, I hate the inconsistencies. Like in White Lightnin' when Burt Reynolds is banging through a four speed in a chase scene after which he pulls into Bo Hopkins' yard and puts it in park.