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Advanced Driver

who was it that said?.....

" if it doesn't win ,it's not a ferrari"  well then what should they rename their current f-1 cars? my suggestion is ' scatola di merda' ** bleep** that. see fuzzy dice.


LOL! Timing belts at 15000? I'll pass. I guess if I want some Italian I'll either go to a restaurant, or get a De Tomaso Pantera and build the Cleveland to Boss 351 specs. That is some REALLY crappy engineering. I wonder if anyone though of developing a gear drive or chain setup for those engines? Hmmmmmmm. Who wants to go on Shark Tank with me?

Community Manager

FWIW, Ferraris have been using timing chains for the last 15-ish years. That's not to say they aren't money pits, but less so. 

Advanced Driver

yea, seems like almost everyone's gone back to chains. i remembering spinning a cam into my 74 capri ( a great car ) long ago and finding gear on gear. new one on me then. those 2.8 'cologne' engines were different. i replaced the water pump soon after buying her. the guys at the auto parts looked at me and laughed when i asked them to make sure the gasket was included. 13 bolts? looked like a squiggle.