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Which vehicles are you thankful for in your life?

Happy Thanksgiving! Hagerty is grateful for all its loyal drivers, fans, and of course the countless car communities across the world. In spirit of the holiday season, let us know which vehicle(s) you're thankful to have in your life. Past or present...


My '68 Cougar and my '65 Galaxie. BOTH were gifts after Dad watched his girlfriend's children squabble their inheritances to nothing. He decided it would be better to give us kids what he wanted us to have while he's still here.


Many cars have come and gone but my Fiero will remain. Odd as that may sound but it is true. 

It was my first new car, it has gotten me laps at Indy, national trophies at major events and help me meet some of the most fun people I have been around. 

 But it may have also saved my life. I had a Dodge Van pull out on me and I hit him with enough power to bent the steering wheel over the turn signal. While the body shattered the space frame held up. Even the radiator did not leak. I was beat up but I drove it home. The van had a hard time backing back in his drive. 

My car is a major part of my history and been with me for more than half my life. I am thankful to have it. I may never get rich off of it but what it has given me is a life time of memories. 

Community Manager

Now that's a great story.  No wonder you love your Fiero so much! I love it. 


My old 52 Chevrolet. As recently mentioned it was my first car 50 years ago. I got married in it over 30 years ago and more recently it featured in my daughter’s marriage. It’s still got marks from the kids plastic trikes that I refused to buff out. And in between I had a career that often dealt with the worst of humanity and encouraged washing hands BEFORE going to the bathroom. But a clear day, with the top down and my wife next to me was a spa for the mind and kept me going.  


That's awesome. I wouldn't buff out those marks either. Those are evidence of good times. Just curious. Were you a first responder? Your description of your career would lead me to believe so.


Well........I'm thankful for all of them cuz it sure beats walking. Actually though, it would have to my Dad's 58 MGA. We restored or relationship along with the car and then enjoyed it together for many years. Dads gone now but the MGA lives!!!


I am thankful for my 1994 Jeep Cherokee 2 Door sport 5 spd. First new car I bought. Made many memories in it. But I miss the Fiero GT I bought from a friend who is no longer with us, miss you Jeff, that car was a constant reminder of the good times, also miss the Golf GTI and 944, lots of fun was had playing the boy racer in those 2.




Past and present I wouldnt want to be without my Vette mind you at my age with arthritis creeping in its somewhat hilarious to see me getting out of it damn gravity,but its still a joy to toot around in a upgraded rack and pinion as well as the tires of today it still handles sharp and i get a kick out of the younger generation seeing grandpa in a BB Vette they ask where is the trunk i see where the key goes(security system) LOL.Cheers R