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Where do I look for a more obscure car?

Hey everyone, it's been a minute. Life's been busy with work and other things, so I haven't been able to be as actively near as much as I'd like. I got my finances in check (set up credit card/bank account), and I may have finessed myself a much better job than my current one. Even better, it's related to cars and a helluva lot more hands on. 


Now, back to the title. I've begun hunting for an early 80s Toyota Celica, mainly to get an idea of how much it's gonna run me to not only buy but mod. Problem is that Hagerty has nothing on it. The 82-85 Celica isn't on the evaluator, and I'm looking for a non-supra model. Hemmings has 1 article on it, and it's around five years old, so the info may not be the most relevant. Ultimately, can't find anything on it. I've kicked the idea of asking around on the FB forums but I'd rather hear what y'all gotta say on it. 


Go on Bring a Trailer and read the comments from current and former owners on the Celica auctions. You can learn much of the good and bad about any car from BaT commentators. Plus the auction pricing indicates the current market and the photos will give you an idea of how these cars have aged. Good luck!

Community Manager

I think there won't be enough data for a while on these Celicas to make an informed decision quickly like you can a Mustang, Supra, etc. I would indeed ask on the FB forums and here:


In even more obscure locations!