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Advanced Driver

What were some cool period mods from the 60s?

I've been doing some research into old Corvairs, especially the 64' Monza. One thing I've found consistent in my research was the amount of period correct modifications. From Judson/VW superchargers to Weber conversion kits, I was surprised to learn that there was a small community around racing them in the 60s. It makes sense ya know? The Corvair was a poor man's Porsche.

Community Manager

Period mods are one of those things that really get me going, and it doesn't matter which decade they came from. I'd like to see the Ardun heads in person on a flathead V8. 


Anyway, to your point, the Corvair has a ton of potential for motorsport in North America. Not surprised to hear about the parts, especially the power adder. 

Advanced Driver

Agreed, I love period correct mods. Nothing gets me going like a set of period correct webers on an MG or 60s Glasspaks on a muscle car


Don't know if it was period correct, but for my 58 MGA to perform and last through my thrashing was to go with a Pierce intake and Weber down draft carb. Best thing I ever did for that car. I kept the old SU carbs as spares for the old Harleys I had back in the day, but they proved to be as unreliable on them as they were on MG. 


There are some mods well worth recreating but others are best left forgotten. 

Not much need to revive Florescent double wipers from the 80’ or neon lights from the 90’s.


But to find a set of original black spoked Ansen  wheels from  60’s is gold. 

The key to making retro mods is to keep it tasteful. Back in the day some has good taste in choosing parts others the only taste was in their mouth.