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Hagerty Employee

What's your ideal three-car collection?

What three classic/special-use vehicles would you put in your dream garage? Maybe it's a trio of identical '68 Camaros. Maybe it's a Massey-Ferguson 135, a Buick LeSabre, and a Ferrari Daytona. Or an Olds Aerotech, Lunar Rover, and Ducati Diana. Whatever your tastes, tell us what constitutes your ideal happy place. 

Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...

New Driver

38 Ford Club Coupe Convertible resto mod (have it) 302 stroked to 347

71 Plymouth Cuda, 440, 4 speed with 70 seats as the 71 seats were ugly.

72 Triumph GT6

My back wouldn't last taking long drives in the Triumph but I'm sure it would do just fine with short spirited ones.

New Driver


55-57 (your choice)

2 door post



New Driver

My sweet spot is primarily cars from the 50's as I prefer art & design over muscle. I like a wide range of domestic vehicles but no specific makes or models so my current collection includes a nut & bolt restoration, a stock vehicle with new original interior and 15-year old repaint and a survivor in good mechanical condition but 95% cosmetically original. This approach gives me a broad exposure to the hobby for a sensible investment.



New Driver

66 mustang 2+2 -289/4speed

70 Boss 302

78-79 Ford F-250 shortbed 4x4 

New Driver

1935 Chris Craft with K engine. 1957 Penn Yan ( under restoration) with 1955 K-Mercury 40 hp converted to electric. Acura TL 2004........220,000 miles and still runs strong!

Pit Crew

     1967 Chevelle SS, 1967/8 Firebird 400 or 1968 Firebird Sprint w/ 250 cid/230 HP OHC,4 speed trans, Randel AMC 401/4 speed Gremlin X or Baldwin Motion V8 Vega.

     Had a '67 Chevelle SS 396 close ratio Muncie and 4.10 posi 12 bolt rear end.  When I bought the car in 1975 the 396 was gone in place of a 1962 327/300.  I put a on a Q-jet with the stock cast iron q-jet manifold in place of the worn out AFB and put a dual point conversion in the distributor.  After many hours of fine tuning the car was stupid quick.  The car was totaled on the way to work when a guy cut in front of me at high speed.  Out of the 90+ cars I have owned it is the one I most wish I still had.

     I really like the early Firebird.  I think they look nicer than the same year Camaro.  In the late 60's in High School there were a couple of these in the student parking lot.

     Gremlin X or V8 Vega, who dosen't like a small car with a big engine.

New Driver

69 VW Beetle 

70 Porsche 914

98 Porsche Boxster

New Driver

1970 Hemi Challenger, 1969 Boss 302 Mustang, 1965 fuelie Corvette(convertible), all with 4 speeds.  If I was dealt these cards, I'd stand pat...

Intermediate Driver

200 series SL








F250 Crewcab




That would do it.



New Driver

Beyond difficult to limit to only three.  But, if I must:

1.) Porsche 356C coupe

2.) Any year of Mk I MGB, with overdrive

3.) '72 BMW 2002Tii


Having either owned, or still own all of the above, from new or near-new, I can honestly say those are my lifelong favorites.