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Hagerty Employee

What's your ideal three-car collection?

What three classic/special-use vehicles would you put in your dream garage? Maybe it's a trio of identical '68 Camaros. Maybe it's a Massey-Ferguson 135, a Buick LeSabre, and a Ferrari Daytona. Or an Olds Aerotech, Lunar Rover, and Ducati Diana. Whatever your tastes, tell us what constitutes your ideal happy place. 

Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...

Pit Crew

I already started my collection with the first being a 1973 Ford Maverick with a 302 V8, 1 of 23 according to the Marti Report, a recently acquired a 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible, and the third want is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Restomod!IMG_5457.JPGIMG_6007.JPG


New Driver

69 Charger Daytona

77 black trans am special edition t-top

C8 Z06

New Driver

Difficult question

but pretty happy with the current threesome

1- 1966 Yenko stinger -

the best family sports car ( I put the rear seat back in it)

2- 1969 Jaguar E type roadster - classic date night

3- 1986 Toyota HJ60 diesel- reliable 4x4 fun


does the crew cab dually tow rig count?

Intermediate Driver

Three, huh?

The first two are easy, since I already have them.

1. 1964.5 Ford Mustang 260, Wimbledon White and Red interior. All OEM Spec.

2. 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium, Ruby Red w 50th Anniv. Appearance Package. 

As for #3...

Since I'm single and my kids are grown, I have no need for a family hauler, and I have NO desire/need for a Truck or SUV...

I guess #3 would be either a mid 60s fully equipped Lincoln Continental in Black, or a 1957 Ford Thunderbird fully equipped convertible, in Black with a matching Hardtop, for "dressier" occasions. 

Pit Crew

If money were no object (but usually is), then I think I would start off with a Ferrari F50 removable Hard Top Convertible; followed by a Mercedes-Benz SL-300 Gull Wing; and last would be a 67 Big Block 427 Corvette Coupe loaded with all options. That would cover the range of amazing cars from different vintages and decades.
Pit Crew

Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah, 62 Ferrari GTO, 60s Mini Cooper Panel Wagon with a pair of big clown shoes in the back and a rubber nose hanging from the rear view mirror.

New Driver

#1-1963 Ford Galaxie 427/4speed "fastback"

#2-1969 Rambler SC/RAMBLER

#3-1957 Corvette dual quads/4 speed

Pretty diverse group?

Pit Crew

  • Audi R8
  • Ferrari 308
  • 1957 MGA
New Driver

67 Corvette 427 convertible with stinger hood and side pipes. Ford GT. Shelby Cobra. Life would be complete. 

New Driver

I know this is mainly an American site, but Hagerty has included us Brits in as well, so here are my three.


A Supercharged 1948 MGTC

A Jaguar Series 111 V12 Roadster

An Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante.IMG_6596.JPGIMG_5571.JPGIMG_8571.JPG


I own all three. I do own other British cars, 10 to be precise, but these are special.