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Hagerty Employee

What's your ideal three-car collection?

What three classic/special-use vehicles would you put in your dream garage? Maybe it's a trio of identical '68 Camaros. Maybe it's a Massey-Ferguson 135, a Buick LeSabre, and a Ferrari Daytona. Or an Olds Aerotech, Lunar Rover, and Ducati Diana. Whatever your tastes, tell us what constitutes your ideal happy place. 

Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...Two Shelbys and a McLaren walk into a garage...


The hot rod, the truck, the family cruiser.


Right now the hot rod is a 69 Mustang coupe with a built (mildly) engine. I would give that slot to something teens/twenties/30s though --but can't decide if I want a retro distance racer, something more Ed Roth, or a street legal 30s coupe in stock-car trim.


The truck will one day be a 69 GMC replicating and replacing my long-gone first wheels. In the short term I have been actively scouting out 70s to 90s shortboxes. Got rid of my truck a few years ago and have regretted it since.


The family cruiser... the spouse loves the 62-66 full size Pontiacs. I like the 73-76 Cutlasses but am not winning that one it seems. Spouse's father used to have a 96 Impala SS so we have thought about revisiting that tradition. The later Mercury Marauders could also work.



Good thing you only asked for top 3. Give me 5-10 slots I could name them easy.

Hagerty Employee

That's a great list. I think three cars really makes you consider how you'd use them. Question: What's a retro distance racer?

retro-distance racer could be a variety of things: Aloha Wanderwell's world-travelling model T, British cars like Austin 7s that did off road racing, big touring cars turned into racecars that did things like desert overland rally racing.


Something that I drive by a bunch of kids and the supervising adult says "Oh that is a 100 year old antique car it must be on a tour out of a museum". And then I turn onto the 4x4 trail drive it right through the muck and minds are blown.



Intermediate Driver

My ideal car collection would feature a gated 360 Spider (have that), a classic American muscle car like a '67 Vette and a spare 360 Spider to use as a parts car.



Hagerty Employee

i applaud the commitment and honesty of this answer!


For me, it would have to be a big, spacious one to bring all the friends along, a tiny road carver, and something gorgeous.


THE HAULER: Volvo Amazon

THE CARVER: late 60s Mini Cooper S with the 1275 and the twin fuel tanks

THE BEAUTY: Porsche 356

Hagerty Employee

I'd fulfill the holy trinity of vehicle categories: truck, wagon, Corvette. 

Truck: as much fun as taking on all the bro-spec, triple-black Rams would be, the dream is a 1970s Dodge or GMC. LS-swapped restomod welcome. 

Wagon: Volvo. Duh. 

Corvette: Eternally torn between a C3 and a C5. 


Hagerty Employee

out with friends - Bronco Restomod w/Coyote 5.0 - performance under iconic styling, a little kid dream car come to life


date night - mint early 50s Chevy 3100 - tangible option to slow life down at the end of a long day, plus regular cab magic, and it's best-looking pickup on the planet


zooming alone - any new McLaren, if it's grippy i'm not picky

New Driver

Three cars that I once owned and wish I had never sold.

’58 Impala Convertible

’67 Ferrari 330

’90 Acura NSX

I’d love to have them back for my dream garage

New Driver

1929 Hudson Sedan - original / unrestored and excellent condition. Shade under 20k miles.  Check


1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief - Solid body / Mechanically restored.  Check


2005/2006 BMW E46 M3 - Interlagos blue - competition pack. Manual or SMG...I'm not picky.  Still dreaming