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What's your favorite thing to drive (or ride) with less than 200 hp?

Not including your lawnmowers! 😂


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1997 Harley Softail Custom. Somewhere around 50 hp.

Advanced Driver

wrong ! xlcr . hands down. i told a friend i wanted one and he was perplexed. then said "right the bike the devil would ride" a Citroen 2vc would place a close second. the delivery version,smelling of nicely baked bread. how's that for a contradiction?

Advanced Driver

Don't know the HP but as far as bikes I'll have to say my 2009 Yamaha 1600 Road Star.  Stripped down version.  Thought about getting the Speed Star options but didn't see any good reason. It aint a HOG but it gets the job done. 

Advanced Driver

My ‘52 Chevrolet. It’s not show quality by a long shot, but it was my first car as a 15 year old, and my ticket to freedom from being seen getting out of my mom’s station wagon in front of the high school.
105 screaming horse power from the 235 my dad made me install to replace a worn out 216.
Every time I drive it I’m transported back a half century by the smells and noises. And it’s a happy place. 


Oh yeah. I almost forgot my wife's 1979 Tbird Town Landau.

Intermediate Driver

The two vehicles in my garage right now:

My '03 Miata and my 2017 Honda NC700XD moto.

Both waaaayyyy under 200 hp 😂


My Fiero. 


While the V6 is not high power it is still enough to have fun. I added a Herb Adams VSE suspension kit to it.  


84*87 Fiero's have a bit of bump steer. This is a flaw but one that makes driving the car on back roads with uneven surfaces more of a challenge. 


Anyone can drive a well tuned car stupid fast but it take skill to drive a less than perfect car.  This is why so many older sports car hold such favor and they are each unique in how they drive and handle. Each can reach high limits but challenge the driver. It also makes mega HP irrelevant. 


You learn to drive a flawed car and when you get into a well tuned car you will be so much better to deal with anything. 


1985 Golf GTI.

Loved that pocket rocket.

Tons of fun.




I always wanted to try a GTI. I did have the opportunity to drive one of the old Dodge Omni GLHs and had a blast. That car was indeed a pocket rocket.

My Friend had the GLH, boy did we raise some hell, in those days, That GTI attributed to 11 points on my license , and a restricted license for 6 months.

I hear you. I can out corner my wife's fiesta in the '68 Cougar. That being said, it does not suffer an inexperienced driver lightly.
Advanced Driver

After much chagrin and gnashing of the teeth.....It's a tie!!!!!

  • 1958 MGA Roadster. Completely restored to original. 
  • 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint, 260ci, four speed.

Words can not describe what these cars mean to me

Best cars I've ever built and own.


I always liked the Falcon. There was a kid from another town when I was in high school that had a beautiful white on red '63 with a 302 he had built. That car would pounce like a tiger out of the hole, and looked beautiful doing it. 

Advanced Driver

Had to give likes to you Guitar74. Falcons ain't for everybody these days but Ford sold the HE-double-LL out of em back in the day. Chevrolet answered back with a big slap in the face with their Chevy II's, Novas and SS's.  Mopar as well with the Valiant's. ( wish I had at least one of them all) All the manufactories  jumped on the wagon with the small/mid sized rigs, but the Falcon led the way. The 63-1/2 Sprint was an eye opener for them all. They still are!!! Thanks for the reply man. Merry Christmas.