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What's your favorite driving season?



As summer winds down, I'm already looking forward to taking scenic drives throughout the fall. I like to think that all seasons mesh into one big, never-ending, driving season. Each brings something special: Tops down during sunny summers, stunning colors during fall foliage, snow-capped winters and free rainy car washes during the spring. 


What's your favorite driving season?


Anytime I am behind the wheel. 

Yes I even love the winter driving if it is RWD. The deeper the snow the better as it keeps the amateurs off the roads. 

RWD good tires and limited slip and no electronic aids are the way to go.  Any years in my RWD trucks I just steered with the throttle. 

I was drifting long before it was a sport. 

Today cars just prevent you from really leaving car control and many today have never mastered the skill of a controlled skid or slide.