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Hagerty Fan
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What's the loudest car you've ever heard?

Comment below with the loudest classic car you know.

Hagerty Fan
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When I think of a loud engine roar, I always think of the modern Shelby GT500s.

Community Manager

My 1988 Cougar when I ran it with open headers because the headers didn't fit the factory exhaust. 


My buddy and I lived 3 miles apart. We both knew knew we could hear the open header boats near his home. 

So we both went out and opened the headers on our cars and let them rip. We took turns and we reported our findings over the phone. 

The reality is about any V8 with any compression and open headers will be loud. 

But nothing matches a Top Fuel engine. I have been at the line and just the effects of the sound waves on your body is amazing. 

The other is the 3 rotor Mazda IMSA cars of the 80’s. They were so loud they had to run a muffler on the GTP class car. I was at Mid Ohio where it lost the muffler and it was painful to watch race. 

The officials black flag the car. 


Side-pipe 427 Cobra. Loud, but its a car that looks like it should be loud.


Green Monster

I live not far from where Arts shop is on Pickle Rd here in Akron wher the Green  Monsters were built. I have friends that lived near by that told of test days at the house with the Jet engines. 

In the early Days Art and Walt the would drive the Allison powered Green Monsters from the Shop on Pickle Road up Massillon Rd about 3 miles to the Akron Airport Drag Races. 

There they drag raced up a access road in front of Derby Downs where the Soap Box Derby still races. You can still drive the road today. Once a month they got to use the runway at the airport. Roger Penske raced if fathers Buick there for his first race.


What I would have given to have been around to see that. 

My work stage a race there a few years back for photos. We had the cars pop the chutes on an altered Fiat and a old front engine rail. It was cool to see on a public road. 

Intermediate Driver

Howmet TX Turbine.

I heard this race car on the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 18th fairway when the Howmet TX coupe was being judged. I was nearby the car (not that you needed to be to hear it) when part of judging process the owner ignited the Continental Aviation & Engineering TS325-1 helicopter gas turbine power plant, to demonstrate to the judges that the engine functioned. It sounded like a helicopter was about to take off from the lawn. To hear this car was an amazing loudly experience to behold and even more beautiful than seeing it, and it was gorgeous.

Advanced Driver

69 cougar. we were doing an engine/trans swap (351-c) and my buddy started it when i was under the car,open headers. i think i was hooking up the vacuum line to the trans diaphragm if memory serves me right. anyway proximity counts.- 'you can't change the laws of physics jim'  

Hagerty Employee

Top fuel dragsters are hands down the loudest "car" that I've heard. So loud that they shake the ground and you feel it in your chest.


'69 Sport Satellite I had when I was younger. 440, with 1 7/8 headers, glass packs and a side exit exhaust. The ground felt like it was shaking when you stood beside that car. 


In the garage, that is. Like someone else said, proximity makes a difference as does being in a confined space.