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Hagerty Employee

What’s the grossest thing you’ve found in your car (aka: the dead rodent thread)

Yup, it’s that time of year! When you get to find out what decided to hibernate in your exhaust manifold. In case the title didn’t tip you off, there will be discussion of dead things in this post. If you don’t like reading about that sort of thing, you know, don’t. 

I rolled my Miata out of the garage this morning. Planned on an oil change and general inspection. When I opened the door, it smelled, um, not nice, but I soon got distracted by what seemed like a major mechanical issue — car was stalling out within seconds of starting.

After 30 mins of tinkering I determined I’d forgotten to reconnect the mass-airflow sensor (Miatas are boring like that). The engine was running smoothly, but now I heard a buzzing—flies swirling around the small cabin. I still didn’t think much of it. Been raining here and the bugs are out. I went ahead with my normal interior cleaning.

That’s when I noticed the poop.


On the armrest, head rest, dash board. Uh oh. I put gloves on and gingerly pull out every item. Finally, the kitty litter jar, which I use to keep the moisture down. Only, there’s no kitty litter. Just a small, not very fresh mouse who must not have realized he was checking into hotel California (you can check out any time you like/but you can never leave).


I handled it like the man I am, which is to say I squealed loud enough to scare the neighbors then hastily dumped the jar in the trash, where the mouse is interred this evening if anyone would like to pay respects. 

Anyone else deal with this sort of thing? I want to hear about it. Maybe.