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New Driver

what is your favorite car

This is my favorite car and also my dream-1550464321.jpg


Pit Crew

I have to say, my wife and I have had many cars, 2 mini S, Jetta, celica Supra, MG and an Audi A4.
Hands down Audi was overall the best.

Pick one?


I can't do it (after thinking about this for a few minutes). I like too many varied things that suit certain moments or uses.


Forced to answer I guess the 69 GMC truck I foolishly sold years ago.


I wonder what Jay Leno would answer to this?

Pit Crew

My favourite car is my 1974 Stingray. It was a Father’s Day gift from my late wife and two children. I always loved the C3’s curves, just a beautiful car. She found it in a barn under pallets and wood. I restored it with my son over 4 years. A work of love. She passed away in an accident 2 years ago. I’ll treasure the car forever.
Pit Crew

Wow, on this site it is almost a dangerous question to ask, almost as bad as “who is your favorite kid!”  As I’ve been a Mustang owner for 31 years, my gut is to simply say a first generation Mustang.    But, I am also fond of British roadsters and if my garage allowed for it, would have either an MGB or a TR6 parked next to the Mustang convertible.    Of course, if you like the British roadsters you almost have to LOVE the Miata...and I wife has a 1997 M-Edition (driveway parked;-(,  that is almost too fun to drive!    


Oh, I’ll stick with my first love, a first generation Mustang!!