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What did you drive to work today

Again, because of a comment someone made about actually driving/enjoying these cars I decided to drive the '65 today. And yes, it is raining. So anyhow, if you live in a climate that will allow you to drive your classic, why not take it out and put some miles on it? Galaxie.jpg


I also live in MI where the salt Gods require ritual sacrifice, luckily my company provides me a car to sacrifice to the salt Gods.

However it's all mute, as I have been trapped at home since July with work from home orders issued by the state.

Guitar love your car Glad you drive it , even in the rain.

Wish i could get mine out even in the winter, but salt and dirt roads conspire against me. 



Kudo,s to your Father Guitar74 it takes some people time to adjust to not being a active part of the system I found it difficult at first, my work environment was busy to say the least many demands and decisions to be made on a moments notice that affected the company and employees when that ended I felt a sense of uselessness not being part of the world anymore.Thankfully I got out of that funk within the first year now the time is flying by far to quickly having the car hobby/sleds/atv,s/boats/and a horse farm now I wonder how I ever had the time to work.LOL Cheers R


The state mandated 'work from home" orders really suck. We had them for about six weeks here in GA.


Ours are in force until April 14th 2021, Ugh. 😫


Flip flops! 

Working from home and my daily driver is on a battery tender. 


I am sorry but that is a bit ridiculous. Don't get me started.