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What did you drive to work today

Again, because of a comment someone made about actually driving/enjoying these cars I decided to drive the '65 today. And yes, it is raining. So anyhow, if you live in a climate that will allow you to drive your classic, why not take it out and put some miles on it? Galaxie.jpg

Community Manager

I do this as much as I can, which was easier in Houston...but then I got a work-from-home gig for Hagerty where I get to interact with you lovely folks.  Now, sadly, I barely drive!  I'll drive a lot more whenever I get a vaccine, but that's a whole 'nother story. 


I need to dig up a photo of me with my 1965 LTD. Your XL is bringing back all those great memories! 


I would love to see it. 


It's winter here in northern Michigan and salt has been on the roads for some time. My sacrifice to the salt is a very high mile 2003 Silverado 2500HD. 8.1L and Allison 1000 equipped, so it isn't a total snore. Looking forward to spring when the 69 Poncho can come back out.


Like I have said before, I hate the summers here in Georgia. But......I would gladly keep them over the long harsh winters of Rural Illinois.


Not going anywhere today, but if I were, it'd be a 2013 E350 van with around 48K on it. Not exactly a classic OR a garage queen.


Guitar74 this is a classic 80,s Pisten Bulley and the wifes Argo not your average get to work vehicle but here in the north whatever works, actually we are retired and play more than work its our way to embrace the horror U call winter LOLDSCF5876.JPGDSCF5809.JPG

Intermediate Driver

I too am retired so the idea of driving to work is a bit academic.


But I did go out this afternoon and demonstrate that the week's grocery run for two people will easily fit in a Lotus Elise.


I love it.


Congrats to both of you on retirement. My Dad sits on his porch most mornings with a cup of coffee and waves to the people driving past his house on the morning commute. He's like a mascot for them at this point. He wasn't out one morning and two different people pulled into his drive and knocked on his door to see if he was okay.