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?- what are your favorite competition (racing) graphics.

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Advanced Driver

one of my favs too but pontiacs  stylists saw it and used it on the trans-am. ( it really is where they got it from) and i mean c'mon ' i'll git you bandeet!'  no wrong. watch 'smokey and the bandit' then watch 'the hustler'  same same.  (ps) but i don't mind it on the cosworth vega much more subdued. 

Advanced Driver

also posed the question without really thinking about it. top of my head 'the pig'  le-mans porsche  (917?) any of the classic gulf blue-orange livery, penskes marlboro indy cars (simple yet), speaking of cigarettes jordan was sponsored by benson hedges and when the ban on advertising first took place in some countries they did a 'b' uzzing 'h' ornets' thing that was really cool, which takes me to j. stewarts f-1 effort. the 'stripe' was a scarf that's the traditional stewarts scottish clan colors. subtle but smart. sure there are lots more. 

Intermediate Driver

I'd have to go with the JPS or Gulf liveries for recurring use, with honorable mention to the Jordan F1 "7Up Bottle"' The 917 pink pig remains a classic for limited use.

pink pig.jpg


Owning a black and gold car the JP Lotus is one of my favorites. 

The Black and Silver of Dale Earnhardt was just a classic combination of mean looking car and even meaner driver. It was the equal of the skull and cross bones only on a car. 

Finally the Penske cars of Mark Donahue and Sunoco. Not only did the Yellow and Blue look good but the detailed hand painted pin stripes just were classic be. It in a Camaro, Mclaren or 917-30

Advanced Driver

earnhardts car really? i think you're confusing the paint scheme with the driver. the car was ok at best and those last gen. monte carlos are some of the butt ugliest cars ever manufactured. what you're describing sounds more like 'the death mobile' from animal house. i'm the first to admit my opinion is biased but if your talking stock cars i'll go with the wood brothers classic every day and twice on sunday. rogers camaros? blue and yellow are complementary colors ,yea that works. only with or w/o the vinyl roofs they had 'because we just like the way it looks' i think they said. sam posey told a much the same story about acid dipping when he was running the sublime green challengers in t/a. it's a good one.


) any of the classic gulf blue-orange livery


Agreed. My "lottery" car would be a Superformance GT40 MKII in Gulf attire. Loved that look since I was a kid. 

Advanced Driver

w/what engine?


I would have to with a 351 cleveland stroker. Probably a 408. Although an FE is also tempting.