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What a GREAT Indy 500 today!

   I didn't have a favorite driver today, but I am happy for Helio Castroneves for achieving his 4th Indy win.  There were a lot of very competitive racers out there, and some bad breaks punched some of them out of contention, but as they say, "that's racing"!  But the crowd had plenty to cheer for, the sponsors got their money's worth, and Spiderman got to climb the fence one more time.  Don't count the old guys out!

Intermediate Driver

It was cool to see Helio win yet another one.


I saw Helio last week at Mid Ohio. He is the same guy today as he was years ago. He is great with the fans and a heck of a driver. 

I am a Chevy guy but there was no way I would root against Helio. I felt Penske made a major mistake letting him go. Today I think Roger may agree. 

That was one of the best 500’s I have  seen. It sure made the NASCAR stages look silly. 


I sometimes drive to visit my kids and grandkids that live about 500 miles from my home.  Let me tell ya, I certainly don't have the energy to climb a fence plus run 1/4 mile after I do that.  Helio is genuine - he loves the job and he loves the fans!