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Weekend of drudgery, with two shining moments, then catastrophe !

Well Tribe


As the title says, I spent 2 FULL days raking and mulching leaves.

The downside to 1.5 acres of grass surrounded by mature woods.

The weather was un-seasonally Gorgeous, pure sun and 70's.

The sadder part is I am only 70% done!


I did manage to take a motorcycle out for a quick 1 hour burn, man was that perfect.


And on the second day took the old Hot Rod '66 C10 out to get ice cream with the Fam.


Then disaster on the drive back, the C10 started to knock !!!


Looks like a full rebuild of the 283 will be in order, my winter roster just got filled up.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and avoided catastrophe .



Community Manager

Ugh, on Sunday I spent 1.5-2 hours cleaning up leaves on my property (suburban patio home) and that was enough for me.  Then again, the dream is always to have some more land...but the reality is that much work would drive me nuts. 


I just run mine over with the mower and let them fertilize my lawn.


Mine get so thick the riding mower chokes, on them, literally.


Here in Georgia it's mainly pine needles with the occasional maple, oak, or sweetgum. The pine needles get put in my mulch beds. Sorry that the smallblock gave up the ghost. The 289 in the Galaxie will probably be my first casualty as she just doesn't have the kind of oil pressure I like to see at a traffic light. It's still 10 lbs per 1000 rpms, but just barely.


My wife let me get the largest Stihl back pack blower they make. It turned a 4 hour job to 45 min.   It may have added 5 years to my life!


I get them to the back of the property then mow them with the deck up. Then I repeat till they are gone. Oak leaves much up to a dust. 

As I learned from Tim the Tool Man. More Power errrr. 


Bummer, hope you have a warm garage to play in. I love to run over the leaves 1x-2x with no side chute or bag so that they get reduced pretty good. Next time I use the bag and empty it into my waiting chipper/shredder. I can get 3-5 bags from the mower into 1 shredder bag, which then becomes confetti mulch around the bases of all various trees & shrubs. Then in the Spring I can rake any I consider excess out into the lawn a ways and with the first few cuttings it's "gone". Seems involved, but I enjoy it compared to trying to remove 150k mile spark plugs for a neighbor 😉

Ouch Nitro not fun to have a engine go down but at the end of the season better timing there couldn't be, we have just under 10 acres in the north of Ontario Canada a good portion is grassland for our horses the rest bush cleaning up leaves would last till the first snow fall as they just keep coming, like others I mulch mow using a diesel front mount zero steer couple trips around first at the top deck height setting then drop it but its got to be a dry day then it works just dandy  arthritis and other olde guy affliction's walking around with a rake out of the question small limbs also become mulch.Cheers R

Advanced Driver

I kudo’d the post but sympathies for the engine rebuild. Under the heading of a “silver lining” at least it was at the end of the driving season. Stay warm and maybe keep a little something  in your shop area to warm you from the inside while you work. 😉