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We’re on a mission to get more people shifting gears

Help us reach our goal of teaching 500 drivers in 50 days how to drive a manual!


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There’s nothing like driving a stick shift – feeling the gears change, connecting with the car and the road – and we’re on a mission to get more people experiencing that excitement.

It all starts on National Stick Shift Day (July 16). We’ll be kicking off the day at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, celebrating 10 years of the Hagerty Driving Experience (our program designed to teach young drivers how to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission)!


You can take part no matter where you are, anytime from July 16 – Sept. 3 - here's how:


  • Spend an hour with someone who doesn't know how to drive a manual - a family member, a friend or neighbor - and give them a lesson (see the attached 'manual manual' as a reference guide)
  • Reply to this post with a photo from the experience (Photo attaching tutorial here)
  • We’ll follow up with you via direct message for your address so we can send you two of our '3 Pedals, No Problem' hats from The Shop. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. 

Thank you for joining the fun - Never Stop Driving! 

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New Driver

Our daughter learning to shift our 1964 Sprite, what a great way to spend time with her!Our daughter learning to shift our 1964 Sprite, what a great way to spend time with her!

New Driver

New Driver

A couple of stalls, some grinding of the gears, and a few minutes later we have a new member of the Three Pedal Club.




New Driver


 finally got my navigator qualified as co pilot. Got the MG in 1972, spent 7 years in restoration, and now she likes driving in Florida with no hills.

New Driver

Teaching my niece Lori how to drive stick.IMG_6014.jpg

New Driver

Teaching my daughter to drive stick in my Shelby!


New Driver

IMG_2069 copy.jpg


Taught my daughter to drive the 6-speed MINI and now she won't let me drive it anymore!

New Driver

Just got married to my high school/college sweatheart after reconnecting on FB. He's teaching me to drive his Shelby GT 350. Wow its challenging!Just got married to my high school/college sweatheart after reconnecting on FB. He's teaching me to drive his Shelby GT 350. Wow its challenging!

New Driver

My 12-year old driving Grandpa's manual truck on the farm.My 12-year old driving Grandpa's manual truck on the farm.

New Driver

My son Brenden learning to drive a stick shift GMC pickup on Grandpa's farm in Iowa.IMG_0927.jpeg

New Driver

Here is my wife learning to drive our 1957 Beetle. She is even willing to push-start if needed on my old 6 Volt Beetles!IMG_1264.JPGIMG_3790.JPG

Air-Cooled Preservation Society
Intermediate Driver

66 years and never drove a stick. Spent 3hrs with her and now our friend is competent, needs more practice but has a good start! Yea Mary!


 Started with the tractor to learn ‘clutch feel’.


Borrowed my wife’s car for the road lesson. 


New Driver

My daughter did great, only stalled it twice.  When we pulled it into the driveway, she wanted to drive my Jeep to school tomorrow....

Kacey Stick 1.jpgKacey Stick 2.jpg

New Driver


 On vacation in Montenegro... Ready to start some driving lessons! 

New Driver


 Stick Rental Car.  Perfect for beginners! 

New Driver


New Driver

50 years ago, I learned to drive in this 1965 Mustang (it was my Dad's car originally) - followed by 4 younger brothers. It survived all 5 boys. Now, I am teaching my wife how to drive (original 3-speed manual trans) and we hope that the car will stand up to the 'lessons'!

So far - so good! Next, we can try with the engine running!Next, we can try with the engine running!IMG_2132[1].JPG

New Driver

Teaching my daughter to row her own in my GTI!!IMG_0539.jpg

New Driver

She is a natural!Speedshifter!Speedshifter!


New Driver


 Took the whole 55 days, but finally talked my daughter into thrashing some gears in my off-road Cayenne build!

Thanks Hagerty 👍🏼

New Driver

Tonight my husband reviewed the basics with me! I’ll be able to hit the road soon 😊




New Driver

All summer she's been practicing and today (just under the wire) she earned a drive in the "special" car.  She deservers a hat for all her hard work.Here goes reverse!Here goes reverse!Mom's got this.Mom's got this.

New Driver

29741062-5728-4457-8873-F83A7C30ABA8.jpegTeaching my roommate stick!!

Pit Crew

Preserving the stickshift heritage for this generation...and the next!


So, perhaps a 930 may not be the ideal starter vehicle to learning manual (though it would certainly be exciting) I think it's best we stick with just the theory for a little while first.  🙂 


LESSON 1:  Avoiding Snap Oversteer!


Thanks for doing this!  Awesome as always, Hagerty!2021-09-03 21.39.20.jpg2021-09-03 21.40.33.jpg

Pit Crew

So...I attempted to teach my daughter how to drive a stick...the first pic is in

my '04, 5 speed, V8 Mustang GT. The second is in my 4 cylinder 5 speed 2015 Nissan Versa. No. She will not be driving the Mustang but she can keep the photo to remember what might have been. Apparently I was too old and didn't have enough patience for the  clutch in the Nissan to be worn out. The transmission was also telling me to please take the wheel. 


She now rides a motorcycle. 


3 Pedals No Problem 

Real Cars Have 3 Pedals 







New Driver

She's a natural!She's a natural!This was such a great idea. Add one more to the group.  She picked it right up!


New Driver

September 4th.!! Very happy with my positive attitude we have 8 more weeks of Summer in New England! Here is a picture of my beloved Mother at 82 vibrant years-old getting a manual transmission tutorial and test-drive. Passed with flying colors! Last time she drove a manual transmission was either a 47 Plymouth commuting to Salem State with her sister or possibly in my Fathers Hellman Minx convertible when she first married my Father in 1961! She is the greatest! I will post a picture of her in her excellent new hat if not too late! Happy Labor Day everyone! Keep on trucking!

New Driver


New Driver




 Our family doesn’t own a manual transmission. We are in Virginia visiting our best man, aka uncle Scooch.  He is teaching the kids how to drive his manual Jeep! Spent awhile in the HS parking lot tonight. They have 3 more days to practice 🙂

New Driver


New Driver

Teaching my daughter how to drive manual in an AWD car. On asphalt, no stall (almost in the shift to 2nd) and with AWD no opportunity for wheel spin to allow a margin for error. Super proud dad of a kid who can now truly experience driving as being engaged with the car.manual lesson in AWD.jpg 

Pit Crew

Rachel,  I have a great one for you involving a Groom learning to drive the Get-A-Way car (a 60 Studebaker Hawk 6-speed) but I simply cannot get the pictures to this reply.  It will not let me drag or choose. 




Dave Desenberg

Pit Crew

I had the same problem. I figured out that the pic wasn't jpg but html. I ultimately got it to work. You made the deadline in my opinion !  Good luck !

New Driver


 teaching our daughter Elizabeth to drive her 2021 Subaru Impreza Sport 5-speed. 

New Driver

  • 2A3F172C-0D6B-4B75-8139-1FA7F4795C91.jpeg


     A new (and happy) manual shift driver (Grandpa’s car)!

New Driver


 My son David and I purchased this 2008 Honda Civic Si on August 27th. I had to test drive and take home the car as David didn't know how to drive it. By Sunday the 29th, after stalling several times in and around the neighborhood, David was able to drive the car on his own. Now, it is as if he's been driving stick for years. 

New Driver

My Dad taught me how to drive stick in his gorgeous yellow and white '56 Chevy Bel Air back in the '80s.  Not easy, but I figured it out without putting a scratch on it.  Realizing how fun it was, I bought a 5 speed 5.0 Mustang GT.  In this picture, Dad has begun teaching my nephew/his grandson Luca how to drive his '55 Chevy.   


My Dad deserves a hat, us kids aren't quick learners and we call him Mr. Shifter. 

Great idea Hagerty!!




New Driver

Dang, totally forgot to get a picture of my 14yo learning to drive my ‘68 GMC, running through the 4-speed gears. 

Hagerty Fan
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I don’t know…too early you think?



 From about 30 years ago. 

New Driver

Hello , 

My wife was so excited to see this promotion and to share her manual knowledge. She has been teaching me but she wanted to take this chance to teach the 16 year old son of one of our friends on her 90 BMW 325....She  loved every minute of it and I also snuck in another lesson for myself. We submitted the photo that day, Aug 13th. She has been asking me about the hat ever since, and I keep saying that I have not received an email about it yet. Tonight I looked through all of the photos and did not see hers. I guess somehow the post was not submitted. I know it's past the deadline, but can we still submit the photos again. It would really mean a lot to her to have the hat, and she will wear it with pride ! Thank you for everything you do for the car world, we love Hagerty ! IMG_3373.JPGIMG_3372.JPG