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We’re on a mission to get more people shifting gears

Help us reach our goal of teaching 500 drivers in 50 days how to drive a manual!


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There’s nothing like driving a stick shift – feeling the gears change, connecting with the car and the road – and we’re on a mission to get more people experiencing that excitement.

It all starts on National Stick Shift Day (July 16). We’ll be kicking off the day at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, celebrating 10 years of the Hagerty Driving Experience (our program designed to teach young drivers how to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission)!


You can take part no matter where you are, anytime from July 16 – Sept. 3 - here's how:


  • Spend an hour with someone who doesn't know how to drive a manual - a family member, a friend or neighbor - and give them a lesson (see the attached 'manual manual' as a reference guide)
  • Reply to this post with a photo from the experience (Photo attaching tutorial here)
  • We’ll follow up with you via direct message for your address so we can send you two of our '3 Pedals, No Problem' hats from The Shop. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. 

Thank you for joining the fun - Never Stop Driving! 

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New Driver


 my son practicing in our 74 mgb gt. He is starting to get the hang of it!

Intermediate Driver

Wonderful idea!  I’m in!!

Intermediate Driver

I got brave and ‘shared the shift’ yesterday. 👍👏

New Driver



Spent an hour teaching my grandson how to drive my 1970 Mustang with a T5. Figured I better teach him as he will get the car from me one day.

New Driver


 My daughter and I. Good job first time. She drove in traffic, and we, the '72 VW Super Beetle and I, survived! I would love to report that she didn't kill it, but hey, first time. We all did.

New Driver

55FD5B8A-7307-45EC-9626-0C5DAEE174A8.jpegThe girlfriends son just turned 16 and for his first vehicle we got him a 1995 GMC Sonoma with a 5 speed. It should be a fun little project ride.

New Driver


 teaching this guy to drive stick in a 78 ford f100, 300 straight 6 with 3 speed.  

New Driver

Here's my son Tucker learning on a 6-speed stick shift Jeep.Tucker Stick Shift4.jpg


New Driver

Teaching my wife how to drive a manual in my 2011 Buick Regal.6 Speed.jpg

New Driver



 teaching my 15 year old on the Saab93

New Driver


Not the easiest clutch setup for a newcomer but she's learning quick !

2001.5 S4 Avant

New Driver

Teaching my 18 year old son how to drive a 6 speed VW GTI.  Once you drive with 3 pedals you will always have at least one car with a stick shift!thumbnail.jpg

New Driver

Thanks for the encouragement and opportunity to teach my wife how to operate a stick shift in my '97BMW convertible. The smile on her face when she "got it" is worth a million smiles.  Rob Drezner  (

Doc Rob
New Driver

Another shift lesson down! Thanks to my friend Max for teaching me in his BMW M roadster! 
Feel free to follow me on IG @drivenbyniki


New Driver

National Stick Shift Day 2021.jpgProbably should've thought about bathing before taking this. Super proud of her. Conquered the hill anxiety! Ready to go out on her own daily driving a manual.

New Driver

So my son wanted his first vehicle to be a Jeep and of all things a manual! I asked wouldn’t  you rather have an automatic, it’s a lot easier to drive.  He said no way, manuals are cool and none of my friends know how to drive an H pattern.  Dang kids been talking to his granddad way too much! 8C31017A-A0EF-4093-8B85-C692489D53AF.jpeg

Pit Crew



My girlfriend Nicole and I spent some time teaching her to drive my 2007 S2000. She was an absolute natural, but I'm glad it's insured with Hagerty in case she wasn't!! 😂

New Driver

My Dad is trying to teach me to drive his ‘82 GMC General. I can sort of drive his ‘79 Jeep, but I’m having a hard time with The General. If I let enough air out of the seat so that I can reach the clutch, then I can’t see over the steering wheel. 🙈🙈🙈923C54E8-919D-4173-94A6-01CDF6398D6F.jpeg


New Driver

Newly licensed driver, a niece, just learning on a 1953 M38-A1 Military Jeep, restored two years ago.IMG_1608.JPG

Pit Crew

So here you go. What an experience. Talk about a fun time. EMS-Shift Lesson.jpg

ES Shift Lesson.jpg

Peter D Sell
New Driver

The guide you provided was helpful, lot of the same details I used to teach my 17-year old when he was 15, wish I had that 49 years ago when I was thrown in a grain truck on the farm and told, "Learn to drive, I will be back in 2-hours!".


Two years ago, I taught my 15-year old how to drive his 1990 Ford Bronco 5-speed in a much friendlier manner. Yesterday, Friday, 16Jul21, my 17-year old son took the Hagerty (and Dad's} challenge to teach his 14-year old brother how to drive the same Bronco. Since the Bronco will be passed-down to him next year, it was great to see 'brotherly-love' for the old ways shared and a new journey started.



New Driver

Here's  a shot of me teaching my 2 granddaughters how to drive my 1940 Buick ! Ready To Cruise ! (b).jpeg I had already taught my grandson how to drive and he drove us to the cigar shop that day !

New Driver

Teaching Daughter $ speed shift pattern on the column. 1968 Saab 2 Stroke with Freewheel!!!Teaching Daughter $ speed shift pattern on the column. 1968 Saab 2 Stroke with Freewheel!!!20190205_151658.jpg

Teaching my daughter the shift pattern on a 4 speed on the column. 1968 Saab 96 2 Stroke. The Sabb is also equipped with a freewheel clutch....another complexity to master!!

Tom Shehan

New Driver


It’s gonna take a few more hours to get Travis double-clutching a Model A Ford … but his PaPa will put in the time!


Pit Crew

I took the youngest member (30) of our shooting team out. He never had the opportunity to learn how to drive a M/T. The SS is not the ideal teaching car, we got through starting out and moving and shifting. There will be more lessons. If he drives as well as he shoots, we'll be seeing him in NASCAR or Formula 1. Zack & Bob's Big Adventure...Zack 3 Pedals.jpg

New Driver


 Teaching my little sister how to drive in my modified NA Miata.  She got it going on the first try!  I think it helped her being that my clutch is  very light :).  

New Driver


New Driver

Teaching my daughter to drive George the bus! George the bus 

New Driver

Had the wife In my s2000 for over an hour. I don’t know  if I’ll get it back. 6 gears! 


New Driver


LESSON # 1  ........

New Driver


First time driving a manual transmission.  The car is obviously much older than the driver!  It was fun (most of the time)!!

New Driver

Learned to drive stick shift, got the t-shirt.Learned to drive stick shift, got the t-shirt.

New Driver

Driving the 1969 Corvette with Muncie 4 speed.Learning to drive the 1969 corvette with Munice 4 speedLearning to drive the 1969 corvette with Munice 4 speedLearning to drive the 1969 Corvette with Muncie 4 speedLearning to drive the 1969 Corvette with Muncie 4 speed

New Driver



New Driver

Taught my son how to drive the stick todayStickshift train2.jpgStickshift train1.jpg

New Driver

Taught my cute niece to drive a stick today in my RS4!


New Driver

I did my best with my son.  86 F150, 302 fuel injected, 4 speed 4x4.  Bad slave cylinder.  After an hour, he was able to get it around the block.  If I can teach him to drive that, he can drive anything!


New Driver



Here are some pictures of my wife learning to drive stick in the only manual car I have on the road at the moment.  It's a 1999 M3 with an LS1 swap.  May the torque be with you.  She is picking it up quickly, and will assuredly be deserving of the hat's slogan by the time they arrive!  Sure, it's for sale, everything is for sale.  They keep making cars all the time, and we want to try them all!  🙂

New Driver

Out at Fort Campbell teaching my neighbors younger brother to drive a 4spd with granny low in my 1986 Ford Bronco. 



Pit Crew


Learning to drive the Jeep!! 3 Pedals No Problem!! 

New Driver

No, I didn’t teach my son in this car; after lots of practice in other cars, he has graduated to drive my fun car for the first time today.


New Driver

My 15 1/2-year-old son with his first manual lesson - in a Hagerty-insured 1949 Studebaker 2R10. Helps that you can't stall it in first, with a 5.57 Timken rear end.



New Driver

What great timing and a great excuse to get some lessons in.  We just bought this extra '03 G35 coupe to be a future drift car.  Took it out to the track to watch the Club Loose event before we join in the future.  We had some extra time before people got there and a giant empty lot to practice.  My wife has never driven a manual transmission but she picked up on the basics pretty quick.  Hopefully, this will be a fun car for her to drive too soon enough.  Hope everyone else is learning safely out there!



New Driver


Just about to teach my gf how to drive a T-56. 

New Driver

Way to go HoltWay to go Holt


Pit Crew

Zack 3 Pedals.jpg

The SS is not the ideal car with which to learn how to drive a M/T, but my shooting buddy Zack did OK today with our first lesson. If he eventually drives as well as he shoots, look for him behind the wheel of a formula 1 car. LOL

New Driver

Teaching my favorite daughter how to drive a stick !!!FullSizeRender.jpg

New Driver

Yesterday a friend and his family were in town for a visit. It was the perfect opportunity to take his college age son out for his 1st lesson driving stick.  


We took out my ‘72 240Z and I had him watch what I did while I explained what the car was doing as I was shifting.   Once the car was warmed up we stopped at the local high school parking lot and he took control. 


He did great. After some gentle starts from a stop in 1st gear he graduated to giving it more gas and onto shifts into 2nd gear. 


We weren’t ready for the open road yet, but he is excited to keep learning and develop his skills. 


After his lesson we swapped seats and I took him on a cruise on some of my favorite roads along the Front Range of the Rockies.





Pit Crew

Finally got my wife to drive my '62 Corvette, 4-speed due to your Mission.  Thank you, Hagerty.