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We’re helping give away a classic Volvo and you could win! (i.e. submit your essays HERE to enter)

This beauty could be yours! (Hagerty Media)This beauty could be yours! (Hagerty Media)Have you read about our Volvo Giveaway yet?  Before you do anything else, read about it here! Okay, here are the rules:


  1. Write a 300-word post as a REPLY TO THIS THREAD.
    1. Create a Hagerty Community account here if needed. 
    2. Entries can be as short as you wish but must be no longer than 300 words. (Here’s a free word counter if needed.)
    3. Entries longer than 300 words will be disqualified.
  2. Tell us why do you want this car? Why do you need it? Be creative. 
  3. Please enter only once. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  4. Did we mention the 300-word limit already? 
  5. All the legal stuff is in the attached PDF, but here's the top level overview:
    1. Contest start: Wednesday, 6/1/22, 8:00 AM ET
    2. Contest end: Wednesday, 6/22/22, 8:00 PM ET
    3. Three semifinalists announced on this site, and their essays posted for reader perusal: 7/1/22
    4. Winner selected and contacted by email: 7/9/22
    5. Winner announced here and winning essay posted: 7/16/22
    6. Date by which winner must legally retrieve Volvo from Spokane or forfeit claim to car: 10/31/22

Feel free to voice your questions and concerns here too, I will work to address them all! Best of luck!

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New Driver

Why do I even bother...  I'm no writer, won't be able to wax nostalgic and charm the judges with sleek ikea centered jokes.  Well, my last name is swedish and my hagerty insured vehicle is a jeep cj-7 (which is just about as aerodynamic as the volvo).  It would be a fun story and a fun vehicle to wrench on with my son.  I've toyed with the idea of getting another jeep to rebuild and make it his first vehicle (he is 9), his mother simply won't have it as it wouldn't be safe enough.  But what were volvo's known for other than being shaped like a brick - safety!  How could he not be the envy of all high schoolers when he rolls up in this classic.  

New Driver

I've never owned an older vehicle, but I do wish I had a little project on which to work. This seems like a great opportunity. If I won this, I'd diagnose and fix the transmission issue. Get a new windshield and new tires. Then, I'd take one big road trip. Maybe call it a honeymoon trip for the car, and my soon-to-be wife and me. Well, maybe not her dream, but I bet it'd still be a lot of fun. After that, I'd like to find someone in need of a reliable ride and gift this beautiful box on once again. 

New Driver

  • Wow, what a great chance to own the car I’ve been wanting since the 80’s! I had my eye on one of these beauties back when, but my besties said the car was to old for me. I was in my 20’s and they persuaded me to get a sportier car, it I still drool when I see one in great shape. 
Intermediate Driver

Since I was young I liked cars.  I would grab every vehicle booklet whenever Dad went to a car dealership. I would go through them and choose every single option I wanted on that vehicle. Now I wonder why we were even at those dealerships because Dad ended up coming home with a well-used 1987 Nissan Stanza wagon!

 That Stanza taught six kids how to drive while earning the nickname” Spud”.  It was shaped kind of like a potato, was just as practical as the humble tuber, and was every bit as bland and uninspiring.  Spud had to be push started for two years until we replaced the starter, a repair experience which I still remember as both emotionally and physically scarring. 

My wife learned the same lessons by driving cars given to her for free.  What teenage girl doesn’t want to roll in Bonneville’s, LTDs, and Caprices with rust holes, bearings that catch fire, or engines that diesel so badly the car is still running in the morning?

We learned a lot from our cars, and not just how to push start, basic diagnosis and repair, or learning the limits of what a car can and cannot do.  So despite a horrible introduction to actually owning cars, my wife and I both still like cars.

My kids need to learn these lessons.  I need to teach my kids how to deal with disappointment but also how to make the best of it.  This Volvo could help teach them to inspire themselves and to appreciate that which is not glamorous or popular.  We would give this Volvo a good home and when it meets its end, it will have done so teaching and inspiring another generation to be capable, adaptable car enthusiasts.

Intermediate Driver

To this day, those slatted headrests still make me nauseous. Oh, carsickness, for sure, as my aunt would whip her new-to-her 240 just as hard as her previous CRX, with predictable results. Head tossing, neck snapping, pushing into the door cards type backroad antics that should have been reserved for that little single jingle Honda, now having found their way into her Volvo with a bit lost in translation. It wasn’t the same language, but certainly a dialect, a close relative in tongue. But no, those afternoons spent pressed against side glass on the very same roads I still drive today are not what elicit feelings of lunch meet pavement.

On a very nice late spring day, not too unlike what the east coast is experiencing now, as my aunt shuttled me to soccer practice and my cousin sat behind her in his booster seat, a crime most foul was committed. Between us sat a box of animal crackers, from which a single zebra was retrieved by my cousin, placed in his mouth for far too long, chewed slightly, and then furtively returned to the very same box from which I then, unfortunately, learned the true meaning of sloppy seconds. Upon realizing this grave error, the torrent of vomit was almost immediate.

Brakes screeched and I was ushered from the car post-haste, but it was too late. The vomit was forever caked in the carpet, and visions of the centercap Volvo logo, now eye level on my hands and knees, swam in my head. And now, those headrests bring back that chewed-up treasure trove of memories. Why do I want this Volvo? Simple. For redemption, to conquer a mistake long past, and to make some new, better Swedish memories.

New Driver

Ever since I could stack bricks I've had a fondness for the 240. Like many I have heard the rumors about the durability of 240's. Rumors that Ikea was going to melt old redblocks to make door knobs but couldn't make a flame hot enough, Dolph Lundgren lost to a 240 in a bar fight, been called safe more times than A-Rod or that Marduk throat screams cause black smoke to pour out the exhaust. The 240 is like a pet tortoise, you had no idea it was going to live this long. The 240 was born to watch the world and remind the new cars that the roads were worse back in it's day, and reminisce about the days of sealed beam headlights. The 240 is a car that makes you wonder why we need rearview cameras when windows used to be so large and head rests were just rubber bars so you could look through them. So what would I do with a machine that will likely outlive me no matter how much I work out? Well since it's current location is relatively close to Mt. Hood I guess take it on it's first of many ski trips. From there we would go on a hipster expedition for cassette tape gold and strong coffee. Once back home I will of course have to adjust my life around the 240, odometer achievement bumper stickers will be ordered, I'll rename my cat Sven and I'll bring meatballs to every potluck. When Vikings set off from Swedish shores they would have been happy to find a 240, not just because cars are superior to walking, but because it was made to be tough and explore.

New Driver

I needs this because I manically bought a $1000 shitbox at the beginning of the pandemic after a breakup, sold it 6 months later, and regretted it immediately. A rusty one owner SVT Focus with no AC. It was not a suitable replacement for a girlfriend, it was better. I flew one way to Minneapolis sight unseen in hopes that it wouldn’t break down on the way home. I drove alone through 8 states, thought about relationships, listened to music on headphones (the radio was also broken), ate junk food, stayed in a 3rd world hotel, and fell in love with the decision I made to do something rather stupid and unexplainable. I half learned to do break lines, learned that prefabbed lines don’t always fit, and ended up towing it to a mechanic. When I sold it, the buyer told me I was going to regret it. He was right. I need this in my life again.

I live in Washington DC. Parking is $275 a month. My low NC Miata lives a pampered life in my parent’s garage. This puppy, though, looks like it could survive on the streets. An old 240 sounds like a great companion when you’re forced to use the subway for commuting, but have a love for cars that borders on being on the spectrum, I actually am. A fully cross-country road trip from Washington State to Washington DC sounds like the best part, even with $5 gas prices. Do it for our first president!

 I promise I won’t sell this one. Tell you what, if there ever comes a time when the brick must go, I’ll drop onto some other poor young soul, for free. And I’ll be sure to tell you about my experiences. Unstable relationships are always the most fun anyways.

New Driver


New Driver

Hi! I'm digitaloski, a 23 year old California transplant that resides in Texas. Have had my fair share of euro shitboxes (Mini's, BMW's, & currently an Audi B7), but none as prestigious or reliable as a Volvo 240. One of my favorite past times is going through Facebook market place & sending Ed Bolian levels of disrespect hoping for a new adventure. However lately I have been looking for old Volvo's and Mercedes 300D's. Figured if I found something semi robust & comfortable that I would be able to make more intelligent poor decisions in regards to whatever car/cars I have at the moment. Also this would be a great opportunity to road trip from Spokane WA to dusty Riverside CA and visit some family. Both my girlfriend and I are from there and this seems like a great way to show her that these shitbox's aren't just a box on four wheels. They're almost in a way like rescues at the shelter. Quirky and fun, depending on the background sometimes problematic. However most times in my experience they're warm and sweet, they will take care of you as long as you take care of them.

New Driver

Why on earth do I want this car?

When one mills through their head in contemplation of cool cars it will be very few who pull any model of Volvo. Take the Brick styling, non turbo edition and everyone is out but me. I love the unusual, in part because I could never afford the traditional “cool stuff”. Thus, I developed my own scale of cool in built vs. bought. To take the unnoticed and ordinary and break the barriers of normal with one off creations that become cool head turners to everyone. It is working and creating out in the shop that keeps me happy and centered in life so I always tend to look at what can be vs. what it is. When I see a 1990 Volvo I see many possibilities from Custom to Sleeper. As the DL is not the wagon form but sedan, I am thinking more super cool Frankenstein inspired machinery. Wheelbase and track width look fairly close to some jeep and or Toyota truck values, so I am thinking wild 4x4 Volvo beast using a truck frame swap and repowered with an old junk yard LS package. Tires as small as 33 12.50 15 will look huge in conjunction with the Volvo proportions and the slab-sided brick styling will look manly and tough.

Why I want this car is simple, I know the potential it has hidden. Pick me and let’s see just how many smiles per mile we can get. A cruise through some of the Myrtle Beach car shows and the strip during bike week and I promise the Volvo will become famous. Famous cars will live forever just like the Mustang “Elenore”. Yes, I just placed this 1990 Volvo DL up with a movie queen Mustang. 😁

New Driver

I’ve always loved cars, but I didn’t get my first car till I was 18, because my parents couldn’t afford one. During high school my family had 1.5 functional cars, I say 1.5 because my dads car was an ‘05 monte carlo with 260k miles. My dad worked nights as a truck driver, so I’d drive my moms car to school, then later she’d swap out my dads car for hers on the way to work. My first car was a 2002 VW passat. Notoriously unreliable but it had a sunroof and a turbo so I was happy. It left me stranded countless times. I had it for a little over a year until the head gasket finally blew. At this point I was living in my first apartment, going to college part time and working part time. I was broke and desperately needed a car. I found a ‘93 Volvo 240 sedan  3.5 hours from where I lived, for $900. I got my parents to drive me, and I had to borrow $300 from my now fiancé. The throttle was sticking and the passenger side fender was completely rusted out but I was in love. My dad and I bungee corded the throttle, and I drove it straight home. I’ve had it for 4.5 years and it still runs but is plagued by rust and some serious fuel system issues. I think about that car every day, but I don’t have the time or money to fix it up. The 240 is one of my favorite cars of all time and I’d love to have a nice one, however they’re no longer affordable and extremely difficult to find. Also my current car is starting to crap out, so this would really be a dream come true.


New Driver

Everyone has their dreams. I also have a dream. I aim high to reach it. I know everyone wants to have a gorgeous car. I also want to have my dream car. I dream it almost everyday. I would dream to have my own car. I love this Volvo because it is so gorgeous because of its body. Because if I have this car, I want if have to ride the bus anymore. I would love to have this car. So, I can ride to work in it.My grandmother once said, “You can make all your dreams come true, as long as you set your heart to it.” Although I may not be able to afford a car today, there is still hope in making this dream become a reality.

I like that the car is able to fit four passengers that way it is not just me and someone else I could have two other people. I also like the fact that the car has a lot of features that make the car awesome.

I always dreamed to be behind the wheel of a true Volvo. I dreamed to be behind the leather wrapped steering wheel, feeling the rev of the engine as I apply pressure to the gas pedal. Seeing the aggressive stance of the hood before me; the short rear end behind me. I dreamed to have the excitement feel me as the smooth, yet taut, ride of the rear axle comes to life. I have always wanted to be able to drive around and rev up the motor as the loud exhaust rumbled behind me, and watch the people around me stare as if I was a Superstar. Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed about owning my very own Volvo like this.

New Driver

YES, Just what I need! Another old, probably not-totally-sorted old car! I believe it’s yours truly that should pilot this lovely storage shed of an automobile down the I-5 to my humble home in suburban Portland. I’ve done my best over the course of my automotive stewardship to not be pigeon-holed into any of the following categories: drifter hotboi, euro snob, f-body mullet man, Swedish hipster, Miata Autocross nerd etc. I try to keep my friends and family guessing as to what I’m going to arrive in. I’ve always had a strong admiration for the Volvo 240. Living in the PNW, they truly are part of the landscape. This would be the perfect undercover, park anywhere dingy for when I venture into the now rather unhinged town center of my home city. This silver bullet, being about as approachable as a Labrador puppy (as far as a retro driving experience goes) could also, possibly be the gateway drug to vintage motoring for the wife. As I write this I am selling my track car (and the truck to pull it) in favor of one, more sensible dad car. See, my wife and I had been trying at the kid thing for years. After 2 miscarriages and a failed round of IVF, we had essentially given up. We then decided I could pursue my dream of becoming a weekend racing driver. It was around the time I’d finished getting the roll cage welded into the Camaro that we found out she was pregnant. Yay! This old Swede would be such a welcome friend that could be enjoyed by the three of us on family outings, and hopefully give my daughter the same disease I have: the appreciation for characterful storied machinery, steering her away from the disposable appliance side of life.

New Driver

I'm just getting my driver's license this year and a car would mean so much help, and Volvos require low maintenance. This would mean so much help to my family and me so I wouldn't have to pay the crazy price for a car and the crazy car market. Thanks for the opportunity.

Intermediate Driver

Volvo, oh Volvo, why do I desire thee? Thy bold Swedish lines transport me, in my dreams, to the wilderness of Northern Viking forests. But there is more than mere fantasy driving my urge to own this classic nordic brick. There was this challenge, given to me by my wife: "You can buy a classic car, but only if it costs less than $500." Of course, such a Sisyphean task is nearly impossible to achieve, and thus, in her mind, the danger of my bringing home a stray puppy classic was nil... until now. But why the Volvo? Two memories: first, seeing the V-8 Volvo 240 of Paul Newman: how could any car have more panache, sporting Ford muscle, an actor with racing cred, and stolid European credentials? Second memory: my first visit to Eugene, Oregon in 1980, where every other vehicle literally was a Volvo 240, driven with the same air of moral superiority currently enjoyed by Prius. Other than Ken Kesey, the Volvo is the greatest hero, the biggest celebrity and the most enduring symbol of all that is good and strong in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, youngsters, in spite of fat, blue haired girls and twee, asexual men with tight jeans, there is still some rugged lumberjack soul hiding in Oregon. And that soul is branded "Volvo”, like the tattoos disfiguring the bosoms of every Eugene waitress and the various oddball vagrants wandering the post-apocalyptic landscape of this very strange land. So please, help me realize my dream, to re-live my childhood, to passionately hold in my hands a Swedish steel girl; to once again know what we've always known: namely, that Stockholm Syndrome, Britt Ekland and Volvo are the greatest products Sweden has ever made, or ever will make.  

Intermediate Driver

Please remove the last eleven words... didn't use a word counter!

Community Manager
Intermediate Driver

Thanks, Sajeev

Intermediate Driver

please remove the last sentence... sorry... went over the 300 word limit

New Driver

*plink. plink plink plplinkkk Ploosh! I look up just in time to keep the blind-ing date between my right eyeball and a drop of amber tinted water. (laser eagle vision activated. Boop.) Alas! I suppose t'will be expected that I remove "Master Hydro Annilator - Protector of Roof" from my resume. 1992 Winnebago that I call home, fear not! There's more black goo in the bucket and I will fill the leak and reclaim my title as Master!

"I'll help!", you instinctively say (you sweet prince you), revealing your position outside the window (sweet with a side of weirdo, I see!)

I invite you in from the rain and warm your bones with a Bubba keg of instant coffee and the last of my supply of 7-11 creamers. (Fellow poors, you know this was a sacrifice...they were vanilla caramel.)
"Sooo, what were ya doing at my window, hmmm?"

"I'm on a quest," you answer confidently.."and I believe I have found it."

"Found what?," I ask.

"The one."

"The one what?!"

"The true owner of the most coveted and beloved retro steel shark on wheels, the grand opus of gasoline machinery, ..the One!..the ONLY!!..."

*both in unison* "1990 240 Volvo Sedan!"

You jump back, startled. "How could you kno..."

"Anybody would have guessed the 240 DL from that description, Brostradamus." I respond.

"I saw your affinity for surrounding yourself with aging metal boxes and knew my quest was complete," you say..adding, "She's all yours."

"He," I laugh, "it's a he. I've thought of a suitable name for this mythical beast you've shoved at me."

"What is it?" you whisper..."what is His name?"

I sling open the motorhomes front/back/emergency exit door!.. I look to the sky!..the rain whips and the wind lashes!..I yell His name into the storm!, "Griffin!!"

Instantly the sky is clear. All is quiet

I smile, "Griff for short." *wink*

New Driver

This contest entered my consciousness at precisely the right moment as I am currently sat in a cafe in Stockholm in the very nation that brought Volvos to the world.


So why do I need this car? I return home from my year abroad July 2 with a degree and an empty wallet to my 1986 Trans Am which has never seemed to run right. A car which nearly stranded me my last night in California and which gets a whopping 7mpg averaging around 100 miles a tank. Did I mention that I still need to get it smogged? Simply put, I'm terribly broke...and will continue to be terribly broke as a result of poor financial automotive choices which persevere against any rational thought, at the scorn of my parents, friends, and most notably parking space sharing neighbors.


If by the luck of Odin I am deemed worthy of such a machine as the 1990 240 Volvo and bestowed ownership, what do I Intend to do with it? The answer is obvious... ̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶b̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶i̶l̶e̶r̶ drive. My original cross country tour, planned to begin early April of 2023, has been a focus of thought for many months. Most notably, what noble steed will accompany me North to Seattle, East to New York, South to Georgia, and lastly West to return home? Furthermore, which could I even afford? This contest would provide me an answer and a much more comfortable alternative to the Suzuki DR650 I am considering for my trip (a concept which stresses my father to high heavens).


So Hagerty, I kindly ask you consider me for the position of professional IKEA assembler/ Volvo driver and save my wallet, sponsor my adventure, and prevent my father from getting any more grey hairs on his head.

New Driver

The 240 is a legend, an icon, the brick of this century and the next. I have loved them, but more importantly my wife loves them. Even before we were married she would tell me she wanted one. There was someone that lived down her street that owned 2 of them and she wanted to go ask about them but never had the money. Here’s where this car would come in handily. I’ve dreamed of gifting her a car but that is not feasible with our budget. So this car would make the perfect gift for her. To thank her for putting up with my car shenanigans and get her a project she’s excited about. We now have a daughter and to have a family fixer upper would be awesome! I’m not sure what direction my wife would go with it but I’m thinking more off-road style with some rally lights and a skid plate. But who knows, she enjoys drifting so maybe a sliding brick! Either way, I would like to gift this to her. She’s slowly becoming a car enthusiast and this would make it even more so. So you could say this is a “need”. I knew she was a keeper when she said she liked the 240. Hopefully this gets me in the running for it! It would be going to a great home that would care for it and keep it going as it should. Long live the brick. - Sean

New Driver

A free car ? A free Volvo at that ? Let's face it, there are some cars that , even for free , are not worth putting gas in . So I'm driving down the highway about 15 years ago and I'm noticing this Volvo S80 beside me with a "for sale" sign in the window. A lovely older woman driving anyway , I call the #. It's a one owner with 60'000 . I bought for my wife ..well long story short, that began our love affair with Volvos . We couldn't afford new, so we have bought a few more Volvos over the years..and not because they wear out. We're addicts so to speak ..hoping to put my daughter's into a great old Volvo  classic someday soon !! 

Pit Crew


1) It exists.

2) I'll blog about it.

3) I have nothing better to do with my vacation time. 

New Driver

It would really nice with my 20 year, 25 year, 30 year, 40 year and 50 year Volvo Dealer Awards.  I forgot to keep a 240 when I sold the joint.  Also, it would keep a retiree busy renting this to the local film companies.  They pay $20 per day to rent them!  Big bucks!

Pit Crew

When we were young we had one of these, a 1970.  We had it for 10 years and it never broke, not even once.  Our daughters loved to ride in the back because it was so roomy.  Luckily we are short so the front seat was moved forward.  Because leaded gas was on its way out, we were afraid to keep it, and to my never ending horror we bought an Audi 5000.  One of the worst mistakes.  Audi 5000s were branded as unsafe because of a supposed sudden acceleration, which we never experienced.  It made the car unsaleable.  We kept it until it dies and we have only owned Volvos since.  We even went to Sweden to pick up our last two.  One of our daughters is a teacher and can barely afford a pot to pee in.  She always loved and admired out 1970 Volvo and it would make a fantastic present for her as her present car is nothing but a money trap.  Make a daughter happy!

New Driver

A Majestic Brick indeed

Grandpa’s blood line came from thy Swede

Yes, a fine venture this could be, for my two lads and me

Visions of prancing moose on the fender

Drives to Vasa lodge, Swedish pancakes, syrup bender

So many fond memories of these machines, turning radius only of dreams

Mother’s 240 may’ve saved our lives, a speeding Benz, collided hard, hit us in the side                                                                                                                                 

Brothers wagon hauled with room to spare, turbo wheels, faded beige, can’t compare

My 88 was a gem, sold too soon, to a friend

Red block, o’ so pretty

Boxy silhouette makes me giddy

Interior spacious, never crammed

Seats plush and comfy like söderhamn

Young’uns need to learn to wrench, yes, a swell project this may be

I’ll teach ‘em right

they’ll learn to drive

In a Majestic Brick indeed.

New Driver

The brick that smiles back, Volvo! My mother was rushed to the hospital while she was pregnant with my in one of these bad boys, well rushed isn't quite in the 240s vocabulary but you get the gist. And when it came time for me to start driving my mother procured a yet another Volvo 240 for me to drive in. I sold the car after 2 years of owning it to fix another mistake i had purchased, and as soon as the buyer drove away i was immediately filled with regret. I miss that silly Swedish brick every day and have not had the means to attain another yet. I have hopes of my kids learning to drive in their own 240s when that time comes.

New Driver

Alrighty first and foremost of why I need this 240 is to give it to my baby sister, Hailee. She's 21 and is stuck in a tiny town caught in the trap of FT hours and low pay. This car will not only give her the freedom to escape and find a better job to start her life, but it will also keep her wrapped in the safety of Swedish metal, which would give me a lot of peace of mind as her older brother.


This would also be the continuation of a legacy. Our grandfather was a Volvo mechanic in Jacksonville, FL for 40 years. He taught me quite a bit growing up. Years later, after I had moved to rural Kentucky and turned 20 he messaged me and asked if i wanted his 93' 240 that he himself had been working on for a few years. He told me its yours on 2 conditions, $500 for new tires and a battery and you come get it. I agreed, ecstatic, and sent him the money. Tragically, he passed away soon after, and for legal reasons the car sat for 2 years until i got a plane ticket, and drove it back to KY.


I still own that 240 and have rebuilt it from the ground up. It's given me 6 years of faithful service and is still going strong. I know the B230 like the back of my hand and can take care of any repairs for my sister for free so she can save her money and start her life. Plus she can carry on the 240 legacy just like her grandfather, father, and big brother before her.


Growing up we didn't have a lot, id be honored to give her this. This contest felt like a sign!

Intermediate Driver

Need her, perhaps not. Want her, most assured. When one was a geeky 17 year old whose first car was a 144 (the 240’s progenitor), the thoughts of reliving their youth is too appealing!  Too many ‘firsts in Swedish bricks (3x 144s, and my most missed 164). Back then they were $400 cars.  No one drove Swedish cars (well unless you were a geek I guess).  

They gave me freedom (like driving off the planet those first long trips), self confidence (nothing that car and my toolbox, couldn’t handle). First dates out in the brick.  Leaving NY for Texas, and back. 2 am fire calls with the volunteer fire company. 

Striking off to graduate school in my Swedish brick.  Coming home in her. 

First trip off to college.  First jobs. First flights (took those bricks to the airport where i learned to fly. )  


But then they got expensive. Expensive to buy, expensive to fix. So I left my first automotive loves for some cheaper Germans.  But always, wistfully remembered my bricks. 

Just a lot of firsts….   Soon retirement looms.  And what a better possible companion than another Swedish brick. Usually stupid reliable, more first road trips.  More first life milestones…. Just one more Swedish brick, like bookends between youth and getting older?  So yes maybe I do ‘need her’. But thinking of the adventures to come, and there comes the want. 

New Driver

My high school car was a 1973 144. Loved it.

New Driver

I’m not a car collector in the traditional sense but I do hang on to my vehicles – 2003 Ram, 2007 Jeep, and don’t easily part with them.  But my vehicles all work and I don’t need another one.  But my story doesn’t end here.   I do have a decent collection of automotive repair tools and the garage space to work on them.  So last year my wife and I started a little program where I would  fix up an older car and get it safely back on the road, but in the hands of someone in need; someone who just hasn’t caught a break in a long time.   In the winter of 2021 we found such a person but discovered that their existing vehicle was far too gone to be effectively repaired with my limited funds.   So we purchased a high-mileage vehicle and our whole family, including our grandchildren, performed the cleaning and repairs on the car.   Plugs, coil packs, wires, belts, and such cleared the engine check light.  Turning a few screws and fixing some wiring got the dashboard and necessities like windows and door locks working.  And a thorough inside and outside cleaning topped it off. 


With the prices of used cars these days I’ve given up on our ability to fund something that is even close to safe and reliable.  In all honesty I’d donate this car or sell it to fund a donor vehicle for someone in town.  I’d love to share the moment with Hagerty when I hand over the keys to the new owner.   They are so happy to receive what most of us would consider an old good-for-nothing beater of a car.   It changes their life.  

New Driver

This 240 slots in between the '67 144S my Dad had and the used 740 I had with my wife to cart around 2 of our 4 kids in the mid '90's (I also leased a 2000 S80).  The '67 was an absolute Swedish tank, with rubber floors (no carpet), 4 speed, heater, manual choke, crank windows and no radio.  He drove it to over 200K without a hitch until a 1/2 ton pick up whacked the rear quarter.  He drove away from that and the rear door opened and closed like nothing happened, but it elongated the shock mounting holes and wasn't worth fixing (at the time!).  The car kind of bounced and clunked too much to keep driving it.  I remember helping him do the brakes on it and could not keep them from squealing like a stuck pig no matter how much of that blue anti-squeal crap we sprayed on the back.  I learned to drive a stick on that car.  I was just about 11 years old in the passenger seat and shifted with my left hand when my Dad hit the clutch.  When I got my own first cars I already had the timing down to drive a stick with no problem.  Great memories and certainly helped me to drive a stick in the UK (driving on the WRONG side)!  Could never find that stripped down 144S again, so would love to have this to putt around with!

Intermediate Driver

If I won that 240 I’d know exactly what I’d do with it.  I’d fulfill a dream I had long ago of stuffing a good old American V8 into it while keeping it completely stock looking. Growing up I wanted a Fox body GT.  Once I was an adult I got that Fox body but it had the 2.3 being all I could afford.  Then I got married and had kids.  Back then well used Volvo’s were the perfect vehicle for young broke families.  Then I met a guy at Volvo meet with a Ford 5.0 in his 240.  I had a new goal, I could be the family man and have that glorious 5.0.  I even had a 740 wagon with a bad engine ready for the swap but life got in the way as it tends to do.  I now have the skills (maybe?), the tools (if not, I’ll get them!), and most importantly a big garage to finally do this.


If the world needs anything now days, it’s a Volvo 240, the quintessential sleeper, with a supercharged V8.  Let me give the world what it needs!

Pit Crew

My daughter was born right about the same time this car was built. According to her when she was young , the correct name was Vovo. The "L" was silent. If I win the car, I will give it to my mother as a backup to her 25 year old minivan. She's 92 but drives all the time. She can then will it to my daughter so it can be a family Vovo forever.


New Driver

On my 24th birthday, a surprise snowstorm kicked up while driving my 1983 Volvo 242. As I changed lanes to finish passing two trucks, the Volvo fishtailed ever so slightly in the slush. I tried to correct it, but only made things worse. Then worse. And worse still.

Next thing I knew, the lead truck slammed into my bumper. He jackknifed, as did his partner, and both trucks crushed my Volvo against the freeway guardrail. One ended up in my trunk, and the other in my passenger seat. Every pane of glass shattered.

I walked away with nothing but a few shards of that glass in my scalp.


On the way to the hospital to get checked out, the paramedics couldn’t stop talking about the wreck and my condition. They’d never seen anything like it. “I was positive we’d be pulling bodies from that car,” one said, to the agreement of all.

Crashed Volvo.jpg

Growing up in Seattle, I’d been surrounded by Volvos and always loved them --- but now I was a true believer. I owned several more 240s, all of them lovably scruffy and rough around the edges, and drove them literally all over the country, until the last was sadly unrepairable. Circumstances pushed our family into a minivan, and for 15 years now Volvos have been only a fond memory.


The day I drove home in my very first Volvo, the 1983 242 which would save my life, my Dad commented that he’d never seen such a big smile. I’ll have that smile again when I pull onto I-90 in Spokane and point my new scruffy Volvo toward home.

New Driver

I owned a 1992 240 for a number of years. Bought it with 80K on it and ran it for a couple years. Then my daughter drove it until it had 198K on it. My daughter then sold it to her aunt, my sister in law. She drove it on the dirt roads of Vermont until she ended up smashing it up. I wish my daughter never sold it. My wife remarked that if we had bought it new in 1992, we would not have had to buy another car for 25 years. I think she is right. They call them bricks, but tanks is more appropriate.  Although the RWD is not the best in snow of Vermont/ New Hampshire, this is the perfect 2nd car. I would love to have one again.


I've always wanted a Volvo.  Well, actually, I have never wanted a Volvo, but after seeing one here for free it occurs to me that I could use this as the source of endless mirth in the Walmart parking lot.  My jokes would probably amuse no one but me, but no matter.  I would have great fun every time someone came up to admire the old car.   


They'd say something like "Wow, that's a nice old car!" and I would respond:


"This old vulva?  It's old and pretty worn out but I still like getting inside of it every chance I get.  It's huge inside.  I could get six full size men in this vulva at the same time.  I like that it's in-your-face.  Right out there for everyone to see.  Some people may not be able to put their finger on it, but I can slide right in the vulva, hit the right buttons and heat it right right up.  I ride it hard 'til it is all out of juice and, if I feel like it, just keep thrusting ahead and burning rubber.  Yeah man, old vulvas are great rides!"


I could use this sort of thing in my life.  See you in Spokane.

New Driver

I'm going to be honest here, the Volvo is not what I find most thrilling about this. Because honestly, I've never pictured myself in a Volvo. But what this Volvo stands for is why I'm here. Have you ever seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off? This car takes me right back to that movie, which also happens to be my favorite movie OF. ALL. TIME. In the words of Mr Bueller, Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Now ever since I was 14, it has been a dream of mine to drive from Cincinnati to California and see everything I've ever read about (I've never been further west than Chicago) in books and on the internet. So if I win this opportunity, I will be driving this sucker across the country on the most fantastic "day" off EVER and putting the absolute max amount of miles on it to live out this weird childhood dream I have. Now that I've submitted my plea - Does anyone have a good work excuse?

New Driver

This sounds like a car I would love. My first was a Gold 2003 Volvo S60 base model. it may have handled like a boat, and 0-60 was 3 Business days, but it was safe and did have a handbrake to goof off with. I named it Bunk, because when it first broke down (and had a small smoke show) a week after purchase, a close friend said to me ‘that’s one bunk ass car man’ and it stuck. I have so many memories of the fun I used to have in that, from the aforementioned handbrake being used for sliding the rear end around corners (once across TWO lanes of a 4 lane road, which I’m still proud of) to doing one wheel peels down the road- because I was (and still am) a child at heart. That car even helped me get  my current girlfriend, believe it or not, when trying to show off for a group of friends who in all their wisdom when a cop came to ask about the noise of screeching tires said ‘it was a Porsche that just left’…. From a parking lot with one entrance. I loved the headlight wipers too, they always made everyone smile. There’s dozens of stories I remember, I loved bunk.


You may be curious what happened to bunk the Gold Volvo, it’s time was cut short in this world via its transmission deciding that it no longer has gears, and two main electrical modules dying all at once leaving me heartbroken and Volvo-less, and this contest is a chance at another that’s quite similar to it in terms of possible fun in the future, plus a local scrapyard has not one but two that I can get cheap parts off of to repair this one.

New Driver

Always a european car guy, back in my country, Colombia, a VW Beetle 1966. It carried all my family, wife,three children, mom in law, pet dog on a monthly basis to neighboring city Cartagena. Came to USA in 1987 and here, another VW, a SuperBeetle year 73. Then on 1992 I got my Volvo 240 GL year 89. The car on which my three children learned to drive, I was commuting to work in it for 12 years, 102 dayly miles in Miami-Dade County. Lost my precious brickbox to a sloppy mechanic who wrongly installed a timing belt. At the time, not enough money to fix it, I donated it to the local Veterans Association. My love for european cars reached its climax driving this mechanic marvel, my Swedish dame, my Lorelei.

Pit Crew

Back in 1968 I rolled a 1966 122s ( approx speed 60mph ) and walked away. At that time and still to date we have been a Volvo family. Years ago Dad ran into a stopped car at about 40 mph, he and Mom only had bruises from the seat belts. My oldest son needed a ride at age 16 so I bought my sisters 240 wagon. Turns out he loved it, I liked it also.

At age 72 I am still turning wrenches and still love Volvos. I know they are safe and reliable. 

One of my grand daughters, who likes classic cars, will be driving soon would go bananas over such a prize. The up side for me, I would get to help her get it ready and I know she will be in a safe ride.

Pit Crew

I forgot to mention the PB444 that I drove in high school and the numerous 544's and 122's I have had. Let's not forget the better than new 66-122s sitting in my garage. 



New Driver

I wasn't the cool kid in college, because I drove a Triumph GT6 instead of a Volvo like this. Matter of fact, I was the black sheep of the family, as my older sisters husband drove a PV444. Please help me redeem myself. It's never too late!

New Driver

My first Volvo had those wheels. They were original. 1994 940 Turbo wagon. Those are 940 wheels. Do they have to go on a turbo? Do they have to go on a wagon? I don’t know and I don’t care, but they were factory on that old 945 Turbo. And they were hot. I need your Volvo. I hate wheel swaps. I love those wheels. I love that car with those wheels. Since I sold that teal 945 Turbo (not having any idea how stupid it was to sell a teal 945 Turbo), I have had a 1998 Volvo V90 with boringass wheels, a 2005 Volvo V50 T5AWD6MT with boringass wheels, a 2007 Saab 9-3 SportCombi Aero6MT with boringass wheels, another 1994 Volvo 945 (no turbo no turbowheels), and another 1998 Volvo V90 with boringass wheels. I still have the 945 and V90 with boringass wheels and I love them. But they do not have turbowheels. I need your Volvo. I will not convert it to a turbo, or a wagon. I will not add gauges and spoilers and I will not take the wheels off to put them onto my 940 wagon because my 940 wagon has the original boringass factory wheels and I love and appreciate that it has its original wheels. I will scorn the fact that the wheels on my hard-earned 240 contest car were swapped from a (probably) turbo 9-series (940 or 945) car, and I will scorn it so happily, on that gorgeous car with those gorgeous wheels, until about $11,125 dollars worth of ill-advised maintenance and repairs, then I will scorn the advice to give up on putting money into the car and keep putting money into the car until the turbowheels fall off. Thank you for your consideration.

New Driver

I am a huge VOVO lover!!!!! I love and respect the amazing history Volvo is made from. Even though I am a GM man through and through. Still have a huge love for volvos. I own a 93 turbo brick and a 02 v70 wagon. I have always wanted a 240 and would take very good care if I was to win 😂. Everybody is talking about 2j swaps and all that. Don't get me wrong those are great ideas. But the B230 red block is a tank of a motor and never die. But you can make a very good power number just from a little boost. VOVOs are fun and I would love if you would bring me my brick back you have all your pictures of it Hagerty so bring me my BRICK BACK!!!!! 🤣 Just kidding but I would really like the 240. 




Just tell me and I'll send my address and you can just leave her (keys and title) right besides my 940 and we will be even. 


It's not the coveted '86 with the DeLorean motor, but something about flying out to Washington and winging it back to the east coast in a 200K mile **bleep** really would like this car

New Driver

A Volvo 240 Story?

I've never had one.
I don't think I've ever ridden in one.

But I always admired the honesty of the old Volvos..
They were not flashy, just competent haulers of people and goods and they looked the part.
Unlike most of their contemporaries which tended to LOOK flashy and or fast and just about never were as good as they looked at first glance.

The vehicles I have owned is not a short list and throughout the only thing they all had in common was this: they had character.
Many of them were crap when new and by the time I owned them they were on their last legs but - Character.

Why do I want this one?
1) Never had a Volvo
2) I live in Connecticut

A one way ticket would mean I have to do a serious cross country road trip to bring it home.

I can't think of a better reason to toss my hat in the ring.

New Driver

Kismet! Been Dreaming of the Return of one of most Iconic Cars "ever" built. Nothing More to Say than Volvo4Life! It's brother later produced was the 1st Production Turbo by any manufacturer! 240 DL Intercooled Turbo. 1st Euro Sleeper! Just bought my 2nd V & will never Go Back. My XC70 Saved My Life