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New Driver

Virtual Car Show

Hi my name is MaryAnn, and I own a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 convertible named BIGDADDY, and a 79 Trans AM named BURT. I recently entered them in an online virtual car show, and thought maybe Hagerty should have one. The one I entered had categories, such as Best of show, most fun car or truck, best foreign car, things like that. There were 3 place trophies for each category, you would post your vehicle in a chosen category. Each day others plus yourself could vote for one car in each category. Only one vote!! These votes were not visible to anyone except the group having the show. The show could last 7 to 10 days. At the end of the show, the winners will be notified by e mail, and arrangements made in regards to whatever award the winners won. Friends, family, and Hagerty community members are encouraged to participate. 


As you you all know our car shows, cruises, races are pretty much cancelled for the year. Why not have a virtual show and keep our rides rolling virtually. 


This is may also encourage car enthusiasts to hop on board the Hagerty collector car Insurance train, and get your rides covered by a great Co.


thoughts? Ideas? Anyone


Here are my Boys, BIGDADDY and BURTBF50B5C6-1989-4802-B6F0-48EB0B1E7E30.jpeg

Community Manager

Hello @MaryAnn6979, thank you for sharing your Firebirds with us and for your feedback!  We actually have two areas for Virtual Car Shows: our Share your Car Story and our Digital Driveway


Please check those out, especially the Digital Driveway since we do run promotions like you are suggesting.  (We are not running one there right now, because we are doing Concours d'Lemons for another week.) But keep an eye out on the Digital Driveway, we will run another promotion that would be perfect for you and your Pontiacs!