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Hagerty Employee

Vintage Engine Analyzer

So, not exactly a barn find, but kind of qualifies-

I recently went hunting, and found, a vintage engine analyzer, which I bought with some skepticism, but for the price I took a gamble.  Turns out it seems to be functional, displays light up, control panel and switches are lighting up and changing input parameters, even the oscilloscope seems to be producing the desired green trace.

My hopes are higher now, as I have several input cables and apparatus, so I'll continue to clean and figure out what plugs in where.

It would be great if someone out there in the community might have a lead on finding an instruction manual and/or calibration manual (fingers crossed, toes crossed).  I've tried Google but I'm curious if there's a specialist for this type of equipment or even someone with the same unit...?


I'm unsure of the year, but it's an Atlas ama-12 solid state machine.

Model:  40-744

Serial#: 327482 6P


Built by Atlas Supply Company, Springfield, NJ.


Any help would be welcome, I'm looking forward to actually using a bit here in the shop!


Anyone else have something similar, or find these an interesting collectible bit of automobilia?

Community Manager

Very cool acquistion!  I would recommend making "atlas ama-12 owners manual" into a saved search on eBay.  One day you will get a hit, I mean they do have this right now:



Shot in the dark here... but Mike Wolfe of American pickers fame has fan-boyed out about similar machines on the show. Not saying he knows how to use your machine, but wouldn't be surprised if he knows a person that might. Even the audience of the show may be a good resource.


So maybe there is a facebook/instagram way to get this question to the fans of the show at least?

Hagerty Employee

Thanks guys-

I had the ebay route going already, you're right, there are similar ones posted, and I think I missed on one that came up a few months ago, so at least I know they exist.

I like the idea of reaching out to some folks like Mike- you never know if you're going to be able to get that home run unless you take a swing..!



New Driver

I have a similar situation, except I need the "Coil Lead" cable, Model AMA-9. It's been completely cleaned inside and out, all new cable sockets and ready to go, except. Anyone have a lead on any parts or other units that have parts available?

I see your post is a year old, but figured I take a try.

Much Thanks


Intermediate Driver

At the museum where I volunteer (California Automobile Museum) we have one as well as several others of various manufactures. I'm try to find something to do with them instead of just scrapping them. I don't think it will be worth the cost of shipping them to anyone.