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Ultimate car hauler.

Hello Tribe


Several years ago, I decided I wanted a toy hauler that could haul the Jeep, or motor cycles and also be my hotel room on wheels.

After much searching it became evident toy haulers didn't have the capacity to haul a 4500lb jeep.

I then set on the path of looking at car haulers with living quarters. 

Enter Cargomate in Elkhart IN.

I special ordered a 38ft fithwheel trailer with living quarters. 

It took 10 months to build and grew to 46ft to make space for the onboard 7000 watt generator. 

We have now used it several times and it is a handy piece of kit.

But not for the feint of heart, at 63 feet going down the road and 21,000 lbs of trailer you need to be committed. 

Great fun, anyone else living the dream.






Community Manager

Holy moly that is AWESOME!  I am so jealous right now, but I don't think my Ranger can tow that. 😉 



Now you see why my parts hauler is a little over spec for the odd box of cookies.


Community Manager

Oh yes, and I am very very impressed/jealous 

New Driver

That's a huge commitment. I went the other way with a smaller trailer for my requirements. Now that I'm retired and want my creature comforts, I'll be trailering either of my two original Minis to events. 


I'm in Ontario Canada and we have strict laws about trailer weight, trucks and yearly inspections. These are for commercial applications but many pleasure car haulers fall under these rules too. In order to get an enclosed trailer that's inconspicuous and secure, I went for a 16' x 7' United Trailers XLMTG motorcycle trailer. The trailer was ordered with D-rings in the four corners and with car weighing less than 1300 lbs (less than two motorbikes) it easily fits into the trailer. 


Towing is a breeze with the Dodge 1500 and the trailer sit's in the wind-shadow of the truck so mileage is around 15 mpg, keeping up with traffic. Great way to get to events and stay in a hotel instead. BTW, both cars and the trailer are insured with Hagerty.






With the 5.9 Cummins and 6 speed manual box, I get 20 mpg in the truck,  with just camper I get 15 mpg and with car in camper I get 13 mpg. That is doing 70mph on highway. 

That Cummins was made to tow.

In US your license is good for 26,000 lbs as long as you don't have air brakes, then you need a CDL.

I am probably at the 26K.

The trailer is 14,621 dry.

Truck is probably 7K.


But I digress. You are correct it is a commitment. 



New Driver


Our basic certification starts at 9920 pounds. Fortunately the loaded trailer/car/pickup combo comes in about 400 pounds under that and I carry a weigh slip in the truck. The trailer is 7000 GVW if loaded but my goal is to stay under that. 


Yes, a diesel would be much more efficient but I'd want a vintage closer to my own - without all the modern inconveniences! I like to be able to back up with the door open. 

Advanced Driver

I’m with @bhart , that’s really nice and it makes the jealousy meter move. But rationally that’s way more than I’d ever need...even with my larger car.  
I do want something that will house both the car and I in order to search out all those beautiful picturesque two lane roads I see in car commercials. But my wife’s not a camper and my needs are modest. I also couldn’t store that at my house so it would have to stay at my commercial property. 


Wicked setup Nitro and why not that plan is great for all involved i absolutely luv that setup,we have a multi use F 350 that spends its time haulin horses my wifes passion so not that often does the Old Man see that unit for towing so enter a motorhome and a bumper pull enclosed 16 ft high ceiling fits the Vette well I would have liked a setup similar to yours but would have to steal the wifes ride and take the cap off.LOL Kudos on a great package.R


Most excellent, NITRO. 👍