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Two Lane Blacktop

So about twenty years ago, Mopar Muscle retraced the shooting locations of Vanishing Point and had a great write up along with pictures, locations, the whole nine yards. 


I am thinking if things settle down, that I might retrace some of the filming locations for Two Lane Blacktop as I know the strip in Tennessee is still standing, albeit many years closed. I will also take some shots of the locations in Jonesboro, GA where they filmed Smokey and The Bandit as the old flint river bridge where they jumped the T/A is only twenty yards to the side of the newer Flint River Rd (although I would only try that one in the day well armed as that area has went WAY downhill since 

"Smokey" was filmed.

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That would be awesome.  Take lotsa photos!  Maybe we can partner up and make an article for Hagerty Media together...something like that will be interesting to a LOT of folks. 


I will keep you posted as I am a BIG fan of car movies. Jonesboro is approximately 20 min. away. The Sack O' Suds from My Cousin Vinnie is approx. 20 minutes in the opposite direction as is the courthouse, Mitchell's Dept. Store (the store that was closed due to the Flu). The Boar's Nest from the first season of the Dukes of Hazzard is right outside Covington and is now a church. The house that Catherine Bach stayed at (was a rather expansive estate that is now a sales bank lot for Freightliner) is right up the road which brings up another unrelated location-The Yellow River Dragstrip. It was the strip where the kid got sucked into Hubert Platt's chute. It is now a trailer court, but the strip and return lanes are still there and are actually streets. The timing shack still stands, as do the pit areas. It is on the same road as the house.


Anyhow, it will take a little time, but I think it would make a terrific photo journal. Even though it isn't car movie related, Juliette Ga is a place we try and get to a couple of times a year. Juliette is the film location for Fried Green Tomatoes and was pretty much a ghost town until it was used for a location. It is now a tourist trap but is VERY scenic and is a TERRIFIC drive on nice paved country roads. I will get it together piece by piece.


I would really like some input on the places that the people on this forum find most interesting.


And yes, I think it would be a great collaboration on an article so I will keep you in the loop. 


Also, the Two Lane Blacktop strip would be a nice addition to a "lost dragstrips of the southeast" thing as there are quite a few that have been abandoned due to suburban sprawl that are within easy driving distance.


It would give Debbie and I a nice excuse to get in the Cougar, drive it, and find some interesting locations along the way.

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I think you guys have the seeds for a great documentary SERIES; hey, if 'Little' Dale can do it...


I can scout NorCal, and retrace the 'Dirty Harry' series (Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, etc), though not 'Car' movies, certainly had their fair share of Car Scenes. How about 'Bullitt' in SF, Daly City, and the Choreography rehearsed in Cotati?  'Gone in 60 Seconds (both)', 'The Gumball Rally', 'Repo Man', 'The California Kid'...


California and Car Movies?

The List is Endless!


Sounds like an East/West 'Thing'...




Jonesboro is an interesting place. 

The building the Bandit and Snowman pick up the beer in that is supposed to Texas is Jonesboro. 

And if you look at the cover of the Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd the cover photo was done only a few doors up the street. 

The Bandit and Skynyrd in one block is like southern holy ground. 

You can also go to McDonough Ga as that was the site of many other Bandit scenes. The town square where he parked behind the building as broke the 4th wall is there. The building is gone but the square is still there. It was in a commercial not long ago. 

GA is the hot spot for film today. Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Cobra Kai and others are filmed there. 

A former coworkers daughter was discovered there and is now in Hollywood doing a number of films. He left his job to let her chase her opportunity. 

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I can't wait to see and hear what yall come up with. I'd like to see some pics or info on the Thunder Road movie. Shine runners in the Carolinas? Don't know much on the history but I do remember the 50 ford custom and the 57 Fairlane. I think the 50 had three duces but I can't remember. The 57 upside down in the transformer sub-station was a heart breaker. Hey, who knows, the current state of affairs in this USA might lead to more shine runnin just to make a livin. Guitar74 mentioned "My cousin Vinny". Cool movie. Hemmings Motor News just published a story featuring Ralph Macchio and a 64 Buick Skylark convertible. Cool car and movie. Hang in there and keep the shiny side up.

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Near the end of "Deliverance" was a scene with a bunch of junk cars deposited in the river. I sorta enjoyed the movie but was taken aback to see all those classics half drowned in the river. I wonder if it was staged or were the cars actually there before filming. Also the International Scout Reynolds drove in the opening brought back memories. I had one and let it go for a song. 

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@ACE_Sonoma I think you are right. We shall see what we can make together! 


Nobody will ever know as the town really DID get flooded to make Lake Chatuge. I guess if one were willing to go scuba diving. But I would be willing to guess that those classics were there before hand. I can drive all over rural Newton County in Georgia and find similar looking places.