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Toys For Tots and the Goodyear Blimp in Ohio and Florida

If you want to help kids out for Christmas and drive through a Goodyear Blimp Hanger with the Blimp in house here is your chance.


We have been to this every year since started this at the historic Wingfoot lake hanger near Akron Ohio. 

They also have a date up at the Blimp base in Florida. 

The drive you out and around the tarmac for the blimp and then in the main hanger doors of the 103 year old hanger. 

Inside they decorate the rigs for the blimp and the hanger. The Marines in full dress collect the toys with the airship crews. 

The old man himself Santa is usually at the controls of the blimp waving as you dive by. You will pass right next to the blimp and under the tail. 

Also on display is one of the old blimp gondolas and the 1917 Packard Wingfoot Express truck that was built to replicate those Goodyear used to show how pneumatic tires could stand the cross country trip on the Lincoln Highway. 

The Packard is special to me as I have a family connection. My Great Uncle worked on the tandem axle Wingfoot express trucks that came a couple years later. They were the first tandem axle trucks developed. He was an engineer and worked for the msn who designed them. 

Note the hanger is over 100 years old but it is in like new condition. It is like a clean room inside. It was a Naval base when the Navy assed airships in 1917. Barrage balloons for WW1 also were built here. Note the photo in the link only shows half of the hanger. 

This is not the Goodyear Zeppelin hanger at the Akron Airport. Lockheed now owns this site and still uses it for lighter than aircraft. It is rare to get in that one due to the classified work. That one is several times larger than the Wingfoot lake hanger

So if you are near either base please come out and drop off a gift. This year has been tough on charities and they can use the help. 


Community Manager

Thank you for sharing this, best of luck with the Toy Drive!