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Tom Cotter wants to see your barn finds!



Calling all car hunters – production is underway for the next season of Barn Find Hunter and we need your help. Share videos or photos of your barn finds here, Tom will review your submissions and you could be featured in one of our episodes.


What is a barn find? To us, a barn find is a long-forgotten car(s) stashed away, waiting to be revived soon. The more dust, the better.


What to do next:

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  • Reply to this post with either a link or file attachment of your video and a written description
  • Don’t break the law, your videos should be your own and cannot feature any illegal activity including trespassing, property damage, or theft.
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New Driver

Hi Tom/Julie ! Long-time viewer here, I am actually the owner of the silver 1989 Range Rover classic seen in your first video.

I constantly find myself stumbling into interesting finds but this one tops the bunch. In the first video, we uncover a neglected 1972 Porsche 911T that was, unfortunately, sitting under a tarp for a number of years (video below).



At the same location, the owner also showed us this Ferrari 330 GTC 2+2 was purchased by the late owner from a collector in Charlottesville VA in 1991 for $26,000. It has remained in storage outside of Richmond VA for the last 30 years and is believed to be in unmolested original condition! She thought it was a 250 GTO, wild...



Last but not least I also stumbled upon a hoard of old Range Rovers and series trucks out in central VA.



New Driver


 Hello Tom,

This is my free Benzie. I found it in my neighborhood for 1500. It hadn't been drive much since 2015. So after going thru all the systems of the car I replaced a fuel line and filters, plugs nothing really. I started driving it to work. So my coworker hits the very corner doesn't damage the original blue black pearl paint... Just damages a few lenses and trim.... So I get ahold of the insurance adjuster he comes out and after he looks at my car and swap many car stories he cuts a check for 1700. The car is a 1988 560SL blue/black pearl, palomino interior, blacktop. The car is 100% original with less than 90,000 on it it has all the assembly paint marks all over it. It has the original exhaust and it has the original fan belts even. It's got the original tool set in the trunk and a stack of all the original documentation. Now that I've gone through it and been driving it for a while the car runs amazing I just took a trip from Minneapolis to cuyuna State Park last Sunday I've had it on the North shore I've had it up to Grand forks North Dakota the car is definitely a high-speed dream car. And that is one of my car stories titled my free Mercedes I thought about naming it Janice my wife hated it so it's called the Benzie. Thank you so much for all your great documentation on all these neat cars tucked away in the United States and abroad. Thanks Tom!

New Driver

Ps. That is my 1975 Winnebago brave with a 440 big block when I got it it had 39,000 actual. I got it in Oslo Minnesota north of East Grand forks Minnesota. The thing is so original and such great shape many people have called it a unicorn. My wife and I use it and drive it all over the place now it's got a little over 50,000 it's like driving a big block cuda I love the damn thing.

New Driver



in a small town in Benulx countries there was a garage bigger then usual. In it my friend found a 1969 Imperial LeBaron 4dr HT that was last on the road in the 80'ties. It would be an interesting find just with this info. Car is big by european standards. It is the first year of fuselage era with 440& holley 4 barrel, budd disc brakes and something what looks like km/h speedo. 

The most interesting part is on the fender - it is a flag pole. What turned out this was a Zaire/Congo embassy car used in Brussels. It was bought together with other Imperials and Cadillacs by Mobutu Sese Seko during his rule. Inside we have found an invite to a party in German embassy in sixties with the name of the person that is still with us and confirmed this car was used. 


FlagFlagBuild SheetBuild Sheet440440tabliczka opcji.jpgtabliczka made in.jpgBudd brakesBudd brakesin km/h?in km/h?stickerstickerinteriorinteriorIMG_4378.jpgIMG_4377.jpgIMG_4375.jpgIMG_4374.jpgIMG_4373.jpg

Pit Crew

Hey Tom/Julie,  

Rare 1957 and 60's Nissans and Datsuns.. 

Here's the stuff currently in my barn in central British Columbia.. some stuff I know Tom has never seen before.

 My 1957 Nissan Patrol, my 2 unrestored 1964 Nissan Cedric Sedans, my restored 1964, Cedric, my restored 1964 Datsun Pick up, and my 1969 Datsun 510, which is currently being built with an electric drivetrain.  the Blue car came out a barn in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, the red and silver car came out of a field in North Battleford Sask, my green cedric came out of a mink barn in Surrey BC... the restored blue truck came out of 3 junkyards.


Merlin in BC

My yard find 1957 Nissan Patrol.  This is one of 2 known survivors of the 4w61 Patrol with body, and one of 5 known of engine and frame. The engine is an inline 6 licensed copy of a prewar 1930's Graham Paige Crusader engine.  Nissan bought the entire GP assembly line and dies in the mid 30's, ahd it shipped to Japan, and build GP crusaders as Nissan Model 70 sedans, as well as trucks and buses on the same frameMy yard find 1957 Nissan Patrol. This is one of 2 known survivors of the 4w61 Patrol with body, and one of 5 known of engine and frame. The engine is an inline 6 licensed copy of a prewar 1930's Graham Paige Crusader engine. Nissan bought the entire GP assembly line and dies in the mid 30's, ahd it shipped to Japan, and build GP crusaders as Nissan Model 70 sedans, as well as trucks and buses on the same framerear view of my 64 Cedricrear view of my 64 CedricMy 3rd 64 Nissan Cedric.. sold in Canada and the Eastern USA from 1963-65 in very small numbersMy 3rd 64 Nissan Cedric.. sold in Canada and the Eastern USA from 1963-65 in very small numbersMy 64 Nissan Cedric and my 64 Datsun truckMy 64 Nissan Cedric and my 64 Datsun truckMy 1964 restored Nissan Cedric, at work on the set of "man in the High Castle" season 2My 1964 restored Nissan Cedric, at work on the set of "man in the High Castle" season 2my second 1964 Nissan Cedric- it is for sale- have some better partsmy second 1964 Nissan Cedric- it is for sale- have some better partsinside of my 1957 Nissan patrol.. apparenty this was owned by an American, who lost it for busfare in Quesnel (K When ell) BC in the late 1970's... have not idea how it made it here or to the states.inside of my 1957 Nissan patrol.. apparenty this was owned by an American, who lost it for busfare in Quesnel (K When ell) BC in the late 1970's... have not idea how it made it here or to the almost restored 1964 Datsun 320 truckmy almost restored 1964 Datsun 320 truckmore 1964 320... built this out of 3 separate trucksmore 1964 320... built this out of 3 separate trucksMy 1969 510 that I'm building with an electric drivetrain.  found it in a gravel pit, had a tab of acid that said "bite me" under the carpetMy 1969 510 that I'm building with an electric drivetrain. found it in a gravel pit, had a tab of acid that said "bite me" under the carpetrear quarter view.rear quarter view.




Pit Crew

PS... if you desire, I can get a friend who is a professional videographer to come shoot some "tape"...

New Driver



I tried posting this yesterday, but I don’t see it anymore, so I’ll post it again. I found this 964 behind a house in the town next to mine, it has weeds growing over it, and it hasn’t moved in over a year 



It looks to be a targa with the carrera wing


I have a couple barn finds. But till I can buy any of them they will remain my secrets. Sorry.

New Driver

Hi Julie. I recently started renting a shop space at a farm to help the owner bring back to life close to a dozen Corvair Greenbrier vans that were being used as crew rigs in the 80s. They have sat for almost 20 years now. I started a YouTube channel to document the process of pulling them out of the weeds and getting them back to life. I don't have too many good still shots of the corvairs, but on my YouTube channel have plenty of good footage that you are free to use.  There's also a 1965 Chevy Impala lowrider that's been sitting for 15 years. And a dodge a100 thats had t- tops cut in it and a 327 chevy installed. Im also friends with a classic saab horder and guru in Jefferson Oregon, and ill send pics of his yard along also. And just for good measure I'll throw in a picture of a BMW Bavaria I found a closed to the public junkyard. Thanks for your time! 









There's lots of cool cars on this property, and I'm lucky to work there! Thanks for your time.





New Driver

My dad and I rescued a 1956 23 window deluxe VW bus last year. I found it by posting an ISO ad on Facebook and someone responded saying their cousin had one. After many phone calls, we finally drove 15 hours to buy it. What was interesting about this bus is that it was delivered to Landshut Germany and was later imported here to British Columbia Canada. I made a Youtube video of us rescuing the bus: skip to 1:44 in the video to skip the road trip.image0 (9).jpgimage0 (10).jpgimage0 (11).jpgimage0 (12).jpgimage0 (13).jpg

New Driver

That's an awesome van. I'd love to see the finished restoration one day.

New Driver

imp19.jpgimp20.jpgimperial 1.jpgimperial 2.jpgimp4.jpg1mp5.jpgimp6.jpgimp7.jpgimp9.jpgimp10.jpgimp11.jpgimp12.jpgimp14.jpgimp15.jpgimp17.jpgimp18.jpgThis is my 1969 Imperial that i dug out of a garage a year ago.

When i brought it out it haven`t seen the light of day since 1995 when the family of the elderly man who drove it told him he shouldn`t drive apparently out of spite to the car to the garage,,prepared it for a long slumber,locked the garage..until i came a-knockin` 25 years later.You see the original owner[whos son i bought it from] was the automotive instructor at a local trades collage for 40 years and bought this car new .He would apparently use it for class instruction.

The car had been undercoated from day one,and is LITERIALLY 100% rust free!!!

now,that`s a bigger feet than you realize,..I live in Newfoundland Canada.[I`ll give you a second to look that up  ..LOL...]

The very eastern tip [St John`s..thats me]..anyways we use salt in the winter,,,surrounder by salt water.....THERE`S NO SUCH THING AS RUST FREE HERE AFTER 4 YEARS  SERIOUSLY!!..soooo this here is literally a unicorn for here!

needed only a new windshield [cracked next to passenger a-pillar],changed all fluids ,brakes[which needed almost nothing] and runs like new.He kept EVERYTHING...I got ALL the original paperwork [it`s like it was bought yesterday].

New Driver

I'm really late to the party on this one, but thought I'd share the story of my dream find.


Flashback to early 2016, I'm using a 1968 Mustang GT/CS as a daily driver to college and work. I'd always loved the mach 1's although, as many know, they can be a bit pricey, especially for a college kid. I get the idea of perhaps finding a project and working on it myself. Que Ep. 2 of barn find hunter, April 2016, I see a red mach 1  and email Tom Cotter to see if the guy might be willing to sell the car. The gentlemen isn't interested in selling...bummer. This gets me interested in buying a project and looking for the right car.

That summer I sell my '68 GT/CS to see if I can scrape enough for a project. For the next 2 years I'm busy with school so I didn't actively start searching until 2018. Over the course of the next couple of years I find some cars that I might be interested in, but they always sell quickly. So, I just keep searching eBay/craiglist/Offerup everyday in the hopes that I can be the first to spot a listing and maybe actually see the car before it sells.

This past summer it finally happens. I see this picture of a mach 1 on offer up. I got excited because it looked just like something from Barn Find Hunters. Although the

listing was bare of info and lacked the engine or trans info.


I immediately message the seller to see if it's and automatic or manual. I was determined to get a manual car, who wouldn't want one? I also ask what engine it was, but it could've been a 351 or 390 for all I cared. He responds with "It's a 428", he didn't even answer my question about the trans nor did I care anymore. I asked if he knew if it was the original engine and said yes. Right away I plan my road trip from Cali to Texas to check it out in person. Cherry on top was the original paperwork. It was a 1-owner car with original window sticker, sales contract, title, and registration renewals.

In a weeks time I'm at his home and purchase the car. One month later it's back in California.





I would LOVE to have a 428 Cobra Jet 'Stang. Great find. 

New Driver

Hey tom, I found this canadian barn find 67 mercury cougar almost 3 years ago now, from the vin it was white with a black vinyl top and a black interior, 390 auto with 4 wheel drums. When i found it, it had a 302 automatic swap, 68 fenders and hood pins, the front grill has 2 cougar badges which i believe isn't original but looks cool, i started this project before i had any automobile knowledge and now that i'm almost done with mechanic school i wish i had done things differently, sadly when sanding the body i uncovered really shoddy brass repairs everywhere and the wheel arches had 1/2 inch of bondo to make them stick out, the car was painted at least 10 times in its life, when i took the carpet out to clean the mouse dropping i vacuumed most the floor out, there were 3 floors welded over each other that contributed to a lot of rust 😧, i need to do a floor, rocker and frame repair now, i might need another body. I was wondering if you have any knowledge of those classic wheels.






New Driver



 I have been chasing this car for 30 years, and it’s finally mine. I was a Volvo nut in high school in my 20s, at one time I had 17 in my yard. I had a 1966 wagon that I loved but it fell upon hard times and so did I. A friend of mine owned this car and I worked on it for a little while but didn’t know enough to get it really working well. Her husband at the time and a mechanic friend tried getting it going and failed. So she ended up parking it in a storage locker for the next 23 years. She contacted me when she finally decided to move, and asked if I was interested in the car. I jumped at the chance. I rented a U-Haul trailer, borrowed a friends truck, and we went to go get it. It took three days of work, but we finally sorted out all of the car problems, the fuel problems, the cooling system problems, and got her back on the road. That’s just the start of the work. 1966 Volvo 122S. I’ve also started my own YouTube channel, chronicling the rustoration of Ingrid. Ingrid the Volvo 122S

New Driver

I have a 1975 Bronco "barn find". I am the second owner, purchased in 2004. It has sat for the last 17 years. 110,000 miles, mostly








tow miles. Completely stock original. Top never off. Still has original INFLATED spare tire.  

New Driver


What is the interest in this?



New Driver

Sweden 7/5 -21

First, thanks for a great show.

Bought this Volvo P1800ES -73 on Copart 2013, didn’t have the opportunity to see it before the auction. Asked a friend in New York  if he could ship it to Sweden. When it arrived to Sweden Find out that this car haven’t  been used then 1983. Every thing on the car was original and I was the second owner and it have only 45000 miles on it. Had to replace the fuel tank and the fuel pump. The clutch was fixed and the brakes system. It was a big tear in driver’s seat so I change both drivers and passenger seat to match. Otherwise I only have to wash and polish.








 best regards Janne

New Driver


This was a really barn find.

1953 Lambretta, it was lost in the register sometime in the seventies but could be registered again. Everything was possible to restore except all rubber and the speedometer.




New Driver



Check out the photos of my two porsche 356s. My grandfather passed away last September and before he passed I went to see him while moving cross country. While at his house he told me he wanted to give me his old porsche, little did I know it would be my last time seeing him. He passed away a few days after I left.  I was told by my father and uncle that the 1959 Porsche 356A 1600 super was left to me. I flew back to Texas to help my family sort some of the estate.  While there,  I checked out the porsche in the back of his machine shop. My father then spoke up and said there's another one of these on the back of his shop. We opened the back door and there was a 1958 Porsche 356A super on its side that I didn't know about.  My grandfather left both cars to me because he saw how much I loved old cars.  I would consider myself a chevy/domestic car guy but getting to know these porsches has been interesting.  I've rescued the 59 and it is now at my house.  I hope you enjoy the photos. 











Pit Crew

Hi Tom and Julie,

My first barn find was way back in 1989; a 1970 Triumph T120R motorcycle. This first find fueled the fire to find hidden gems or simply find a bike that needed a second life.

During COVID my partner and I brought home 4 barn finds, each with a pretty special story. My favorite is featured in this short video: 

We are complete motorcycle nuts; here are the details on the bikes we found and made road worthy in the past year:

'73 Kawasaki H1D 

'73 Harley Davidson Aermacchi Sprint SS350 

'78 Yamaha XS750 Special 

'83 Honda MB50

Let us know if you would like to hear additional details on the Kawasaki or any of the other bikes mentioned.


Happy Hunting,


New Driver

Hello Tom, Love watching the barn find hunter video's. It makes the car so much more when you have those back stories. Here is mine. 


I bought a MK2 golf from the salvage yard. Restored it, and made a how to video series on swapping a newer VR6 engine in it.  When I was done I found out where the owner lived and drove it there to show him. 



Then I saved another MK2 shell and made a how to swap MK2 1.8t serious




The community interaction with my channel is the only reason I keep making video's. I've had so many people reach out, thanking me on how the video's helped them or made them think they could do the swap on their own. When I made my first video, all I was thinking was I wanted to help someone else achieve their dream. Never in a million years thought I would have a youtube channel from this. 


Thanks for your time


New Driver

We just picked up this 1963 Chrysler New Yorker on Saturday. It sat covered in the garage for at least the last 23 years and is the newest addition to our collection. 

E2B8E589-577F-4B2D-9075-71824A0449AF_1_201_a.jpeg933CE4B6-EBE7-4FDB-A517-9653B05BF809_1_105_c.jpeg80A81D68-EA00-44D8-9195-BD77FE228A57_1_105_c.jpegF0068E6D-06CE-4FA7-A818-D0BF2BB62AA2_1_201_a.jpeg680C5151-3E14-4D36-8782-94E1DD653B9B_1_201_a.jpeg88846E29-E5B7-49A1-8928-F881476E3604_1_105_c.jpegC08381BD-E921-44A9-AA49-97FEF279B175_1_201_a.jpeg9B3545F5-C06E-40D3-97F2-E23DCE7FD76A_1_201_a.jpeg63 New Yorker.jpg


Nice! Still have the 413?

New Driver

Sure does! 53,000 miles 

Pit Crew

My Barn Find isn't really a "find" as I've known the truck all my life.  It is not only a Barn Find but it is a true Survivor as well.  It is a 1970 Chevy C10 pickup.  What make this one special is my father bought it new in November of 1969.  He only drove it a couple of years and it was parked for good in the mid- 70's.  During that time it only racked up a little over 18,000 miles.  Options include 350 V8 & Automatic Trans, Power Steering, Power Brakes and Wood bed.  It is very original from the plugs & wires to the plastic seat cover mom picked out from the dealer when they got it.



New Driver


 This is my grandmothers 1966 corvette 427 big block. Original everything exept for paint was red at a time it has a booklet for all the owners to wright things down 60000 miles NOT FOR SALE


New Driver

I found this on google earth as we have travel restrictions I started searching this way.... Someone go get em and don’t forget about my finders fee 😁 - Jamesalister 6B52982E-33CA-4D71-BEF2-6FD4D7C4B141.jpeg


New Driver

1931 Studebaker Commander Straight 8, owner had owed and stored since he was 15 in 1951.  


New Driver

this is my greatest find yet, and one I am going to keep. About 9 months ago I found this 1963 Cadillac coupe Deville that was sitting next to a 1967 Mercedes 450 in a pull barn. It had not been driven between 15-30 years. it took me quite a while to afford it and take it home but I immediately took it on a nearly 400 mile road trip. I love this car and it’s history including being in art work that at one point was in the Metropolitan Museum of art. 




Pit Crew

Julie, what does this message mean? I am unable to post....

“Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.”

Community Manager

Hi Leonard, I get that message sometimes but it only happens randomly. We are still getting to the bottom of this. In the meantime you should be able to post your text and photos if you try again. I am sorry for this problem! 

Pit Crew

I posted the text but am unable to add the photos. Still getting the same dumb messages. Very frustrating 

New Driver

How are things, Tom?

I'm a longtime fan from Ireland; about four years ago, I pulled an AE86 Trueno out of a ditch, sold as the Corolla GTS in America (it was next to a barn) here in Ireland, and I have been documenting the restoration on my Youtube channel ever since.

Ireland is quite a damp country, so the car had some significant rust, but the videos have always been a massive source of inspiration. Through documenting the build on Youtube,

I have managed to unlock the cars history in japan, found out it was on a TV show, and all sorts of cool stuff. One of my close friends also has an AE86 built on the same day in the same factory in Nagoya. Both cars are now in the same garage on the other side of the world! We have a shed full of old Japanese stuff here in Ireland in various states of restoration.

I plan to finish my AE86 this year, but it has been quite the process; I've found myself travelling all over Ireland and Japan for parts to restore it and took it back to bare metal, its a slippery slope, and this was my first attempt, I didn't know what I was in for! Keep up the great work; it's always nice to see an insight into the older guys and their collections across America.


Pit Crew

My barn find is a 1968 Firebird Convertible. A friend of mine bought it last November from a lady who was a high school friend of his. They both still live where they grew up. She got the car as a high school graduation present. She drove the car until she got married, then it mostly sat until her son drove it for a few years. Her father was a dairy farmer and they parked the car in his barn in 1991.

The car has 42,000 original miles, original paint and top in very good condition. Never wrecked, never retitled (I have the original 1969 title). All of the manuals, etc were still in the car. A very small amount of surface rust in a couple places but not much. It has the “deluxe” interior, power top, console with floor shifter, automatic transmission, 350 2 barrel.  Otherwise pretty stock.

My buddy pulled it out of the barn and took it to his shop. The car started and ran even with the old plugs, etc. He is a very busy man, runs a huge business, has a lot of other projects, and decided this was one too many. He knew that my first car was a 1969 Firebird (same color) and I had told him if he ever decided to sell the car to let me know. Well, that day came about a month ago.

Since then I have replaced all of the usual stuff (belts, hoses, points, plugs, wires, distributor, fluids, etc. I’ve also installed new shocks, brakes and a OEM replica dual exhaust along with an original set of Rally II wheels in great shape and Firestone redline tires. Doing nothing to exterior or interior other than replacing carpet and speakers (with OEM replicas). Haven’t driven it yet but can’t wait!!


Fresh out of the barn!Fresh out of the barn!Back at the shop after a little cleaningBack at the shop after a little cleaningClean interior!Clean interior!

New Driver


    I purchased my father's old car after 19 years. 1963 Prosteet Chrysler that my father had built and sold due to unforseen circumstances. I was fortunate enough to find it and buy it from the same owner who purchased it from my father. My father came to Phoenix from California  to visit me and I surprised him with his old car. I purchased the car from California where my father sold it and i brought it to AZ where the car now resides. The car will be going through a full restoration soon, just how my father built it. (The owner after my dad had bumpers and light bezels chromed) . I can provide a updated video. #barnfind #found #tomcotter #barnfindhunter   @Julie @TomCotter 












New Driver This is my first car 1965 c10 dually thanks to my father it has been in the garage for the past 15 years untouched with more holes in it then Swiss cheese but over the past 3 years I’ve been working out so I was able to put a trans and axle in the thing and got it moving under its own power but the wheels didn’t really fit so the next logical thing to do was to take it all the way down back down... and I mean all the way... the goal was to get it sitting on the doors with 32” tires so I done started the long process of a body drop after taking 3 inches out of a c30 front crossmember pie cut control arms and 3” drop spindles I took 4 inches out of the cab and floor that got the front sitting about where I wanted it but now the rear was not low enough so the mini notch and stock trailing arms had to go... this is where it sits awaiting a four link and cantilevers no floors or firewall a shell with infinite possibility unfortunately I’ve been bit by the bug and it seems I have a couple more projects then common sense a few Chevy s10s and some bmw e46s later my tow truck has yet to see action patiently awaiting the day me and the old thing gets back to work 

Pit Crew

Hi Tom and Hagerty Community, 


I posted once before about my 1975 FJ40 Barn Find but since watching the latest episode of Barn Find Hunter (Ep. 100) and seeing Tom call for more videos, I decided to submit another video. I do have a few videos and plan to make more as time permits. I live in an area where there are many car enthusiasts so the content is endless as long as the owners allow me into their yards, garages, back forties, etc. with my camera. I'd love to make the videos full time but for now it's just a hobby. Anyway, todays submission is a 1961 Studebaker Champ Pickup Truck. The 2nd owner has owned this truck for over 40 years. Completed 2 restorations and continues to tinker on it. It's so fun to chat with people about their projects and see the pride in ownership. Especially when the vehicles are like a member of the family.  I hope you enjoy the video.


Darin Haayer

AKA: The Car Next Door


New Driver

Hi Tom.


My name is Eduardo Bonal Silva, I am a Portuguese guy , I live at Madeira island,  where we are crazy for old cars.

I am a huge fan of your Hagerty program

I have 2 Datsun 510 on my possession, (I have in total 14 cars, ranging from Facel Vega to Rx2 coupe, Land Rovers , Range Rover , Buggy , minis and Bugys. one of them is a 1968 wagon , that I found on a local  cars scrapyard , I am sending you  see 2 videos of my car and some photos,

 All the best and I hope that you can feature my videos at your program







Pit Crew

hello Tom,

don't know if this qualifies as a barn find, as i saw it in a for sale ad.  It has been in a shed for near on 40 years though.  the feature picture was the one below of the drivetrain, chassis, and scuttle.  I thought, boy that is gorgeous.  

It is a 1955 Triumph TR2 that i am currently rebuilding, and can be seen at 1955 Triumph TR2 Project - TS7831L : The Triumph Experience

This is my first project, so learning as I go.



feature photo in adfeature photo in adafter trailering it home - first assemblyafter trailering it home - first assemblyspare body tubspare body tub

New Driver

I watched Tom Cotter's private collection today and was surprised to see his MG TD looked so much like mine:

IMG_3405.JPGMine wasn't precisely a barn find, more like a "parked at the curb" find. The entire saga of the project can be read on my project blog. True confession time: it isn't a real MG. It's a fully restored fiberglass replica on a 1974 VW Beetle chassis that I converted to battery electric power. This might make an interesting segment at some point and I'd be happy to shoot some iPhone video if you're interested. Here's a recent video interview by Also check these links to my other EV conversions, a 1960 Bugeye Sprite and a 1988 Porsche 924S. Happy hunting!

New Driver

Not your traditional classic muscle or Model A barn find... This is a story all about how my mom found a RHD 1991 Mitsubishi GTO in a barn in Newfoundland during lockdown, and how the project is going while I'm stuck watching it all go down from 1,800kms away.




I love the 3000s. It is a little uncommon to see one as a barn find, but what a great one to find. I really enjoyed the video. Those were an engineering marvel at the time with all of the advanced things like the active downforce, 4 wheel steering, and super car performance. I always wanted one. And that's coming from a muscle car guy. 

New Driver


We’ve had this Dodge Trademans 100 Van in our family for 45 years now. I’ve made a short video of its origin, and a short update of what it is today. Thanks for watching and I’m super excited to share with everyone! 

MaryLyn 🙏🏽💕


First off, great story! The photo journal really brings in the emotional attachment we get to cars. It's especially true when it is connected with a loved one. 


Getting it running shouldn't be that hard. Pull the plugs and spray in some fogging oil where the plugs go to lubricate the cylinders and free up the rings. Do it daily for a week. Then, instead of using the starter, slowly turn the engine by hand. i would probably drain the tank and pull it, or replace it completely along with the tank pickup. A new fuel filter, and a carb cleaning/rebuild. Drain the oil and replace it along with the oil filter. I would then get an oil pump driveshaft that attaches to a drill and run it to "charge" the oil system (right before you attempt to start it). Oh yeah, and fresh spark plugs.


I think if you do those things it will be good insurance that your engine will not only start, but also will keep you from damaging an engine that hasn't started in years. The only reason I bring that up is from the comment you made in the video that people said to "fill the tank and let 'er rip". That advice, as you alluded to in the video, is not the best.


That van is an awesome keepsake as well as a terrific time capsule back to the 70s when the custom van craze was at its peak. Great story. Keep us posted on the journey of bringing "Sir Duke" back to life. 

New Driver

Thank you so much! My dad was definitely a one of a kind man. I also have a 1989 corvette, I have it running a doing well. The van… well I would need an experienced person to help get all those things going. I do know some about working on and fixing cars. With that said bringing a 1975 back to it glory is a bit beyond my knowledge. My biggest fear is did my dad even get a clear coat on the paint? I am super scared that I pull it out of the garage and all the beautiful paint job falls off. I’m being dramatic of course but the mural on the van is what makes it so amazing. It’s not airbrushed and I really have no idea what type of paint was used. Although the woman that originally painted it is still alive and lives right in our town! With only 50,000 original miles on the van I can only hope that the engine is still in “ok” shape. Thank you for watching the video, it was so fun to make. Reliving and hearing my dads voice telling me his stories before he left us. I will definitely keep this post updated on how the progress goes. 

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Greeting from Canada Tom! I recently purchased a 69 Chevrolet Nova back in 2020 that had a 4spd and not stock 454 in it as well as it having SS badges and 396 emblems on it. The guy never knew or had looked up the vin before and I was only interested because it was in good shape. So I ended up buying it than searching up the vin number and finding something interesting. It was originally a 350 Yenko Deuce Tribute, after I found that out I went out google to find more information but found very little. I still don’t know much 

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Hi mine name is Daniel 36 yrs old all the way from Poland and That’s mine 1964 bug, saved by mine friend Joe in Texas after standing in a field for over a 45 years. The car was parked with 4 other bugs, Joe bought them all just because his good buddy David want one of them really bad, but the owner wouldn’t sale one. Long story short been watching Tom for quite a bit now, and always put a massive smile watching the new episode of the barn find hunters 🤙🏻 



I also got few other rad birds like Benz W108 1966 


Toyota Corolla Ke20 Mk2 1973


Audi 100 c1 1972 F104 2 door Sedan


And a very special bus saved from Swedish woods after standing there good 60 yrs

Auto Union DKW Schnellaster F89L 1952



Sorry for being a bit twisted with low stance on all mine cars, but is just the way I love them 🤙🏻