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Tom Cotter wants to see your barn finds!



Calling all car hunters – production is underway for the next season of Barn Find Hunter and we need your help. Share videos or photos of your barn finds here, Tom will review your submissions and you could be featured in one of our episodes.


What is a barn find? To us, a barn find is a long-forgotten car(s) stashed away, waiting to be revived soon. The more dust, the better.


What to do next:

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  • Reply to this post with either a link or file attachment of your video and a written description
  • Don’t break the law, your videos should be your own and cannot feature any illegal activity including trespassing, property damage, or theft.
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Pit Crew

My best barn find was in 1989 as a high school student in Maryland. I heard there was a motorcycle buried in the back corner of a barn, and the owner needed to get out of the way. Remember, this is pre-internet so word of mouth was about all you had for stuff like this. I decided to drive up to the farm house and make an introduction. The owner was quite happy I stopped by and gladly showed me the motorcycle that was taking up his valuable space. It turned out that $250 was all he wanted, and for me to get it out of his way that afternoon. I didn't have a camera with me, but as soon as I got it home and gave it a bath I snapped this picture of my 1970 Triumph T120RTriumph T120R.JPG

New Driver

I was 15 years old when I first saw the car. Over the next 10 years I kept stopping and asking if it was for sale and he always told me no. I hadn’t seen the car for almost 20 years. I decided to stop and ask about it. It was still there! I talked to his son over the next year and was finally able to buy it.





New Driver


This subject is about 2 barn finds that I think might be of interest.

I was born on March 10, 1956 in Los Angeles, California.  When I was a kid growing up in South Los Angeles (Watts), I always admired cars.  Markedly, and because of this admiration, I took a liking to cars at a very young age.  Moreover, I was fascinated with how cars made their way across the road and was rivetted by what made them move.  It was the motion of a vehicle which intrigued me the most.  I was spellbound because something made it move and I was eager to find out why.  When my mother drove her vehicle into the Chevron station at Central Avenue & Manchester Ave, she would greet the attendant named “AL.”  Yes! There was a time when service stations had large glass windows and you could actually see an attendant get up from a spring-loaded chair and walk out to your vehicle and provide customer service.  My mother would exchange greetings with AL and then yell out the window, “Filler up with Ethyl!”  While sitting in the back seat of the car you could smell gasoline being pumped into the filler neck of the fuel tank.  AL would then pop the hood on my mother’s 1956 Pontiac Star Chief (Red & White color scheme) and check the engine fluids and clean the windows.  Back then oil was cheap and if engine oil was low, AL would retrieve a glass quart of oil from a display rack adjacent to the pumps and level off any oil deficiencies.  Eventually, I discovered that engines propelled cars across the highway.  The years would pass and by 1969 I would be 13 years old.

My family and I continued living in Watts.  I didn’t know what the future held for me in life, but one thing was certain, I would be sitting on the front porch listening to Jimmy Hendricks (Along the Watchtower) and watching LAPD pass through our town and residential streets driving 1969 Plymouth Belvederes.  Those cars were essentially 4 door Roadrunners.  Those police vehicles were an outright street beast.  But that’s not what made me fall in love with MOPAR.  It was when my cousin Lawrence Fuzee returned home from Vietnam and purchased a brand new 1969 Dodge Charger with a 383 Magnum engine & 727 Torque Flight Transmission.  He took me for a ride in his new car.  Man! What a thrill ride that was.  Hence, from 1969 thru 1971 I would follow Dodge and Plymouth and their productions of street machines.  I said to myself, “one day I’m going to own one of those cars.”  But like with most people, time and money stood in the way.   

Growing up in an indigent community wasn’t easy.  Again, the years would pass and Jimmy Hendricks words became surreal: “There must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief.  There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.”  So! By September 8, 1981, I joined the very police department which patrolled our neighborhood in those 1969 Plymouth Belvederes: The Los Angeles Police Department. 

As a result of stable employment, the money began coming in and my dream of owing one of those cars was becoming a reality.  Markedly, by 1992, I would purchase my first MOPAR.  It is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  I purchased the car in Indio, California from Todd A. Brewer.  Todd sold the vehicle because he was on his way to college.  The second vehicle I purchased is a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner.  I spotted the Roadrunner on a fluke sitting in a driveway of a residential home.  The Bible say’s “knock and the door will open; seek and ye shall find.”  And so, I did. I purchased the RR from Walter Martinez of San Dimas, California.  I trailered both vehicles home and parked them.  I was working various assignments within the LAPD and my time was limited.  My intentions were to restore the vehicles when time became available.  Unfortunately, life would present various obstacles and effectively disrupt my plans for a complete restoration.

Both vehicles sat stored in my mothers’ garage from 1992 until present.  Upon my retirement and after 35-years of service with the LAPD, I left Southern California for Northern California.  Upon purchasing a home and building a 2400 Sq Ft. building, I’m ready to get underway with the restoration process.  Both vehicles are matching numbers with original production sheets and vehicle brochures.

In August 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic, I was able to bring both vehicles home.20200819_112800_002 (1).jpg20200819_112800_002.jpg20200819_112916.jpg20200819_113234.jpg20200819_113533.jpg20200819_115510.jpg20200819_115515.jpg20200819_115524.jpg20200819_115632.jpg20200819_115640.jpg20200819_115648.jpg20200819_115740.jpg20200819_130610_LI.jpg20200819_130616.jpg20200819_130633_LI.jpg20200819_130649_LI.jpg20200819_132448.jpg20200819_132511.jpg20200819_132514.jpg20200820_044622.jpg20200820_044753_LI.jpg20200820_120933.jpg20200820_120945.jpg20200820_121113.jpg20200820_143608_LI.jpg20200820_143722_LI.jpg20200820_151404_LI.jpg20200820_151420_LI.jpg20200825_185658_LI (2).jpg20200825_185800_LI.jpg20200825_190002_LI.jpg

Advanced Driver

There are no words to describe my jealousy! What are your future plans for the pair?

New Driver

It's my greatest hope to restore both vehicles back to factory specifications.  Both cars are matching numbers with documentation, so I want to keep them original with the exception of changing out the braking system. 

New Driver

In an earlier posting in this thread, I stated that I thought it unlikely my 75 Range Rover was the one on Led Zeppelin’s trip through Africa because it was manufactured after the time of the trip.  I have recently learned that there were two trips to Africa, one before the RR was manufactured and one after, which is described on pp. 253-254 in Hammer of the Gods by Stephen Davis.  When I acquired this RR in the 80’s, I was told that it had been with the band in Africa and I now believe there is a good possibility that it is the RR mentioned in the book.  Any information that would help either confirm or deny this possibility would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at





Pit Crew

This 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle had been stored away in the Original owners garage since 1985. It has the factory installed drive train. Transmission  is a warranty replacement that has the serial numbers stamped into it.  The few original parts are missing were in the trunk. I dont know who decided to paint parts or the 350 hp 396 blue. Car has 52k on it. And is very solid. thumbnail_ATT00001 (30).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (31).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (33).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (34).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (42).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (43).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (49).jpgthumbnail_output (1).jpgthumbnail_output.jpgthumbnail_20210131_111912.jpgthumbnail_20210131_112027.jpgthumbnail_20210207_162845.jpgthumbnail_20210207_162848.jpgthumbnail_20210207_165357.jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (33).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (38).jpgthumbnail_20201020_174104.jpgthumbnail_20201020_175019.jpgthumbnail_20201020_175920.jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (35).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (39).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (55).jpg

Pit Crew

I have a 1971 El Camino in Charlevoix, MI that is my barn find.  It's already resurrected, so not the story you're looking for here, but possibly something to consider for another segment.  I bought it from the original owner about five years ago, with less than 20,000 miles on it, as when he bought it he almost immediately "converted" it into a weekend drag racer.  The body, paint, interior, etc., are all unrestored original items.  Pictures below are as found and current condition.  Markbarn find 1 right rear.JPGright rear july 2017.jpg

Pit Crew

Very nice find. 

Pit Crew

My "Barn " find . It was in a garage since 1985. thumbnail_20210131_111902.jpgthumbnail_20210131_111912.jpgthumbnail_20210131_111922.jpgthumbnail_20210131_112027.jpgthumbnail_20210131_112036.jpgthumbnail_20210131_112059.jpgthumbnail_20210207_162845.jpgthumbnail_20210207_162848.jpgthumbnail_20210207_162903.jpgthumbnail_20210207_165357.jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (30).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (31).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (32).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (33).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (35).jpgthumbnail_ATT00001 (37).jpgthumbnail_output (1).jpgthumbnail_output.jpg

New Driver

I have a relative by marriage who has a 1932 Dodge PC 6 cyl in her shed. Car bought new by her father who was a nationally recognized car restorer BITD. My relative was brought home from the hospital in this car and she is quite attached to it. She needs to find a “home” for it, a very compelling story as she is full time caregiver for my 95 yr old uncle & she needs to sell her home where the car has been garaged for almost 80 yrs.

Car is in very good condition as it was her connection to her long gone parents. Car has not been running/driven in 20 yrs however.



New Driver

Barn Find


The barn is located on a Century Farm in Vinton, Iowa that has been in the family since 1864. The 1965 Chrysler Newport was bought on 9/14/1965 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by my maternal grand parents for $4,120.56.  The window sticker shows what options were included on the vehicle.  All options except powered window and power door locks were not included.  The window sticker also shows my grand parents saved $15 by not installing rear seat belts in the vehicle.


After my granddad Lawrence passed away my grandmother had a rebuilt engine installed in 1980.  I was named Lawrence after my grandfather in 1950. My grandmother passed away in 1986.  My mother last drove the car in 2001.  The exterior paint was recoated in 2001 and parked in the barn until a few years ago when the car was put in the garage and used for storage of boxed items. I bought the car from my Aunt who still lives on the property in 2019..  I shipped the car to Green Valley, Arizona and had the car repaired so I could drive her again.  I have the Iowa title in my grand parents name, the sales receipt, window sticker and the original Iowa license plate with her name Chrissi. I am driving my Grandfather Lawrence’s last new automobile, his 1965 Chrysler Newport with 119,000 original miles..    

The BarnThe Barnout of the barnout of the barnWheels on the roadWheels on the road

New Driver

I have cars privet view only not on internet 1970 and up Mock 1 Cuda cj7 1974 124 86 cougar 1999 2000 2002 Ws6 Camaro a little of ever thing international harvester 30 or older don't know  year  welcome to look appointment only the Cuda meets your request its a high school Friends car been parked for over 30 years 44o postal grip got in to trouble had to park it or lose it in 79 its just what you are looking for great story if he will let you tell it we are old now but it needs to be told  all the history is better than the car old street racer left just the way it was when judge gave him the ultmatem   I catch you on the street with that Cuba u loose the car and your license    been parked ever sense 1979 outside  out of site filed the engine full of oil and left it its cool to just look at it and rember 

Advanced Driver

So how can I see these cars?

New Driver

Julie— I’m trying to send Tom a huge collection of cars, mostly Corvairs.  Very difficult.  I have only still photos of the cars.  How do I proceed?


Community Manager

Community Manager

Here are the photos @Paxsonian  of the place he found with a huge collection of cars, mostly Corvairs.
See the replies to this for all the photos!
Community Manager


Community Manager


Community Manager


Community Manager


New Driver


I am in central NYS.  I know where there is a building with 238 Packards and a few Cadillacs.  Yes 238 cars. All are pre-60’s. I am sure you can get in to see it all and film it but the owner wants to remain anonymous.  Supposedly his wife is not aware that he owns all these cars.  I find that hard to believe but it tells everyone not to call the house only his office.  Everything is for sale.  He is located about 2 ½ hours’ drive form me.

Also, near to me is a salvage yard with lots of pre 60‘s cars in all sorts of conditions.  There are no mowed roads or paths between the cars, so early spring late fall would be the be best time to see this salvage yard

I myself, own over 40 collector cars ranging from 1904 thru 1969.

If you are interested give me a call.238 cars!238 cars!

New Driver

Reach out to me Tom!
Barn with GSX, Superbird, Cyclone Spoiler 2, 442, GTO judge, and more Buick’s 


Pit Crew

Just rescued a 39 Chevrolet Business Coupe Deluxe from a barn.   Here is is as we were getting ready to load it on the trailer and drag it home.  Yep, talked them out of it!  Gonna restore back to original.  It's all there.


Intermediate Driver

Well the VW Life Crew did it again this past weekend!  We found a "driveway find" that had been parked a few years.  A 1978 VW Bus.  It's been slammed and tubbed and was hard to get on the trailer.  It came with a ton of parts too!  Video coming soon to our youtube channel! ---


Matt Jackson
New Driver

Found this guy down the road from me. Texas, Recorded last year.

1969 396 SS Camaro 1 Owner, 1969 SuperBee, 1970 Dodge Dart 440,

A Real 1970 GTO JUDGE


SuperBeeSuperBeeDart 440Dart 44070 GTO JUDGE70 GTO JUDGE70 GTO Judge70 GTO Judge

Old Man Spivey, Known him since a Kid. Lots of Barns to go thro.


Ken Valentine has 300 classics at his home. and 400 more on 35 lot.

kens hmkens hmkens hmkens hmkens hmkens hm35 lot35 lot35lot35lotIMG_9713.PNGIMG_9712.PNG

Many more than this. Just let me know.


New Driver

Guy I Know down the street. 

1969 396 Camaro 1owner1969 396 Camaro 1ownerBarn find of dreamsBarn find of dreamsIMG_9685.PNG1969 SuperBee1969 SuperBee1970 440 Dart1970 440 Dart1970 GTO Judge1970 GTO JudgeReal JudgeReal Judge

Old man Spivey.


or Ken Valentinrs



I want the mopars. All of them. And the '70 fastback. It looks like the kids that lived across from my dad in '84. 

Pit Crew

I was made aware of this old 1966 Pontiac LeMANS sitting behind a local Napa store in mid 1986. Being young and a GTO guy I was not aware of the power plant that was under the hood. But once I saw it It just consumed me. We have brought it back to life via a full restoration and have owned this SPRINT optioned OHC 6 powered Lemans ever since. 👍🏼

1986.jpgOPEN HOOD 3.jpgINTERIOR 7.jpgEXT H.jpg


Iam astounded by these pics just incredible what's out there I have never been lucky enough to find a parked gem the oldest thing on our property is me.R

Advanced Driver

Man I'm seeing a ton of old cars that are sitting around in fields without a young, enthusiastic owner to restore them 😉

Pit Crew

I have a couple of cars outback, but I started with the Fiat 124 Spiders.
In one of the barns, there are exactly 6 Fiat Spiders and there is 1 1974 Fiat Spider in the shop ready for restoration.
These were a blast in the '70s and until today many people desire the Fiat brand and what they achieved back in the day. 

I decided to share a barnfind video with you and in the near future I will work on the Fiat spider in the shop.
Thanks to Tom and the team at Hagerty for letting the community share their cars!!

In one the barns there is a collection of old Fiat 124 Spiders. Most of the cars here look very solid and hopefully they will be put back on the road in the ...
New Driver

Looks like this could be a season heavy on VWs! Just a quick tour of my yard and shop found a '78 Westfalia, an '85 Porsche 944 that I drug out of a barn in Southern Oregon where it had been for 10 years, a '62 Beetle convertible basket case I drug home on the same trip, a Dean Jeffries Mantaray 2 Kyote that came out of long term hiding in a barn in NorCal, a Manx copy, and hopefully soon, a vintage Formula Vee!





 The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of car culture, that runs the gamut from the least expensive beater/drivers to the most expensive and rare. I could provide a few leads of friends who might open up their stashes, I work in a shop where there are more Alfa Romeo GTVs in one place than I have seen anywhere on the internet short of a National Convention. The Seattle area is home to some amazing high end stuff, the Olympic Peninsula where I live is loaded with barn, garage, and field finds, and a couple hours away, the high dessert of Eastern Washington holds tons of dry, sun baked gems. You could easily shoot a whole season here in a couple of weeks, and cover a huge variety of cars!

Happy hunting!


Intermediate Driver

New rescue video is up!  we found a Porsche that had been parked 27 years!!!

Matt Jackson
New Driver

i have 3 vintage wrecker all barn finds 1929 int 1950 diamond t 1955 gmc all complete

New Driver

Long story cut short. Chevrolet dealer went out of business in the 1990's, bank ended up with the property after years and years. Sold the 4 cars as a lot, and I ended up with them. Sold the '93 Vett and '92 Camero on MSO. Working on restoring the '72 and '82 Vetts.20190904_181131.jpg20190904_181653.jpg20190910_181832.jpg20190910_181837.jpg20190910_181915.jpgPhoto Sep 04, 6 09 07 PM.jpg

New Driver

I might be a bit late here, unfortunately I missed this post... and found it today by chance. But it seems to be my occasion, thus I want to use it 🙂
I live in the Alps, I love cars and I love mountains - 2 years ago I found something incredible, and immediately tought this would be an awesome story for the Barn Find Hunter, but never got the chance to get in contact with you.
In a fantastic valley near mine, at 3000m elevation, there was a glacier lodge back in the '70s, alone, on top of a mountain, with stunning 360 views, which was used for summer skying on the glacier. The location is absolutely breathtaking! With the climate changes, the glacier reduced more and more evey year, and in sommer it is no longer possible to ski, therefore the lodge was closed, and it is now abandoned since the early '90s. To reach the lodge, a narrow mountain road had been carved out of the rocks, climbing unpaved and rocky from 1400 to 2800m elevation, where the Land Rover Defenders used to transport the guests had to stop their twisty climb. The last 200m were too steep and dangerous for a road, so a small cableway was built for luggage and food transport, while people had to walk up to the top, and gain with own power the stunning views there! The location, with the abandoned lodge completely alone with no sign of other human buildings for miles, has now something mistic and I climb up every year with my mountain bike to enjoy the peace and the views!
2 years ago, I got closer to the last remaining small garage at 2800m, and I noticed the door was damaged by an avalanche during spring. The hole was too small to watch inside, but big enough to insert my phone and take some picture of the inside! With huge surprise, one of the original Defenders is still sitting up there, and likely no one will take it down anymore, as the road partially collapsed - but I would be hugely excited to go up there together with Tom, and I'm sure we would find a way to take it down to the valley for someone to start a restoration project to bring it back to its original shine! It would be a very fascinating adventure, in a very uncommon scenario for the Series! Unfortunately I don't have a video, and now the location is still sleeping under meters and meters of snow, it can be reached from late June to late October. Attached below some pictures I took, to show you the vehicle, the road, and the location!The Defender is hereThe Defender is herePanoramic viewPanoramic viewThe twisty roadThe twisty roadThe Barn FindThe Barn Find

New Driver

I’ve got 2 treasures that I’d like to share with everyone.  
I’m a big fan of the old SUVs from the 60’s and 70’s. And I have a bit of a collection of them.
I do some crazy things when I find one I have to have. Luckily for these two I just had to take a very long road trip.

But they were both in opposite directions from each other. 

None the less, I hope you enjoy the video! 

New Driver

Hey Tom and fellow car hunters! I work for a company called Mopars5150. We have pulled some of the most amazing cars out of barns, fields, garages, etc in the last 2 years. From Hemi Chargers to a Boss429 Mustang and everything in between. You can see all of the action on our Instagram page @Mopars5150. Attached is the link to a video of us pulling a real Superbird out of a barn last year. We’d love to be a part of the Barn Find Hunter series! 


I take it someone is a Van Halen fan! Great vid. I missed out on a chance to buy my great uncle's Daytona Charger a little over a decade ago and still kick myself on that one even though missing it was the result of someone else dragging their feet. Great vid.

New Driver

My name is Jerett and this is my video for Tom Cotter's barn find invitation. I am 18 and have been collecting classic cars since I was 12 years old. This video highlights the three classic (50's) trucks I have collected and am working to restore, as well as my Sister's classic VW bus. I saw Tom Cotter's invitational video and thought I'd make a video to show my own barn finds. Take a look at my Video, I'd love to see my barn finds highlighted on the channel. 

New Driver

I have a barn find I'd like to pass on.  It isn't mine and I have not contacted the owner.  It is JC's Used Auto Parts
JC's Garage
818 Abington Rd.
Lenoir, NC  28645
(828) 758-9507

Here's some Google map links
800 Abington Rd - Google Maps
JC's used auto parts lenoir nc - Google Maps

I passed by the place a few days ago and when I googled it I was surprised at how far back it goes.
I believe there is some gold in them there hills

New Driver

Greetings from Serbia! Some time ago while I was cycling I stumbled upon this first generation Opel Ascona. At first I thought it was an Opel Kadett with a swapped grille, but later I researched a bit and learned what it was. I dont know the owner so I was only able to take one single picture in front of the gate of this yard.


New Driver

Got a couple of 'em down here in central Florida. First one was a 1966 Ford Bronco that I bought for $100 bucks. An older man had 3 of them in a barn and told me he need more room. Threw a battery, plugs, and a little gas in it and it started right up. Still has the original 170 Inline 6. 


Second was a 1959 Willy's Pickup. Had 60,000 original miles with a flathead six in it. As far as I can tell, it was a one owner car. He eventually just left in out in a field and let it get away from him.

Finally, and most recently, I found a 1977 Corvette up in Daytona. Hadn't been driven since '98 and came with a 4-speed and a 350. This one is my main focus since I'm working on making it into a daily driver.




New Driver

My barn find is a 97 Firebird

I know that my barn find isn't that old, or is a classic but it is the story behind it that is interesting. It was sitting in a middle of a field out back behind a old mechanic shop for 10 years or more. I bought it for only $300 because the engine was seized, it took me a little while to break loose the motor and get it running and I have been doing it for the past two and a half years. As I know of it is the cheapest firebird that is in this good of shape on the internet



Cars 'N Coffee Evansville, IN. March 7, 2021. Good turn out. Meet Mathew. We also get a look at Jordan's RC-F. @mathew_t_98@jh_revoMusic: ParadiseMusician: I...
New Driver

A neglected 1971 Cutlass Supreme SX 1 of 2117 made that year. I found sitting in a family members drive shed been parked since the 90's features a 4-bbl 455 cu-in rocket V8 and a Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 automatic transmission.




New Driver

Have loved every episode of "Barn Find Hunter" and Tom Cotter's excellent narrative. Keep up the great work. Not exactly a Barn Find, but this 1964 Volvo P1800 came into my life for a short period a few years ago. 2015-2017. Belonged to my sister’s husband for many years and had sat in his garage since 1986 as a non-runner. My sister got a brand new BMW hardtop convertible and wanted the one car garage space, so the Volvo was transported to her sons, my nephews, two car garage for Uncle Mike to tinker with and see if I could get it running. My sister knew my love for old cars, especially British sport cars, and after one look at the Volvo I felt completely at home and comfortable getting it back on the road. Lots of similarities.Pic 1 Day it arrived December 2015Pic 1 Day it arrived December 2015

Picture 1 shows what it looked like the first day in its new space.Pic 2 Day it left for the beach August 2017Pic 2 Day it left for the beach August 2017

Picture 2 is the same car two years later and ready to go to its new home near the beach in Maryland. My brother-in-law’s brother, one of the original owners. He's had some more work done to it and who knows it might come back my way some time in the future.

My time was spent mostly getting the engine sorted (running strong with consistent cylinder compression), all fluids replaced, carbs rebuilt and tuned, rebuilding the brakes, replacing brake lines, replacing master cylinder, rotors, rebuilding front calipers, getting radiator cleaned and pressure tested, tore out the gas tank and got that sealed and pressure tested, clutch hydraulics repaired and lines replaced. Had an issue where the clutch was firmly rusted to the flywheel, but got that freed up using old tricks I learned many years ago restoring a 1961 MGA and owning a daily driver 1976 MGB for more than 20 years. A few minor electrical issues where corrected and all lights and gauges worked well after completing. Body work was minimal with just a good careful hand washing, compounding and a couple coats of wax. Some of the chrome trim and bumpers needed to be reattached or aligned properly. Interior was in pretty good shape with minimal work to be done to door panels, seat webbing and kick panels mostly.

I didn't charge my sister/brother-in-law anything for my time, but they did graciously repay me for all the parts and materials I needed to get it on the road. Little did she know how she helped me get through a nasty divorce by keeping my hands and mind busy on an old car. Over the years I've done the same, got them running and driving, to a 65 Ford Mustang, 54 Chevy 3100 pickup, 72 Dodge Dart, a 53 MGTD and presently keep my godson's 1986 Chevy C10 on the road for mostly weekend dump runs. 

Since then I've downsized my vehicle rebuilding, restoration, getting running hobby to a 1983 Yamaha Virago xv500 which I presently own and enjoy running. Picture 3. 1983 Yamaha Virago xv500. Rare in the states.1983 Yamaha Virago xv500. Rare in the states.This one was the result of finding two non-running donor bikes to make one. Looking for a reasonable, restorable, old Triumph or Norton bike sometime soon. Got to keep the British theme going. 

Will always enjoy every episode of "Barn Find Hunters" and look forward to future videos.

Safety Fast, Mike Ziolkowski, Maryland.

New Driver

Barn find? Well those one are more of, in the middle of a field.

This Renault Dauphine and 4CV belonged to my grand father wich i never actually knew, they're located not far from the house of our family and my father riminded himself that there were actually parts of these cars at our home, engine block in the middle of the yard, wheels in the barn...

Well obviously now they're closer to just rust than cars but its definitly a sight to see.

(Please excuse me if i've made mistakes english isn't my native language)





New Driver

1969 Chrysler Newport Custom1969 Chrysler Newport Custom021.jpg1983 Mercury Lynx1983 Mercury Lynx1964 Buick Wildcat1964 Buick Wildcat1984 AMC 4X4 Eagle1984 AMC 4X4 Eagle1970 AMC Gremlin1970 AMC Gremlin1965 Buick Skylark Station Wagon1965 Buick Skylark Station Wagon

New Driver



20201225_095412.jpgBoth the 1971 land rover 88 2a and the 1963 jaguar xke roadster been sitting for over 20yrs. I bought the 1971 rover back in 2018 from the original owner. And as of today he is still the or


iginal owner of the jag that he bought back in 1962.