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Tom Cotter wants to see your barn finds!



Calling all car hunters – production is underway for the next season of Barn Find Hunter and we need your help. Share videos or photos of your barn finds here, Tom will review your submissions and you could be featured in one of our episodes.


What is a barn find? To us, a barn find is a long-forgotten car(s) stashed away, waiting to be revived soon. The more dust, the better.


What to do next:

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  • Don’t break the law, your videos should be your own and cannot feature any illegal activity including trespassing, property damage, or theft.
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Pit Crew

There is some interesting pictures that go along with this story I'm just having problems sending them.

Pit Crew

This one I guess could be considered a Barn Find!  Purchased this 1973 Ranger Bronco from the family that owned it since new.  Originally Sold in Missoula Montana and was featured in Ford's 2021 Bronco release video that aired on National Geographic with Jimmy Chin.  Original interior and 90,000 miles its a family favorite!  Check out that 70s plastic seat cover!Goats keeping watchGoats keeping watch2021 Bronco Launch video with Jimmy Chin2021 Bronco Launch video with Jimmy ChinSenior photos in the 73Senior photos in the 73Classic interiorClassic interior

Pit Crew

This 1978 Free Wheeling Edition Bronco was found sitting 25+ years in this yard.  The metal was near perfect and is undergoing restoration.  Midnight Blue Metallic is our favorite 78/79 Bronco color and we have reproduced78wheeler.JPG the Free Wheeling Stripes!

New Driver

Hi Hagerty! This is my 1960 Ford F100 and 1984 Jeep Wagoneer, hope you enjoy!

My finds in a video 



 This picture above is the truck first loaded on the trailer.


I tried to contact Tom on 4-RARE  TATRAs found in an old garage up here in Ontario...2 8 cyl air cooled Tatras & 2 4 cyl. air cooled ones. These cars rivaled Tucker.....!!I have photos of them being pulled from the bowels of this old Datsun /Volvo garage...after 50yrs in hiding ! All 4 cars got shipped back to a collector in the Cech republic. 

Pit Crew

Wow Amazing! I would have loved to see them! 


I finally mowed the back yard to keep my wife from nagging me about it for another six years, and found a barn.  Oh wait, that's probably not what you meant...

New Driver

My barn find was a 67 Mustang convertible sitting in the basement of a building for 31 years. The building was on the edge of the city of Pittsburgh in the university district. It sat three stories below the street level along with some other interesting cars. If this is of interest ,please contact me at barrierr@gmail .com

New Driver

Here's a 1942 Ford GPW that was stashed on a friend's property in Santa Barbara.  We restored it a few years ago to its current glory...and had a blast doing it!  It was finished in time for the local Veterans Day Parade a few years ago.  We still have it and drive it whenever.  I've got tons of pictures and videos of the process but this more or less tells the tale:






New Driver

After selling my '59 TR3A I said I wasn't getting suckered into another British car so I got suckered into 2 British cars. Both were put in storage in the middle 70's and sat until 2019 when we moved them to the transport. The Mini Cooper has 28,000 miles and the Jag has 34,000 miles. Took a while but I have both titled, tagged and running. 


Pit Crew

My Barn Find was really a Hangar Find.  I found the car, a 1959 Austin Healey 100-6, in a hangar at a local airport.  I really wasn't looking for a car, but it seemed to 'need' me.  Also - I had never restored a car, so this would be a first.  Four years later I had it on the road.  The seller hoped I would keep it pretty original versus putting a V-8 in it.  I did keep the car pretty much original, but a little aircraft hardware and stainless versus asbestos heat shields 'personalized' the car for me.  The license plate is HNGR QN for 'Hangar Queen.'  In aviation terms - a Hangar Queen is an aircraft that either never leaves the hangar to fly - or is always in the hangar getting fixed.  The Healey is no Hangar Queen anymore.  12.jpg56.jpgDSCN1480.JPG

Intermediate Driver
New Driver


 This is a 1968 Chevy impala fastback unmolested all original matching number car found it in the barn that was in for 25 years needs floor pan trunk been in section of the frame replaced other than that it fired up after 25 years runs great my father had one of these when I was a kid and I’ve always wanted one now I got one Time to start restoring soon

Intermediate Driver

technically the Harvest Beetle was a Barn Find, it hadn't ran for at least 23 years we we rescued it.  this is the video that started off everything for our channel VW Life!  


Matt Jackson
New Driver



1960 MG 1600 for sale


New Driver

Good Morning, I don't know if my car qualifies but I found a 1968 Coronet R/T Convertible with a numbers matching drive train originally out of Pennsylvania and imported into Canada in 2005. Tucked away again until 4 weeks ago. Still has the PA license plate on it from 1978-79 and a Potomac State College Sticker across the back window. With an old rusty license plate bracket (Shope Motors, Huntingdon)


I found in the trunk under the bias ply ground grips lol. I called a number I found on the internet and sure enough the dealership owners son still owns the property and even remembered the car!  It is rusty but I did get it running again last weekend. The last picture was sent to me from someone who saw the eBay ad in 2004.

20210128_170436.jpg20210130_154053.jpg20210128_164014.jpg20210130_154213.jpg20210131_132003.jpgShope Motors.JPG20210203_104654.jpg68_Dodge_Coronet_23.jpg

Pit Crew

Nice yeh

New Driver

1966 Fargo Power Wagon1966 Fargo Power Wagon

New Driver

This is a 1966 Fargo Power Wagon. All original with factory metal dump box. Was found in northen British Columbia.

New Driver

I found this 1949 Chevy 3100 1/2 ton pickup in a barn in E. TN. I was told about it but my wife's cousin who's father had purchased it new. It was parked in a basement garage 1969 and moved to the barn sometime in the 80's when Glee (original owner) passed away. It was then given to his great grand daughter who then sold it to me sometime in 2012. Since it was complete I decided to keep it as stock and period correct as possible which includes maintaining the original patina and overall appearance. I did get the original 216 engine running and drove it that way for a couple years but it was very tired and needed removed from service inorder to keep it rebuildable. So I purchased and rebuilt a 1954 Chevy 235 engine and swapped them out a year ago. I plan on doing a rebuild of the 216 at some point but theres no immediate plans top do so. I drive the 49 Chevy year round so I have done a few mod's inorder to make it safer to operate in traffic. I added a second tail/brake light and added turn signals. Turn signals was an option back in the day so they are period correct. I also upgraded the optional dealer provided heater to a premium deluxe heater and I've added a modern radio that maintains the original look of the optional am only radio offered back in the day. I have upgraded & repainted the interior keeping it's appearance period correct. It is my relaxation cruiser that provides me with countless back road and occasional highway drives every week. 

I have a youtube channel where I've documented how I found and purchased the truck and most all the mod's & maintenance I've done to it over the years.


Thanks & regards

Dave T.

This is my youtube home page:


The following is a series I did on finding it and a detailed record of mod's and maintenance done to it:


New Driver

I couldn’t pass on this barn find. The interesting thing is the modifications done many years ago before being put away for over 20 years. A 67 Cougar with highly modified 289, TCI Streetfighter 4 speed AOD transmission, trac-loc rear with 4.11 gears, and all kinds of go fast expensive parts already installed. Brakes complete rebuilt so the wheels will roll. Currently working thru fuel system and it will now run and yard drive.  Sounds pretty nasty and can’t wait to get it on the road. Another one brought back to life. 








Pit Crew

Hi Tom, BFH Team,  


I have a 72 Fury Station Wagon I found through a random photo on Google. It lived in a barn in New Mexico for many years until I moved it to Maryland where I live & currently am getting it road ready.


I also have a 1970 Pontiac Cataline station wagon. It was flooded during hurricane Sandy, IMG_1791.JPGIMG_1793.JPGIMG_0086.JPGIMG_0092.JPGhad a salvage title when I found it but saved it from the crusher and am slowly working on getting it road worthy as well.

New Driver

I'm curious how to contact the guy in Georgia that Tom was at 3 years ago.  Just watched the episode and curious how to get in contact with that guy.  He had an old Chevelle for 7500 bucks that I'm sure is long gone but would like to see.  Thanks!

Intermediate Driver

Well yesterday we found a Porsche 914!  this one was fun to pick up!  it's a 1975 Forrest Green.  It's got a little rust but we've seen worse.  I'm working on editing the video and it should be live on our Youtube Channel some time in late March or April!  The owner tried selling it 27 years ago but it had sat on their property the whole time.  Now it's ours and we will get it running.  The owner flagged me down in my VW bus and asked "hey aren't you the one that fixes VWs?"  from there you know the rest of the story!... #VWLIFE DSC00270 (2).JPG

Matt Jackson
Intermediate Driver


Matt Jackson
Pit Crew

Will the side bump strips be the first things you remove? Yikes

All the best

New Driver

How about this 1969 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SE 3.5. Locked away in a brick tomb for over 30 years! Taken out once just to see if it could start again. Sooooooo ready for a restoration project.IMG_2016.JPGIMG_2017.JPGIMG_2018.JPGIMG_2019.JPGIMG_2020.JPGIMG_2028.JPGIMG_2029.JPGIMG_2030.JPGIMG_2031.JPGIMG_2032.JPGIMG_2033.JPG

New Driver

57 Chevy Bel Air 2DRHT Walk around video 

57 Chevy Bel Air 2DRHT

Original Matador Red

283 2 Barrel

Sat in a shed in Tracy, CA for 40 years.

Bought in July 2021 and resurrected since. Signs of it used to race in the past. Had to free up clutch plate along with breaking flywheel free at the start. A 6 month process to make a daily driver with new brakes, radiator, leaf springs and various items to get going. Found original missing items through various forums and my father-in-law who collects Tri-fives and has been my mentor and my sons mentor in rebuilding it. This is the first car I have ever worked on. Everything has been done out of my own garage and not relying on professional unless you call the occasional YouTube video professional 😂 

New Driver

Thinking you put the wrong month or the wrong year in your post.


New Driver

This Bmw 2002 was found abandoned underneath a shed. It had been sitting for the better part of 30yrs with no engine/tranny and was being used as a storage container and a place to feed the owners 20+ cat's for years. I have done all the work and fabrication myself, trying to make a daily driver out of it. I scrapped the original engine for the engine out of an s2000 and upgraded to reared to that of an E36 BMW. The car is equipped with a vintage AC unit which forced me to learn how to TIG weld in order to make a custom header for it (also countless other parts). I always loved the split bumpers of the early 70's Camaro, so i decided to incorporate those work as well.  The car is in it's final stages before first startup and waiting on a few parts. I have thousands of photos of the build and could write a book about the experience. 


IMG_4314.JPGIMG_4313.JPGIMG_4391.JPGIMG_5472.JPGIMG_7218.JPGIMG_8078.JPGIMG_9902.JPGIMG_9933.JPGIMG_9954.JPGIMG_0966.JPGScreen Shot 2021-02-28 at 10.38.34 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-02-28 at 10.38.59 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-02-28 at 10.39.26 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-02-28 at 1.57.08 PM.png

Pit Crew

Gorgesous. Two of my favorite things, A 2002 and a V-Tec

New Driver

After 10 years of trying, last year the owner of this Healey 3000 BJ8 finally agreed to sell me the car, it was "put away" in 2000, not running and needing work. I found it in 2010, but the owner had plans to restore it. I would get to take a look once or twice a year and every time I got to see it I would ask "are you ready to sell it", finally he decided to let go of the Big Healey and now its mine. After 20 years, sitting in a unfinished cottage in Connecticut, its now running and on it way to being a solid driver. Healey-1.jpgHealey-2.jpgHealey-3.jpgHealey-4.jpg

New Driver



New Driver

I know of 2 Cadillac limos littoraly in a barn in Nassau county New York owned by the Guggenheim family and haven’t been driven since the early 70s.    And I know of another location where there are dozens of old cars and a 1963 prototype mustang 




New Driver

Found this under a carport, under a tarp at an older friend’s lake house. He said he was ready to sell so I loaded it onto my F150 and brought it home. It’s running now, and the interior looks good; still a bit more to do.


The find








New Driver


1968 fj40 saw it taking my daughter to daycare.  It's has been in a shed since 1982, got it summrr of 2020.  Took it to the shop its my daily driver in town.


New Driver

IMG_2702.jpgHi Tom,

Here is my barn find from last March 2020, 1953 ford 1/2 ton short bed f-100 farm truck. Purchased from the original owners family . Stored for 40 years it has the original paint and wood bed and zero rust .

77,000 original miles on the old flat head v-8. Purchased new in Sonoma county ,  Geyserville Ca. it worked on a local farm that is now the Murphy - Goode winery .

Thank you,


New Driver


Found this unclaimed in a barn after original owner stopped paying storage fees. Husband  and wife divorced and wife signed over title to husband.  Husband left it in someone’s barn for 15 years and moved away.  Remarried, and died without ever telling wife about the van. Barn owner tried to reach the owner but was hung up on. He pulled it out of the barn, which is how I found it. I was trying to restore an identical 1965  rust bucket I got from my brother. There was no title so I bought this from the barn owner for $300.00 in 1994.  Found an envelope in the van with the original Texas title, signed over for sale by the owner but never retitled.  I called motor vehicle and they came to my garage to approve the title transfer.  Had the engine rebuilt, put in a new floor and rocker panels, and changed it over to 12 volt. No way was I going to repeat riding around in a 6 volt vw again. 
Unfortunately I only had it in the road for two years before having too much trouble getting through inspection due to brakes, even though they were professionally adjusted. So I pulled it back into the garage and it has sat idle since.

Having trouble getting someone local to work on it.  It needs a transmission rebuild, as well as brakes and some engine refresh.  Hoping to retire soon and have some time to work on it myself.

Intermediate Driver

what city are you in in Texas?  we might be able to help you.   Nice bus!

Matt Jackson
Pit Crew

Where do I start? My cousin's 60 Vette parked for 30 years in a garage, My 48 Nash Super 600, second owner, my son's 79 AMC Spirit AMX, parked 20 years in a junk yard, my son's 62 Renault Dauphine parked in a field for 30-40 years, my son's 87 Jaguar XJ6 parked under a tree for over a decade, my son's 57 GMC deuce and a half parked for decades. I think that's it for now. 🙂20200306_181515.jpg20200409_183103.jpg20200630_182146(0).jpg61469509_10219465414610528_4414065880124620800_n.jpgIMG_4053.JPG20200307_124629.jpgIMG_0106.JPG20200723_183804.jpg20200810_201102.jpgIMG_3408.JPG

New Driver

One night of August 2019 I took my dog for a walk up the street, walked by my neighbors house and thought I saw a Sunbeam Alpine parked behind the side gate.  Took a closer look and it was a Tiger!  It had been sitting there since 1985.   Being a long time Ford guy I worked out a deal on begun a 5 month project to get it back on the road.  I resisted the urge to over restore, and choose instead to keep it as a drivable barn find.  It's a hoot to drive.   Video here:  




New Driver

In the early 80’s I worked as a mechanic at a shop near San Antonio.  We worked primarily on  Rover 2000 and 3500S models, i.e., the Rover P6.  People sent their cars from all over the country to be repaired as the shop was one of only two or three places in the US that specialized in these models.  We also worked on some of the first Range Rovers in the country.

I happened to come into a 1975 Range Rover 2-door that the shop owner had purchased from someone associated with the band Led Zeppelin (LZ).  The shop owner had a photograph, which I never received, of the band standing up through the  RR’s Webasto sunroof.   I remember the last name of the previous RR owner as “Oldem.”  Although I think the previous owner’s first name was “Harold,” that might be the result of a faulty memory.  I have since discovered that Led Zeppelin’s manager at the time was Andrew Oldem, who had also managed the Rolling Stones during their first two albums.

The story around the shop was that the RR had been used by LZ to take a well-known trip through northern Africa.  I can’t confirm the vehicle’s provenance. Considering the year of the RR and the year of the trip this story is unlikely but I can’t rule it out and I tell the story anyway.  I named the RR “Kashmir” based upon a song LZ was known to have written during the trip.

When I went back to college the RR was parked at a friend’s ranch where it then sat for almost 25 years.  During that time, a tree grew up around the front bumper (see Figs.).  I collected the RR from that ranch about 10 years ago and it has been in my barn since then.  Many parts had been stripped from the RR before I purchased it, e.g. seats, headlight buckets, bumpers, bonnet, etc., but, with the exception of the seats and one interior door handle, I have been able to collect almost all of these from other sources.  One plus is that the original wings were stored in the RR at the ranch and are in perfect shape, which I have been informed is a miracle.LZRR_01_HR.JPG

New Driver

Hi Julie,

I just found a cool Barn Find last week and we bought it a “04 Chevy SSR with only 15,000 miles sill had factory Tires,I have pictures could get Vidio if need be Mikes Hot Rods

New Driver

Great history on this one. Lots of stills but no rescue video. I and my best childhood friend actually went to Panama City in this car with our families back in 1966 when we were 8 & 10 years old. It sat under this shed for 25 years. The owner had someone else inquiring about purchasing it, but with my history of the car he agreed to sell it to me, $500. He actually thought with a little carb work it should start right up, lol. Told me it had brand new radial tires! After getting it home the engine ended up being seized up, but he was right about the tires-- 25 year old brand new tires! A complete refurbishment took me about three years once I got started. The owner wanted me to bring it back by once it was repaired, unfortunately he passed away before I could get it completed. My childhood friend and I intend to drive the ole girl back to Panama City this spring. Gonna be fun!

I've also got a bunch of in-process photos during the refurbishment.


New Driver

Barn find submission?

1956 Dodge LaFemme.

Sitting since early nineties. 

Rare D500 option .



near Denver

New Driver

Hi Julie - I think we have a car that Tom might be interested in. He can contact me via email at We are an entertainment company that produces a car show and represents Wayne Carini, Mike Brewer along with Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley for appearances. Thanks, John


New Driver

Hi, although this might not be an actual Barn Find, its so related that your viewers might get a kick out of it!  We are the largest inventory of Classic Car Fender Skirts!  We have over 5,000 Skirts from 1935 Chevy to 2010 PT Cruisers and so many more we cannot list them.  Every customer who has entered our shop has said "WOW, you guys should be on that Hagerty TV Show"  It might be an interesting stop for Tom, when he is in Prescott Az.  Home of many classic cars.  See our website,  thanks.  Oh, my 87 Porsche 944 is insured with Hagerty!

New Driver

Yeah you guys want barn finds I'm going to bring you South Florida donk finds  

Pit Crew

I know a guy near Tacoma Washington with a barn and detached garage with lots of cars. Probably 50 or so. Fiat 850, Honda 600, Borgward, Goliath, Lancia, Subaru 360 sedan and pickup, Ford Falcons, Pinto wagon, Corvair Rampside, and more. 

Advanced Driver

Ford Falcons you say? Do tell.