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The thing that I love most about the car community.

So I recently posted a WTB ad on a Facebook page, for the type of truck I have.

When driving the steering was jittery, further investigation revealed the R lower ball joint had fallen out of the press in pocket on the lower control arm.

The Lower control arm was stretched beyond practical service life.

The ad was replied to by a gentleman on the Indiana, Illinois borders.

He told me he had a complete front end and all I needed to do was come get it.


I myself have been on the giving as well as receiving end of this charity.


My friend called me and asked if I had a steering box, since I had converted to power steering I handed him my very usable old manual box.


But for a complete stranger to be so charitable, is really what impresses me about this hobby and the people it attracts.


After 8 hour round trip. i had the parts.



And all the other Bud's out there.


front sus.jpg



Community Manager

Yup that's impressively generous.  I've had stuff given to me, some was actually kinda valuable (anything with Ford Motorsport on it will have a buyer) and one time I got an eBay seller's entire cache of parts for my car just because I bought one of them.  A bigger than expected box arrived with a nice note wishing me the best with my car.  I was BLOWN AWAY. 


It is not just the cars but often the people that really define the car hobby. 



Preach, brother, preach. I can't tell you how many times when I was younger at the strip that a competitor helped me. I'm glad to see that in this "me first" modern age we live in, there is still that kind of generosity in the automotive hobby.