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The shed's been emptied, and now I got 3 weeks to rebuild an engine...

Oh boy. I was recently gifted all the bits and piece to rebuild a 1.8 Volkswagen Type 4 engine, or the engine in the 1.8 liter Porsche 914s. My boss was initially going to rebuild the engine for his own 914, but due to life and other circumstances, that never ended up happening. Since I've shown a lot of interest in his 914s among other cars, he's more or less gifted me all the parts to build a HiPo 1.8. Problem is that I've got about three or so weeks to build this thing.


Well, technically I don't HAVE to complete it in three weeks, but I would like to get this project moving faster than a snail's pace. I'm spending Thursday, Friday, and a solid chunk of Saturday working on this engine, and this thread will be where the update's go. Wish me luck. 

Community Manager

Best of luck! In my experiences, having a timeline for a project car only works if you're doing a reality TV show. Life always gets in the way, so don't worry about the 3 week deadline. 


   Yeah, if you've not even cracked into it, and have no real ideas of what you'll find, I agree that it's probably unrealistic to think you can stick to a timeline.  For instance, if you need machine-shop work, how far in advance are they booked?  You might be at the mercy of their schedule - which might ruin yours.  And what about parts?  Are they available off-the-shelf locally?  If not, and you need to order, it's anyone's guess if they are gonna be on backorder and even if in stock, what's the shipping time?  That is certainly not as predictable as it used to be.  It's great to set goals, but making them with so many variables that are beyond your control will lead to frustration.  Best to say something like, "I'm going to spend 10 hours on this motor today, and see where I am then.  That'll let me see what I'm up against for tomorrow."  Short, sweet, attainable.

   I had a 914 back in the mid-seventies for a short while.  It was a kick-in-the -pants, but I never did anymore than check the oil - never got into the engine at all.  So I can't offer any advice - but I DO wish you luck!  👍


I still have parts to put on my car from Christmas, and I am a pretty motivated person when it comes to keeping a schedule. Like Sajeev said, life gets in the way as does having more than one iron in the fire.


Christmas of what year?  😁

Advanced Driver

Day 1- 5/27:


Well, that three week deadline isn't going to happen. I decided that I should just watch the Bug Me Video as I was doing engine stuff instead of taking notes on it like a good student. So I tried to pull connecting rods off of the crank shaft to get an idea of what condition they were in. Of course I went in completely blind and had zero clue as to what I was doing. 


The bolts holding the connecting rods together were TIGHT. Now, I don't consider myself to be that weak. But trying to break those bolts was a challenge. After some help from some dude getting his oil changed, the screws were finally off. Now of course, I had to get the rods off. 


Using the power of a hammer, some punches, and time, I eventually got the crank arms off after hammering the wrong thing for 15 minutes (good going dumba$$). No damage was done, thank god. And surprisingly enough, the connecting rods were in solid shape. Definitely usable. I ended up going through the same process, this time sped up because the bolts on the spare crankshaft were surprisingly loose. Shes gonna need to get some connecting rod bearing inserts because no spares were on hand, sadly. 


After school today I'll probably head to the NAPA near the shop and see if they have any connecting rod bearings.