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The Next Value Wave?

What's the next big thing when it comes to car values, especially in our hopefully soon to be post-pandemic world?


There is some serious interest in the Malaise Mobiles of 1970s and 1980s. Radwood has put a spotlight on the EFI and early turbo rides of the 1990s and early 2000s. JDM imports have gone hand in hand with the love of Radwood thanks to the 25 year rule. I do not know myself, but it's an interesting thing to think about. 

Hagerty Employee

Great question! Personally, I have been keeping an eye on the JDM market. There are a lot of important cars that are only a couple years from being legal to import. Some of them are pretty expensive already, but I think that is a segment to watch. I think that trucks are still going to be a hot commodity too, especially newer trucks that have been previously ignored by collectors.


That's my two cents.

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Greg, what are a couple cars you're expecting to become legal to import?

Hagerty Employee

Most immediately we have R33 Skylines trickling in with the LM specification coming up soon, the Subaru WRX 22B, Mitsubishi Evo Tommi Makinen and of course the R34 Skyline will begin to become legal in 2024.

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Music to my ears. I've dreamt of having a Skyline since I was a kid... I was actually just looking up some last night.


I think the 88-98 C/K generation of GM trucks will continue to rise.

-trucks are big
-this generation was popular with customizers when new
-this generation is modern while not computer-incomprehensible to the average hobbyist
-they made lots of them
-styling has proven ageless rather than dated to the era
Hagerty Employee

Couldn’t agree more. While I don’t think they’ve gained widespread collector acceptance yet, I think that day is approaching. Personally, my pick of truck from that body style is the 92-99 full size Blazer/Tahoe/Yukon. I’ve had a couple in the past and they’re great trucks.