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The answer isn't always Miata

At least when (allegedly) it doesn't stay in it's lane on The Dragon. 


Intermediate Driver


The joust is currently scored:
(4) wheels Miata
(3) wheels C8.

Are you talking about the famed Dragon's Tail? I went down it once on my motorcycle when I lived in TN and swore I never would again. Why? Because I counted thirty times that I was almost killed by some "boy racer" on on the wrong side of the road, whether on a bike or sports car. This is not a surprise. For some reason, the Dragon's Tail seems to be where the talentless go to commit suicide. Unfortunately, they always seem to want to take someone else with them. 




Yes, "Tail of the Dragon". Took the crotch rocket both ways in the 80's because, "that's what ya do". Sadly, you're much safer on a track, where everyone mostly knows what they're doing, and they are trying to do it going in the same direction you are. Pretty much like sex with a bobcat - should you finish intact, you don't go back again for seconds 😉


LOL! Never heard the "sex with a bobcat" analogy before. I am hereby plagiarizing that statement in my personal life. That's hilarious. 


I have a road much like this in WV I run. It is better as it is all locals and no out of town novice for the most part. 


I have had some great runs here but it is always funny how you can feel you are running fast then some good old boy passed you in a blind curve in a rusted out pick up truck while you are running 60 MPH. 


I run from from  I 79 at Duck then to Ivydale then take the road along the Elk river to Clay. Then take the road back to Wallback at I 79 again. It is a blast to drive. 


There are drops there that I have been told the vehicles still lie at the bottom as there is no way to bring them up.  One corner rivals Charlotte Speedway with banking.

The roads are smooth and clean and really would be a good place to run a timed event. 





sent ya a PM