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Community Manager

The 10 biggest design letdowns of the last 30 years?

Ever loved a conceptual design from an automaker only to be let down by the actual model that rolls off the assembly line?  Things got a lot tougher for automakers in the last 30 years: safety, insurance, emissions, global platform sharing, etc. all make car designs far more constrained than they used to be. 


Here's my biggest letdown, the Pontac Aztek: 




Advanced Driver

Some Crossfires were butt ugly, literally, the butts were ugly☺

Pit Crew

For me it was the current generation Lincoln Continental.  I think it was Bob Lutz who said it looked like they took the concept and left it in the oven too long and melted the sharp fender edges down. 

Community Manager

That's funny, he said something similar about the 1995 Continental...which was another letdown from the original concept version. 

New Driver

Overall the Pontiac Aztec sets the ugly bar for a while