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Sunday. Is there a better day to be out in a classic?

So after a few weeks of getting things put back in their prospective place after the water damage issue a few weeks ago, I finally had some time to pull the Cougar out and take her out for an nice hour long country drive. The one nice thing about the part of metro Atlanta that I live in is that in 5 short minutes your are in the country. 


The only other classic I saw was a '69 Charger "General Lee" tribute. Nice clean straight car. But....That's all I ever seem to see here in Georgia when someone gets a second gen Charger. I guess that's what makes this hobby what it is. If we all liked the same thing it would be kind of boring. Still, they did a good job on it.


Saturday nights were the night to be out. 

We used to go to the hang out spot Winks Drive in and rule the place till closing around 12:30 and then some of us would go home and some would go to race. We had a number of 8-9 second street cars in the area back in the 90's that made it interesting.  


You never knew from week to week who or what  would show up here. We had one guy haul in a aluminum 409 one week. Another a guy drove in with the original Old Reliable from Grumpy Jenkins from 1962. Another week Grumpy's Toy Vega the car the created the modern Pro Stock class came in. Good times. 


Today most of the people are getting older and by 9:00 PM they all leave to get home before dark. It is kind of sad that I am in my 50's and I am the kid.  


Even back in the more outlaw days in the early 80's we would get run out of the impromptu meetings at plazas and were considered more outside the law than cruiser. Those were days of memories. Muscle cars were clean and cheap and we had all sorts at our disposal be it a 64 GTO, 68 SS Chevelle, 67 Firebird 400, Grand Prixs oner a 69 428 HO and a 63 With a RA IV 400 in it. All were clean and we were only 18. 



I remember those days. The 80s were just a fun time to be around. We would cruise Main St. in Danville, IL, have a little stop light fun. And then if we could rope someone in, take them to the quarter mile out of town (remember the days when the PoPo would tell you to take it out of town?) and have the REAL races.


I remember coming back home to visit over Christmas in college and stopping at the bank one night while trying to catch up with some old friends. One of the local "constables" that went to school with my Stepdad was there in his cruiser. He asked me if I had any beer. I told him no. So he tells me to jump in the car and we drive down to the town dam (where all the kids would park, fish, make out, drink) where he promptly turns on his spotlight and his blue and reds. As he goes from one end to the other, all you could see was beer being chucked out of car windows and people scrambling to get back in the front seat. So we drive back to the bank, I hop in my car, drive back down and get a free ice cold twelve pack. Did I feel bad about it? No! just a couple of years prior, I was one of those kids.