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Street Racing rant

So for months, and especially since the COVID pandemic, it seems that every time I turn on the news before work, I see clips of so called street racing in downtown Atlanta. What I ACTUALLY see is a bunch of idiots doing burnout contests in intersections, donuts, and the obligatory "lets see how many people can hang out of the window of my 4 door Charger while I annihilate my tires" with crowds of onlookers all cheering them on, recording vids on their phones to later put them up on social media. VERY little racing and a lot of defiance towards anything or anybody.


So this morning I turn on the news to see traffic cam video of two of these morons who decided to actually race. The result? An innocent young lady who was either trying to get to work or school was killed when the idiot who was in the oncoming side decided to swing out into oncoming traffic to pass the other idiot he was racing on a congested public road. The footage was terrible as the racer's Charger (I'm seeing a pattern in Metro Atlanta because they all seem to be in late model Mopars. I love Mopars, by the way having owned a '69 Sport Satellite) hit her head on and burst into flames. 


So what does anyone do about it? The police don't have the resources to catch HUNDREDS of people (yes the groups are that big). It seems crazy, but this all seemed to start a few years ago when what was probably the same groups used to ride four wheelers, dirt bikes, etc., around 285 doing wheelies, cutting off traffic etc. It seems they graduated to cars. I think the worst thing I saw was one of the "citizenry" from the area got in front of the news cameras and said, "I don't see what the big deal is. They "ain" hurtin' nobody". Of course it came out that her son was one of the crew that got arrested and his atv confiscated. 


I am REALLY getting sick of the lawlessness that is running rampant in this country and the refusal to do anything about it for fear of being labelled anything that might be the "sound byte of the day" claim that you aren't being fair.