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Street Racing rant

So for months, and especially since the COVID pandemic, it seems that every time I turn on the news before work, I see clips of so called street racing in downtown Atlanta. What I ACTUALLY see is a bunch of idiots doing burnout contests in intersections, donuts, and the obligatory "lets see how many people can hang out of the window of my 4 door Charger while I annihilate my tires" with crowds of onlookers all cheering them on, recording vids on their phones to later put them up on social media. VERY little racing and a lot of defiance towards anything or anybody.


So this morning I turn on the news to see traffic cam video of two of these morons who decided to actually race. The result? An innocent young lady who was either trying to get to work or school was killed when the idiot who was in the oncoming side decided to swing out into oncoming traffic to pass the other idiot he was racing on a congested public road. The footage was terrible as the racer's Charger (I'm seeing a pattern in Metro Atlanta because they all seem to be in late model Mopars. I love Mopars, by the way having owned a '69 Sport Satellite) hit her head on and burst into flames. 


So what does anyone do about it? The police don't have the resources to catch HUNDREDS of people (yes the groups are that big). It seems crazy, but this all seemed to start a few years ago when what was probably the same groups used to ride four wheelers, dirt bikes, etc., around 285 doing wheelies, cutting off traffic etc. It seems they graduated to cars. I think the worst thing I saw was one of the "citizenry" from the area got in front of the news cameras and said, "I don't see what the big deal is. They "ain" hurtin' nobody". Of course it came out that her son was one of the crew that got arrested and his atv confiscated. 


I am REALLY getting sick of the lawlessness that is running rampant in this country and the refusal to do anything about it for fear of being labelled anything that might be the "sound byte of the day" claim that you aren't being fair.




Sir, you hit the nail on the head. 


I meant no offense, hyper6. The problem as I see it is religions have killed millions over the eons, they all declare that they are right, their god can beat up my god, their holy book is 100% correct to the last word, and if any religion's leader changes a thousand+ year law it's because their diety/dieties told them directly and should not be questioned. Some folks believe in Thor, others claim the real god of thunder was a well-tuned 401 AMX. I do believe in Valkyries, there's one in my garage 😉  


PMS in my case, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome 😞


And atheist have killed billions too. 

The act of killing was do to man not religion. 

Think of religion as a vehicle. Most are used to do many more things to benefit life as a whole. But in the hands of the wrong person it can do a lot of damage. 

Much like this thread often the racing in the wrong hands can be deadly. But in the right hands and in the right place can be fun, entertaining and safe. 

You don’t condemn the vehicle you condemn the driver. Cars on their own have never killed anyone on their own outside a Stephen King movie. 

Most  things in life can and have killed but also have been more of a benefit in the right hands. 


Christine was driven by Chuckie, without a booster seat 😉 I understand your points on man vs religion, but man practices religion, and some dictate that their religion is not only "the" true one, but that it has to be taught and imposed on others. Always ends up in a fight if one is devout enough. 

Advanced Driver

We are getting deep in this thread. That's usually how it goes when talking about lawlessness and disregard to others safety, religion, etc.... I told my sons when they left home that they could choose to be happy or miserable. Also told them when they got married to always remember what brought them together and not what is tearing them apart. I think thats why they both have a shop full of tools and project cars/trucks/motorcycles etc... Kinda takes the mind off of all the other bs that tends to consume us. Anybody got some Falcon parts they want to get rid of? Hang in there yall and happy new year!


Falcon parts? I got a talon 😂

Community Manager

Not sure if this will fit an a Falcon's trunk. Maybe a Galaxie...




Religion is a choice and some folks choose poorly. Often it is because they simple fail to read their bible or doctrine depending on the religion. 

Many put a man in place of God and that is wrong. 

Sadly there are a number of religions that suck people in. But that still should not be used against those who get it right. 

If your religion has a smiling guy who will sell you inspiration in an electric cube, you may want to look around and get back to the basics. 

The greatest trouble today is people have gotten away from the basics. They put many things in the world first and end up still feeling empty. Then a man  comes along and sells his version of things not Gods version. This sucks in the people really looking for help. 

I have been lucky to have been under some wise pastors. They are the first to tell you they should be held accountable to teach gods vision not theirs. 

They will be the first to tell you that our church is not the only one. 

They have killed no one and often turned around a life and saved it. My grandfather was one of the most wicked people around. He was considered wicked back when things were much harsher than today. 

He went from beating the wife and kids, dinking up all the money and cheating on my grandmother to being a kind loving man. He ended up consoling at risk intercity kids. This from a man who at one point wore a sheet for meetings back in the 40’s. 

There are billions who have had changed lives for the better. This is a sinful world and yes some good things get abused but we do toss them out because of the few. Cars, Guns and other things are vilified for the harm they do. But we get much more good from them than harm. The difference is in the heart of who controls them. 


So many people lack standards and ethics as they have no real examples around them. 

The lack of a core family really hurts many. It helps to have a father mother involved but even one good parent in control can do it as my grand mother did it alone. But so many kids lack even that. There is just no one to teach right or wrong and give the needed wisdom to get ahead in life. 

To get my mind off things I polish. I really have some well corrected paint! Lol!