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State of Emergency in Ontario Canada

So due to increasing Covid numbers the powers that be declared a emergency, now I understand the need for action to try and get us on the better side of this pandemic while we await the vaccine but Iam mystified by the orders its "stay at home" have no contact outside of your bubble the exceptions are you can go out for food/adult beverages/take out food or coffee/gasoline/health care products/pizza/exercise including snowmobiling ATV riding/but not tobogganing or skating/you can go for a walk/hike/jog/walk the dog/go out to obtain food for dogs/cats/horses/farm animals go to your cottage or second residence/mail/a book to read to keep your mental stability/car repair/car parts/hardware or building supplies/clearing snow from walks and driveways so for a olde retired couple like us basically nothing has changed they had talked a bout a curfew but it didn't happen still in was 5am to 8 pm again for us no change its just a bit confusing. Cheers and good health to all.R

Community Manager

I used to feel that way too, but I learned something living down here in the Gulf Coast: you literally have to tell people to not go outside during a hurricane because they are likely to regret it. And I don't mean it's a case of "well, the hurricane is 50 miles from me so I'm safe" I mean more like "that's not the eye of the storm, that eery calmness means the hurricane is over!" 


Granted my parents let me play outside for 20-30 seconds when the eye of Hurricane Alicia hit in 1983, but I'd see kids playing out on the street! Even the local news media now says "Hunker Down" when a storm passes, in hopes that people can easily digest that phrase to respect the impact of a hurricane. 


My point: the same reason we made the phrase "hunker down" for hurricanes is why we need to have COVID emergency guidelines. You know better, but plenty of other people will still find a good reason to drink at a bar, ice skate and cough/pant on others, etc. during a spike in COVID infections. 


Just my $0.02...which might be $0.026 for my Canadian friends. 🙂 


Well here is hoping this  Covid gets kicked to the curb shortly, a very close friend of ours has moved to Houston and we are wanting to go for a visit for me it will be a two sided trip one to see a friend and the other to look for a southern vehicle to drive back home.Cheers R


Now when they say, "it's worth it if it saves just one life" I ask who's life before agreeing. Cor19.jpg


I am tired of all this crap. The experts are still arguing over everything and keep changing the rules. 

Most people are getting COVID from family gatherings, bars and close contact restaurants. 

Generally you wear a mask wash your hands and you will be fine. 

With the election over I fear more shut downs and more economic issues. 



Oh...I think this is just ending phase 1. Those that are in positions of power, especially the non-elected  bureaucrats, have gotten a little giddy with the influence they’ve wielded over the past (nearly) year. It’s going to be a fight to wrest them of it. And media gave up claim to objectivity long ago, so they’re no help, 


Sounds like the government here in that they do such things which basically change nothing so that they can claim they did "something". I found it interesting that they decided that churches could not open, but liquor stores? Come on in! I always wondered if the virus knew the difference between someone who didn't wear a mask, practice social distancing, and sneeze on people in a church vs. liquor store and thereby knew to strike at its earliest convenience while in close proximity to a clergy member vs. alcoholic.